The Greek's Christmas Baby

The Greek s Christmas Baby After a head on collision with another vehicle Eden Kouros is overjoyed that her unborn baby has survived But Aristide her husband has suffered a partial loss of memory Eden s heart is torn in two

  • Title: The Greek's Christmas Baby
  • Author: Lucy Monroe
  • ISBN: 9781426857843
  • Page: 353
  • Format: ebook
  • After a head on collision with another vehicle, Eden Kouros is overjoyed that her unborn baby has survived But Aristide, her husband, has suffered a partial loss of memory.Eden s heart is torn in two Aristide remembers almost everything except that he has a wife Yet perhaps Eden has been given a second chance to save her marriage, which was at breaking point before theAfter a head on collision with another vehicle, Eden Kouros is overjoyed that her unborn baby has survived But Aristide, her husband, has suffered a partial loss of memory.Eden s heart is torn in two Aristide remembers almost everything except that he has a wife Yet perhaps Eden has been given a second chance to save her marriage, which was at breaking point before the accident Aristide s body hasn t forgotten the desire they once sharedd she s still carrying their precious, tiny child.

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    1. 1/1/16 Re-read4.5 StarsI am a shameless sucker for these cliched Greek tycoon baby books. And then you throw in amnesia to boot? Pfffft. It's like soap opera candy that I just can't say no to even though I know the empty calories will go straight to my thighs. Holla!

    2. 4.5 stars!Girl meets boy who happens to be a rich tycoon. They start an affair, which led to pregnancy where boy promptly marries girl only to leave her in Greece while he travels all around with vindictive ex-girlfriend who happens to also be his assistant. Girl is not happy with her circumstances, plus the fact that two-face assistant goes out of her way to undermine her relationship with the husband. Upset, girl asks for a divorce. Boy got into an accident where he has temporary selective amn [...]

    3. 3.5 stars. I started reading romance with this type of book. I loved my gorgeous Greeks, my indignant Italians, my millionaires and billionaires. They seem a bit cheesy now seeing as my reading habits have changed over the years. But this was a nice trip down memory lane. I might dip in now and again. Even the cover is cheesy.There are still some more left in the box in the garage that I will check out later. Can donate them then when I get through them all.

    4. 4 1/2 starsAmnesia and Secret Pregnancy aren't exactly my favorite plot devices, but somehow Ms. Monroe made them work in this book. Quite a feat, if I may say so. :)This was one of the best HP I've read, mostly because Aristide wasn't a domineering asshat - he was just a bit "stupid", trusting the wrong person and taking a long time to realize what was obvious to everyone else - and Eden wasn't a wimpy doormat willing to bow to her husband's aloofness. If only all HPs were like thisTwo lines in [...]

    5. Edited 31st July, 2015 to add something **How can I express my love for this intense, emotional, angst and pain-filled book? It was truly such a beautiful book, the heroine was the perfect amount of sweet and strong, without being the slightest bit bitchy. I loved how she fought for her husband and didn't just give up at the first sight of hardship. I so admire heroines with a backbone, but with sensibility and practicality, who don't throw tantrums left right and centre when things don't go the [...]

    6. Amnesia, a marriage on the rocks, secret baby and a second chance - this was like an assorted box of chocolates.Kassandra is the most vile OW ever and I hated her. She was obsessed with Aristide, manipulative and hurtful towards Eden. She uses Aristide's amnesia to her advantage and widens the cracks in his relationship with Eden.Aristide is in a vulnerable, stupid and suspicious position. Eden is the only part of his life that he has forgotten and he already resents her for it. Kassandra convin [...]

    7. I haven't got time to give this a full review but couldn't just rate it and go and had to leave a quick note.I love reading the angst in my Harlequins and this one didn't disappoint. Oh boy it has got to be the best Harlequin I have read for quite a while due to the story and the angst levels. I thought it was gonna be a typical amnesia story but it wasn't, for me it was a whole lot more!I know I keep banging on about it but I have to warn you that if you don't like angst in your Harlequins then [...]

    8. My platonic ideal of an HP. So much angst. I love how amnesia is used as a reset button. I love how the heroine fights for the hero and how he actually starts to think once his emotions cool. I love how neither one of them thinks of marriage as something throw-away. Add a crazy-sauce OW for dollops of drama along the way.Edit to add: Had to re-read on Valentine's Day - just for fun! Still a five star story.

