Tell Me a Mitzi

Tell Me a Mitzi In this classic picture book three stories of family life lead into fantasy and home again

  • Title: Tell Me a Mitzi
  • Author: Lore Segal Harriet Pincus
  • ISBN: 9780374475024
  • Page: 253
  • Format: Paperback
  • In this classic picture book, three stories of family life lead into fantasy and home again.

    One thought on “Tell Me a Mitzi”

    1. This is a book I got from the library sometime in the 1970's and it is still burrowed into my brain I may buy a copy just to see if it has a similar effect with my own children!*edit*I got it! The 4 and 6 year olds have asked me to read it again and again I have no idea why those UGLY pictures and simple stories are so effective, but I think my own childhood obsession was about the first story and the possibilities it hinted at!

    2. Tell Me a Mitzi consists of three stories in one book, about Mitzi and her younger brother and their daily tales. I must admit that the tales weren't all that enthralling, and some of the sentences were very long and lacking in punctuation. I assume this was done with the intention of making it sound exactly as Mitzi would speak in her early years, but doesn't make it easy for young people learning to read. From what I understand though, the Mitzi tales are a classic and to have three books in o [...]

    3. These were three nice stories about the use of imagination but I wasn't a fan at all of the images and they really did let the book down for me, I actually found them to be almost a little scary! The stories are nice enough and easy to fllow but can't see it being read more than once in our house.

    4. when i was little i LOVED this book. i remember looking at every purple spine in the children's section of the library in ft worth to locate it, because i couldn't read yet an adult i find it strange and the people are hideous, i suspect its appeal had to do with Mitzi's independencebut i don't really know. but i love it now because little kirsten loved it for some reason.

    5. I'd never heard of these stories before but the blurb was appealing as was the cover so I thought I'd give them a try. While they are not right for toddlers, the age group I each, they would work for 4 year olds on up till about 7 or 8.The stories themselves are not particularly enthralling, especially for the adult reading them, but the tales are a little slices of life with whimsy, a touch of fantasy, and a lot of repetition. The stories were a little long, my mind wandered, and I suspect that [...]

    6. This children's book , written by Lore Segal and published in 1970, tells three stories or 'Mitzis', the name of the little girl who acts as protagonist of each tale and is depicted in the beautiful illustrations by Harriet Pincus. The first story made me laugh out loud and was one of the most enjoyable pieces of children's literature I've ever read. I was especially touched by the part when the taxi driver, after being told the children have no idea where their grandparents live, exits the car [...]

    7. You know how children love books with tons of annoying repetition. This book is full of it.It was one of my favorites as a child, and my kids love it, too.My husband- not so much. Unfortunately he's the primary story reader. Poor guy.

    8. I loved this book as a child and always thought it was crazy that two small kids went to take a taxi all by themselves. Now reading it to my own kids I love it even more. My daughter isn't even two and asks for 'Mitzi' at bed time.

    9. Loved it as a kid! Still do. I've borrowed ideas from these stories to use in the stories I make up for my kids. Are the pictures ugly? Yes! But in a wonderful way.

    10. This was my absolute favorite picture book as a kid. The stories and the illustrations were both equally magical to me.

    11. Originally published on You Have Your Hands FullTell Me a Mitzi is a picture book written by Lore Segal and illustrated by Harriet Pincus. I was very excited about the opportunity to share this book with my girls because this was a book I remembered from my own childhood. We loved this book so much that we even named one of our cats Mitzi, and she was my mother’s favorite cat of all time. I still have my copy of this book on cassette, probably a relic from a book flier. Mitzi is a young girl [...]

    12. I received a copy of this book by the good graces of Netgalley and the publisher Farrar Straus. This is a childrens book with beautiful drawings by Harriet Pincus. The child in the book asks for a Mitzi, which is a story. There are three charming stories with illustrations. Mitzi Takes a Taxi, Mitzi Sneezes, and Mitzi and the President. . The illustrations for the third story are a bit dated but any reader could explain to a child about how things used to be. Mitzi is a precocious child and ofte [...]

    13. I realize this book was originally published in the 70s but I don't have any childhood memories with it. That said, I was excited to read it since I'd heard about it. My immediate reaction was fright I am not sure why the illustrations are what they are but everyone looks very old and bulbous and it's pretty off-putting. The stories themselves are funny and sweet though. I wish a new version kept the story and updated the illustrations!

    14. I am in a minority here, but I was not impressed by this book. My grandson walked away when I continued to read it after he asked me to read something else. He did like the illustrations though. Old fashioned stories about Mitzi, her brother and parents.

    15. Silly short stories that are sure to make kids giggleif the faces of the kids don't scare the hell out of the kids. Those faces. Oh my gods. Seriously. Horrifying. But I did love how independent the kids were, no matter how unrealistic.

    16. I thought the illustrations were dynamic and interesting but the stories themselves were like lackluster.

    17. This is the last picture book I’ve had at home, the last I’ve read, even though I’ve had it home for a long time and it’s due back soon. I waited weeks to get it from the library, but since I’ve had it at home, I’ve felt less motivated to read it; every time I’ve picked it up I’ve immediately put it down unread. I was initially drawn to this book because I enjoyed this author’s autobiography, Other People's Houses, about when she was a member of the kindertransport, as a ten-ye [...]

    18. This book was first introduced in the late 70's. This book contains three stories or 'Mitzis', the name of the little girl who acts as star of each. The stories are childlike depictions and was a favorite of many kids.I remember liking the one where everyone gets sick, and thinking it was odd to hear about Mitzi and her younger brother taking a taxi without their parents along, which was often read as a, 'what not to do story'. Mitzi is an intelligent young girl who is always on the look-out for [...]

    19. I don't understand why the two kids in this book are illustrated to look like Nic Cage circa "Raising Arizona," nor can I figure out why the president in the third story reminds me of Eddie Izzard. The stories are all cute, though, and an extra star must be given simply because the phrase "tell me a Mitzi" has become something of a mantra in our household.

    20. Kids love these stories. I did. This book is one of my childhood favorites. The stories are about everyday events (except Mitzi and the President), and they're very casual, and the repetitiveness emphasizes the ordinariness of the everyday occurrences. But I like that the characters feel very real, I can see why children can really identify with these stories.

    21. My family has always loved this book, to this day we always refer back to it, the best scene from the book, if you have read it is at the very end, we all use that "Come back" as a common family term.

    22. This is a childhood classic. My mother says that I repeatedly requested to have this book read to me as a child. While it has some major repetition issues, I just like it.

    23. I haven't seen it in years, but it was a favorite of mine growing up. I do remember being taken back a bit by the illustrations when I saw it as an adult. Hope to find a copy to buy someday.

    24. My friend Anna mentioned this as one of her favorites. The drawing is similar to Crumb and its outstanding. The stories are fabulous.

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