Romeo, Romeo

Romeo Romeo Rosalie Ronaldi doesn t have a domestic bone in her body All she cares about is her career so she survives on take out and dirty martinis keeps her shoes under the dining room table her bras on the

  • Title: Romeo, Romeo
  • Author: Robin Kaye
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 161
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Rosalie Ronaldi doesn t have a domestic bone in her body All she cares about is her career, so she survives on take out and dirty martinis, keeps her shoes under the dining room table, her bras on the shower curtain rod, and her clothes on the couch Nick Romeo is every woman s fantasy tall, dark, handsome, rich, really good in bed, AND he loves to cook and cleRosalie Ronaldi doesn t have a domestic bone in her body All she cares about is her career, so she survives on take out and dirty martinis, keeps her shoes under the dining room table, her bras on the shower curtain rod, and her clothes on the couch Nick Romeo is every woman s fantasy tall, dark, handsome, rich, really good in bed, AND he loves to cook and clean He says he wants an independent woman, but when he meets Rosalie, all he wants to do is take care of her Before too long, he s cleaned up her apartment, stocked her refrigerator, and adopted her dog So what s the problem Just a little matter of mistaken identity, corporate theft, a hidden past in juvenile detention and one big nosy Italian family too close for comfort 20080903

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    1. Warning: This is going to be a rant. I always feel a little guilty reviewing books I didn't manage to finish, so I tried, oh how I tried, to continue with the book even after it engaged my gag reflex, but there's only so much masochism a person can subject themselves to in a day. I was looking for something light and fun to read, and someone on some forum recommended Robin Kaye as a good alternative to Kristan Higgins. They lied. Within the first two pages, I knew I was going to hate this book, [...]

    2. This is what I needed after my dark read yesterday. Yes, I read it before a few years ago but could not really remember it.Funny, sweet, LOL moments.To think she used to drool over the pond scene in Pride and Prejudice. Even Colin Firth, with his soulful eyes, sexy voice, and to die for English accent, had nothing on a sweaty Nick.Oh, god, she was going to turn into on of those old women with sixty cats and she’s live here until the SPCA came to take the cats and Social Services put her in a h [...]

    3. Reviewed for queuemyreview ARC book release Nov. 08Listen up ladies! This is a book out of every woman’s fantasies. A man who cooks, cleans, takes care of you (and your dog), AND has lots of money! I know what your saying “Its too good to be true” right? Nope. It’s Romeo Romeo by Robin Kaye. This is a little escape into just about every woman’s dream. Rosalie Ronaldi is a high-powered career woman. She earns good money, is independent, and thinks she’s pretty decent looking, even if [...]

    4. "Romeo, Romeo" is a fun feel-good romance about two people who aren't looking for love. He's the man of every woman's dream--rich, handsome, sexy, and a caretaker. She's successful, hardworking, and for a change, uninterested in anything more than sex. Reading about Nick's 'fall' was almost as good as chocolate and entertaining to boot! Author Robin Kaye is either a man in disguise or had one on hand for research since she 'pegged' all the ridiculous things men do and say to avoid thinking about [...]

    5. I absolutely loved this one! It was fresh, fun and made me feel as if I were right there myself and that it was me Nick was cooking for, cleaning up ford other things. Sure, it got to a point both Nick and Lee needed a kick up their asses but I still devoured every page, every line. And me - I'm not one of those readers who feel they have to finish every book they start if will dump one if the first chapter sucks.I loved Nick. Right from the start and right to the end. Lee could get a bit annoyi [...]

    6. I must say that Nick is has got to be every woman’s fantasy man. He’s handsome—dark hair, blue eyes, successful, sweet, romantic, and a domestic God. He’s a notorious playboy known all around NYC. When he meets Rosalie, he is so taken with her that he neglects to tell her who he really is, since she doesn’t seem recognize him. He lets her think he is a service manager for a car dealership, when his actually the owner of several. Rosalie is a very independent woman, who has never been s [...]

    7. Cute light romance romp. Started off with a bang and a lot of laugh-out-loud moments, but I personally got a bit tired of the repetative, stereotype Italian cliches -- including all the complaining. About halfway the story lacked the humor and energy, and I finally found myself skimming the last 100 pages just to finish it. I think this book is geared toward a young audience who doesn't like stories with much depth or realism. The steam was only so-so too. A few quick hot scenes with only modera [...]