    9. I think I am the only person that really doesn't like this book. I did not find the h to be anything but a TSTL doormat and the H should have died, frankly.While I absolutely loved the angst and the insidiousness of the other woman, these two shouldn't be together period. The writing is good, the set up and the OW's continuing encroachment is great, but the h should have moved out and filed for divorce and taken her kids with her. The H is a disloyal and yes, an adulterous POS - not that he slep [...]

    10. Other shelves: HEROINE-I-WANT-TO-SMACK-100-TIMES, HERO-I-WANT-TO-KICK-HIS-A##, OW-I-WANT-TO-KILL (these have to be written in capital letters)Hero's quote:“Kassandra was there for me in the hospital when you were not. She is a devoted employee as well as a long-time friend. I would be a fool to trust the word of a woman I cannot remember over hers. After all, I did not wake from my coma having wiped her entirely from my brain. And I have to question why that was.”Heroine's POV after hero's a [...]

    11. For a business magnet and a billionaire, the hero had a very VERY thick skull! His stupidity reached such a point his poor brother had to spell out that if he didn't have a loving wife he'd describe his brother's wife as the sweetest woman in the world! And his mother was just pure disgusted with him and probably wanted to slap him just like me!He believed his family members and friends for everything, trusted his award winning gut for business deals and life altering decisions, yet he decided t [...]

    12. One of the best harlequin I have ever read. I love how Lucy Monroe creates heroines who are strong but not bitches or mean. Eden's deep love for Aristides makes her fight for him but on the other hand she is determined to not stay in a loveless marriage if her husband does not commit to it. She doesn't want to end their marriage but she will not accept being second best. The hero's PA Kassandra is the scheming third person I loved to hate. She tries everything in her power to tear Eden and Arist [...]

    13. 4.5 starsAn intense read. The OW is one piece of work. I actually found out about this book after looking for evil OW in romance novels and she sure didn't disappoint. I felt Kassandra was more loved, respected and accepted by Aristide and his family than his wife. His lies about never having a sexual relationship with the OW in the past when it was obvious he did allowing her to belittle his wife at every turn in public and private, spending time, taking her shopping and spending money on the O [...]

    14. Completely ignoring the Harley-land machinations I adored this one, it's as good as the other Kouros brother book.Selective amnesia for the alpha that will make him leap into the worstest conclusions. A heroine whose infinite complacency turned out to be finit. The evil OW making appearances here and there to stir things and some other plot devices in the right places. Just perfect for me thank you very mucho.

    15. The Greek's Christmas Baby is a powerful, heartbreaking love story that encompasses a wide range of emotions from love, jealousy, pain, sadness, disappointment and frustration. The story pulls you in and doesn't stop; it's a gripping page-turner that has you swooning until the happy ending. I love that the Eden is a proud, beautiful, headstrong heroine who doesn't give up. She's willing to weather her hurricane of a marriage to a man she believes doesn't reciprocate her feelings. Aristide is a f [...]

    16. This was such an emotional read. I laughed and I cried in this one. It was a very heart-wrenching story. Have kleenex next to you when you read this one.This is definitely one of the better Lucy Monroe books I've read. I wish she could still draw this kind of emotion from me but I haven't been a fan of her more recent HP's.However, this is a great "old" one to try.

    17. 3.5 starsI found this to be a well-written romance with a compelling plot and lots of tangible conflict. The catalyst behind Eden and Aristide's second chance—the car accident—was dramatic and I especially liked where the author placed it within the story. (view spoiler)[Via a dramatic flashback near the end right after Aristide regained his memories of Eden. (hide spoiler)] Most dramatic was Eden's heartbreaking and unrequited love for Aristide, made worse by his amnesia.I sympathetized wit [...]

    18. This was a reread for me and I still really enjoyed this book as the conclusion to Lucy Monroe's THE GREEK TYCOONS miniseries: The Greek Tycoon's Ultimatumand Sebastien and Rachel's story inThe Greek's Innocent Virgin . I really enjoyed getting glimpses of the other characters that I had come to love and get to see how their HEAs were going. This is a the story of Aristed, the younger son of Phillipa. It is a story filled with passion, angst and regret. It has the typical HP tropes of OW, amnesi [...]

