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  1. OK, of course I love Little Toot because he's been part of my life since I was born! My dad wrote and illustrated it, and in 2007, I was part of getting Putnam to publish this beautiful, vibrant restored edition with the original endpapers and some rescanned or new artwork from the first edition (1939). I love the enthusiasm that readers have for Dad's original watercolors. It's fun to see that others love this mischievous little tugboat too.

  2. Yesterday marked my reacquaintance with "Little Toot", a story I first read decades ago as a child. It's a wonderful, heartwarming story - complete with colorful illustrations - of a little tugboat long used to frolicking on the river among the other, bigger, oceangoing tugboats, who finds himself put to the test one night and discovers much more about himself than he had thought possible.

  3. I read this book to my son at the library today and it was really good. Little Toot has big waters to fill, with this granddad, an old river tug, and his dad, Big Toot. The drawings are really good and it's nice to see an author able to do something so good, in it's own way.Certainly a good story well worth reading.

  4. Little Toot was one of the smallest tugboats out there, but he came from a great family of important elder tugboats. Little Toot did not like to tow bigger boats, and would much rather play all day creating figure 8's in the river. One night, he got caught in the middle of a huge storm where others were in danger. Little Toot used his smoke bubbles to create and SOS for others to see far away. Little Toot had saved the day and he was respected from that day forward. This story would be good for [...]

  5. This is definitely a truly older book from the childhood but one that never truly interested me in it. It is interesting to note that so many older books had lessons in them that were sometimes repeated in other reads while I would have to say I got my Little Toot lesson from "Champ: The Gallant Collie", which was geared towards a slightly older audience and had animal suckers (if you don't follow my older reviews then you mustn't know my love affair with the animal kingdom growing up). The stor [...]

  6. I found this with my daughter in the local library. As a kid who grew up on Disney, I know of the classic song and cartoon from the 40s from the movie Melody TimeThe Little House

  7. This book is so cute. It’s got beautiful and adorable illustrations. The story tells about a little tug boat that hates to work, but ends up saving an ocean liner and starts to work hard

  8. Follows the fairly standard plot of a tiny hero that accomplishes more than anyone thought possible. It’s probably too long for a lot of kids, but it’s elevated by Gramatky’s beautiful water colors.

  9. I can take from this story that great things come in small packages! I loved how this story takes you through an emotional change and the ending is so happy with a beautiful message too. The illustration was also fab, especially the faces of the boats!

  10. PB26: A classic picturebook that I remember from my childhood. Little Toot is just a playful little tugboat that does not want to venture out into the scary sea but enjoys playing in the river instead. That is, until he is made fun of by the other tugboats, and then he becomes determined to be as great of a tugboat as his father and grandfather! It is a great story about overcoming your fears and becoming the person that you were meant to be. I would definitely recommend this book for children w [...]

  11. Anthropomorphism of boats! Yay! While some of the details of this story could be challenging to explain to children today (boats from Antarctica loaded with whale oil, being proud of how much smoke one can make) the moral message is great and comes full-circle.Little Toot doesn't like to work, he ends up being ridiculed by his friends, he sulks, he ends up in the right place at the right time to help in an emergency, becomes a hero, and changes his ways. It's actually an inspirational little sto [...]

  12. Maddie came home talking about Little Toot and the fact that they hadn't had time to finish the story. It stopped me for a minute as I wondered if it was the same story that I had read as a child and then read to my children. As she spoke, knew it was one and the same, so had to get her a copy, so we could enjoy this memory together. She was so surprised to hear that I had read this as a child and that her father had read it also. It was a wonderful experience.

  13. This wonderful story is both vibrant in it's tale and it's gorgeous artwork. And, even for my distracted son that was still focused on beating the latest of the Batman levels on Wii, children can be sucked into the intensity of it all. My son, literally, crashed around on his bed sheets in an attempt to dramatize Little Toot's adventure in the waves for me. And who can fault a book that does that?

  14. This story of a little tugboat and his adventures on the water is a classic that has lasted for decades.Age: 2+Skill: Playing (Little Toot could be a great book to read along with toy boats and to play the main characters- Little Toot and his father and grandfather, as well as other boats around.)

  15. Little Toot doesn't like work at all or the thought of pulling big ships. After being made fun of for playing and making figure eights, he decides to make his father proud. He made his smoke balls spell S.O.S. when a ship needed help. Other boats come to help, but Little Toot is the star. He works hard from then on.

  16. Delightful illustrations hit the mark both for their artistic merit and child-friendly, expressive charm. Perfect picture book illustrations. The story is timeless in its appeal to a preschool to beginning school age; exploring themes of self worth, being brave and learning to behave with self awareness.

  17. Sometimes I wish I was born after the depression so that I could have the strong work ethic and good morals of their childrens books. I have to admit I think they're so sweet and I love a lot of them, including Mike Mulligen and the Steam Shovel, Katy and the Big Snow, Make Way for ducklings, and that one about the house of the hill that I'm too lazy to walk over and get right now.

  18. Little Toot is an okay book. Nearly too long for story-time and there's a lot of language that makes it difficult for younger children. The illustrations are very charming and the story is all right. A little tugboat that prefers to play learns the value of hard work when nobody will take him seriously.

  19. This book was one I read as a kid, and I read it to my daughter tonight. It's a good story about a frivilous tugboat who decided to get serious, but the other tugs and seagoing ocean liners ignore him until he is forced by a crisis to become a hero.

  20. Quite long for a children's picture book; I can only surmise that children of the 1940s and 50s had less distractions and longer attention spans. Familiar trope of a playful young thing proving himself through an act of heroism. Cute.

  21. Classic story of a tugboat who is afraid of the seas in which he is to work one day like his brave father and grandfather before him. What will he do when a storm whips up and he finds himself in the churning waters?

  22. This was actually my brother's book, but I read and reread it. I loved the little tug that never gave up. I think I identified with it and was comforted that size didn't count as much as spirit and determination.

  23. The illustrations and story in Little Toot are perfection. The story moves quickly and builds in suspence. The illustrations are beautiful. For some reason, even though its not printed, I can always hear Little Toot's toot mature from youthfull to accomplished.

  24. A classic. This is one I had as a little boy - it's right up there with Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel. Great watercolors and a "can do" story.

  25. Little Toot is used in Melody Time.I remember this as a Golden Book as a child, and the story of the small tugboat. Still cute, and this restored edition has great watercolors. I know that I've seen Melody Time before, but I don't really remember this. Excited to watch it again!

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