    8. The first ¾ was excellent. The last ¼ was a little disappointing and too conveniently wrapped upORY BRIEF:Rosalie is a successful business executive. She does not want to get married and believes most men cheat on their wives. She is a messy housekeeper and does not cook. Nick is a wealthy bachelor who has had many girlfriends but none for more than a month. He is used to women wanting him only for his money. When Rosalie first meets Nick, she thinks he’s a car mechanic. Nick enjoys that she [...]

    9. Romeo, Romeo by Robin Kaye is deliciously decedent. Sizzling hot, funny, romantic and like the best cannoli you've ever had, you lick your fingers sensually grasping each and every last morsel. This book is just like that cannoli, you can't help but lick those fingers and turn those pages wondering not if but when the descriptions of this really hot Italian Stallion are going to make you explode in ecstasy.Rosalie Ronaldi is tall, full bodied with supple shapes that can drive a man wild. Dark cu [...]

    10. ummm kinna lost right now.i mean, initaly when i started it, i was hoping for a book as good as ,but in that regard, i was left kinna disappointed,sad and sour(LOL.ok maybe i'm being over dramatic ;) anyway,the book started out finebut that hilarity and wit that i had come across in robin's initial book seemed to be missing in this one. halfway the story was literly dragging ,that at one point,with soo many secondary characters coming in,with there own personal problems and needto interfer in ev [...]

    11. Playboy Nick Romeo is not sure what to make of the fiery tempered Rosalie Ronaldi when he stops to help her fix a flat tire, she swears in different languages, doesn't seem to sway at his dimples, and has no idea that he is the owner of Romeo car dealerships and rich. Nick decides she is perfect for him at least until he gets her out of his system, but the tables are turned on the playboy when Rosalie informs him that they can date, but only if it is no strings attached, she doesn't want marriag [...]

    12. I enjoyed this story. I loved the italian families and could hear their accents in my head as I read them.The hidden identity thing was silly as was the reason for their break up. I understood why the hidden identity didn't bother Rosalie at first. But then it got silly. She's practically living with a man and they don't discuss his last name? That got annoying.The whole lack of communication thing gets to me. It's amazing what a conversation will do. But then the author would lose 100 pages or [...]

    13. I picked up Romeo,Romeo at B&N because on shelves overflowing with vampire & shapeshifter romancese cover caught my eye. It was pretty, fresh, differentmething I needed because I needed a break from the vampire romances(don't get me wrong I have some favorite vampire series). I stayed up late to finish Romeo,Romeo. I looked up Robin Kaye and found there were 2 more books out and bought them the next day. Robin's books have ladies that are not weak and simpering and tough guys that aren't [...]

    14. What a great book. Romeo, Romeo is a light and funny read with characters you fall in love with from the very start. Nick Romeo is every girls fantasy. A sexy playboy, who is rich, loves to clean and knows how to cook. Rosalie is one independent women and doesn't need a man to tie her down. Both of these two play by their own rules and never plan to marry that is until they cross paths. I sped through this book so fast and couldn't put it down. Nick spent his whole life dumping women who pushed [...]

    15. Ugh. We have a heroine who hates all other women. We have a hero who hides his identity from the heroine EVEN THOUGH HE'S LIVING WITH HER!! We have a whole lot of clichéd secondary characters (loyal dog, badly-written and one dimensional gay neighbours, overbearing Italian families, matronly secretary). I can't get into a supposed romance when the two leads are such nasty people. Rosalie thought she was so much better than everyone else and was downright mean to other women for no reason whatso [...]

    16. Actual stars: 3.5 starsYep, he's a man whom every woman want. He's definitely a domestic God. Pinter masak, bersih-bersih rumah, tajir, protektif, dan tentunya hot di ranjang =PTapi menurutku nih bukunya ketebelan, ceritanya sedikit kepanjangan, jadi 1/4 buku agak merasa sedikit bosan.Overall, ceritanya menyenangkan sih, suka sama cara Nick memperlakukan Lee (panggilan sayang Rosalie nih co cweet)Gak sabar baca buku ke-2nya tentang Anabelle (adik Lee) dan Mike (dokter pulmonologi, temen Nick).

    17. I LOVE THIS BOOK. I can't seem to grasp the right words for this. Just that i love love love love love it! This book is forever burned into my head i will always compare this to my next books ^_^

    18. Started this more than a year ago, stopped reading it and never felt like picking it back up. I think it's a sign I should just let it go.DNF

    19. This was really cute. There's often the character who has sworn of marriage, but rarely do *both* of them swear off marriage. In this case, Nick Romeo, the owner of several car dealerships, happens to be driving one of his wreckers home (his Viper is in the shop) and comes across Rosalie, who is swearing up a storm, because she has a flat tire and her brother didn't buy her a spare as she'd asked. Rosalie makes a joke about him being Dominick Romeo, the most eligible bachelor in NYC, and he thin [...]