    19. This was sweeeeeeet. Hero & heroine are a deeply-in-love married couple with problems, then car accident and amnesia happens. Over-the-toply-evil Other Woman/Personal Assistant has an agenda to break them up; angst ensues mostly in the form of how the H has highly selective amnesia in which he remembers everything and everyone except his wife. The drama with the OW ends more quietly than I'd expected (maybe hoped for she was so evil she really deserved a huge unveiling and public denouncemen [...]

    20. Not as good as her Billionaire's Pregnant Mistress but this was still a good read. The emotional turmoil was so well done I felt for the heroine. The scene of her breakdown in her husband's bedroom had me in tears. The only thing that wasn't convincing was the reasons for hero's treatment of her before his amnesia. How could you be so callous towards someone's feeling if you love them. The making up was worth it though. I am glad I gave these two books a try.

    21. First at all:AWESOME! Please ignore the STUPID BOOK TITLE. I started this book yesterday evening at 9 pm and finished it at 1am this morning. I usually do not like any amnesia storylines but this one had so much drama that I was caught in it. The H Aristides is just mean but not deliberately but because of his overpowering stupidity and that makes it a bit easier to forgive him in the end. There were scenes that made me really emotional which is a rare achievement for a HP. The storyline is rath [...]

    22. I love this book. The H can't remember his wife, which is a nice change from the woman be the weak, pathetic one in the story. The couple get in a car accident while fighting and the hero loses all memory of his wife. The story proceeds to retell the story of how they met, fell in love, and ultimately ended up married. I really enjoyed seeing their relationship and understanding why the heroine felt unloved. Loved the unfolding and the how the hero finally regains his memory and how he proceeds [...]

    23. What a wonderful, heart-wrenching, roller coaster of a book this turned out to be. I was captivated from beginning to end. Not only does the author hit us with an emotional story line, but she also throws in some steamy scenes that will melt the panties off any lady! I mean when I decided to read it I wasn't expecting anything deep. But this book The Greek's Christmas Baby pulled such a strong emotions out of me. It broke my heart, I found myself crying through a good part of the book and loved [...]

    24. 4 ½ Stars! ~ Aristides Kouros had swept Eden off her feet, and into his bed. After a year of a very passionate affair, Eden tells him she is pregnant and they marry swiftly. Aristides wants his child to grow up in Greece so they make their family home there, but his business takes him constantly to New York. Aristides claims her pregnancy and then later the birth of their son is the reason why he encourages her to remain in Greece, but Eden is ever fearful of the constant undermining of his PA [...]

    25. The good: Very emotional, angst packed. The bad: Typical doormat heroine. How far will you go to earn your husband's love? Well, this heroine will take all of his crap, his assistants crap (although she smacked her once - first time standing up to her in 2 years?), then take some more crap when he loses his memories of her. The HEA is only 5 pages long, rest of the book is just one big heart break after another for the heroine, which just gets tiresome after awhile. Her (constant) weepy avow of [...]

    26. My god what a emotional turmoil book,really wanted to murder Kassandra,although i strictly against anyform of abuse may it be physical,verbal or emotional but i jumped n danced from my couch the moment when Eden slapped Kassandra,she is a black mark on womenhoodAristide what to say he is one of the stupid hero i have ever read and on top of that his amnesia though he acts but i guess he was a little late on my cardsEden my heart went out to her currently pregnant-accident-husband who has forgott [...]

    27. The hero was the one with amnesia in this one. It was a the second of a duo of books about brothers. I really enjoyed this one. It was pretty angsty.

    28. I've read this book twice now. Both time I was overwhelmed by emotions and had to grab for a tissue. If you want to read a really sweet endearing romance, this is it. Aristide, and Eden were on the verge of a divorce before they had a car crash. When Eden woke up in a hospital bed, she found out that her husband was in a coma. Right then she knew she loved her husband. She knew she was going to fight for him. She was not allowed to go to his bedside, because of her own complications. After two d [...]

    29. The story starts out with Aristede and Eden unhappily married, their relationship foundering for a number of reasons. When an accident results in Aristede losing all memory only of his wife, Eden has to find a way to bring him back despite interference from her husband's PA and his own seeming reluctance to allow Eden back into his life.Wow! This had emotions all over the place! Eden still loved her husband, but never thought he ever loved her. I loved that his family supported her when Aristede [...]

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