    20. Romeo, Romeo was a pretty tropey contemporary romance, yet I totally enjoyed the hell out of it. I'm also fairly certain the whole Italian New Yorker shtick had to be at least annoying to someone out there. Still liked it. Also, I read this while trying to drag my way through Fifty Shades of Grey, so I'm almost positive that cast my impressions of this book in a rosier light. Eh - it is what it is. The thing is, even though it's tropey and stereotyping, Ms. Kaye still writes it well. This whole [...]

    21. I really liked this story but I don't think a lot of readers will this might be why. The author has built a world or planet were the men are very dominating, I don't mind reading books with dominating males or some bondage. Tolcar was very much so dominating when he realized Shelley is mated to him, shelley becomes so resistant to his ways, culture and dominance even though she seems to really like his dominating side she is a freak and doesn't know it hehehe. Anyway what brought her to Tolcar's [...]

    22. 5+ stars Contemporary romance Oh goodness, this book was awesome! Not what I expected at all. Going by the title, the cover, and that it’s free on ; I anticipated this book to be super cheesy, short, with no story to it. I can’t be anymore wrong. This is a full length, 400 pages, sizzling hot love story, with great writing, witty dialogue, laugh out loud moments, and a lots of hotness (the h/h first kiss alone will make you fan yourself, and there will be a lot of fanning, prefect for those [...]

    23. Rosalie Ronaldi is a very career-driven, independent woman. She doesn’t really have time for men, much less her dog, Dave. You could tell this by the way Rosalie’s house looked when you stepped inside. Rosalie believed that if you ate over the sink than you didn’t have to contend with dirtying a dish. Nick Romeo is not your typical guy but when he meets Rosalie, he is dressed as a mechanic. He decides to let Rosalie go on believing he is a mechanic. Rosalie never thought it would happen th [...]

    24. To be fair, even though I would LOVE to have a man like Nickwell he was just a bit too, to freaking perfect. I mean he cleaned her place, he cooks, takes care of her. Gods, if I would not have to do that and read instead, sigh, happy times. Still perfect. I must have issues when I would love to have a man like that but at the same time not. But maybe it was more his macho I will take care of you ways. Clean, just do not be too bossy. Yes, that would work.Oh, I should talk about the story too? Bu [...]

    25. Romeo, RomeoWritten By: Robin KayePublished By: Sourcebooks Casablanca, an imprint of Sourcebooks Inc 2008, First Edition, 384 pages, paperbackISBN 978-1402213397Romeo, Romeo is a fantastic book that I really enjoyed reading! This novel has an entertaining storyline that has a smooth momentum and a few, fun plot twists; the conclusion of the story has a neat little twist that surprised me in a good way. Nick’s wealth didn’t evoke the usual resentment or dislike and independent Rosalie has a [...]

    26. 3.5*The only real problem with this book is that's it's all been done before, and sometimes done better. Mt personal reasons for not rating the book higher have to do with plot devices I'm really tired of, like overbearing Italian mothers/grandmothers, pushy interfering friends, curvy women thinking they're too fat and not attractive (duh! men love curves), hidden identities, lying by omission, problems that could be solved with some honest communication. I've read too many stories where the pro [...]

    27. Meet our hero in Romeo, Romeo Jude Law as Nick Romeoand the sexy Linda Evangelista as Rosalie Ronaldi(blom review juga :P baru ngasih tau fantasy cast-nya)

    28. 4 stars. This book for me was as I was reading the following books : The Godfather, La Famiglia by Mario Puzo and The Sopranos, all in one. I must admit,that I love the Italian innuendo. Nick was adorable, he can be my king any day of the week. Rosalie had gone through hell and back because of her family. But families as well as any other family care love their children. But they do not see the damage that they do. But it will take awhile to deal with the issues up hand but what is right that th [...]

    29. This was the first book I read by Robin Kaye and I bought it after reading great reviews online and I'm very glad I tried a new author since it end up being a great bookNick and Rosalie were a great hero and heroine and I just loved Rosalie's family and all the rest of the secondary characters. It was nice for a change reading about a hero that loves to clean, cook and looks great which makes him a domestic god! I found myself laughing out load so many times while I was reading the book and as s [...]

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