Heartstone They were young popular the perfect couple an all American boy and a beautiful cheerleader But the youthful passion that led them to Lookout Point that terrible evening would prove fatal For Ritchie

  • Title: Heartstone
  • Author: Phillip Margolin
  • ISBN: 9780060739690
  • Page: 334
  • Format: Paperback
  • They were young, popular, the perfect couple an all American boy and a beautiful cheerleader But the youthful passion that led them to Lookout Point that terrible evening would prove fatal For Ritchie Walters the end came swiftly, as death descended upon him in a savage orgy of horrific violence Elaine Murray would live long enough to learn just how lucky her boyfriThey were young, popular, the perfect couple an all American boy and a beautiful cheerleader But the youthful passion that led them to Lookout Point that terrible evening would prove fatal For Ritchie Walters the end came swiftly, as death descended upon him in a savage orgy of horrific violence Elaine Murray would live long enough to learn just how lucky her boyfriend had been Two brutal slayings have rocked a stunned city But the murders are merely the nightmare s beginning, flinging open a terrifying Pandora s box of sordid secrets and dark revelations deadly than the bloodlust that lives in the rock hard heart of a killer.

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    1. I found this on an airplane on my last trip. The cover blurb didn't sound very interesting, but it said it was nominated for an Edgar award, so I decided to give it a try. I was right the first time.I actually kind of liked the DA character that was introduced first, but he turned out to play almost no role in the actual story. Instead, there were lots of transcripts of boring hypnosis sessions and an overzealous yet remarkably boring cop. The conclusion was sort of surprising, but by that point [...]

    2. I'm not one to give up on a book easily or I would have quit after the first 3 chapters or so. It bounced all over the place. I kept telling myself he'd show me the relationship in the end and he finally did.A high school couple were up at the local lovers lane. The fellow was murdered, head bashed in, and the girl was missing. The homicide detective was more determined to find the killer than the parents. Seven years later he finally makes and arrest.

    3. I read this book on the recommendation of a friend.And I am very glad I did. The perfect 'page turner' mystery, the story uses well timed flashbacks to solve the mystery of the disappearance of a high school student and the detective who is on the case years later. Stayed up well past my bedtime reading this one.

    4. It took me a long time to get into this book. In the beginning so many characters were introduced that it was hard to keep them straight. Also there was no one main character. I like to have someone to get involved with and care about --- that never happened.

    5. My husband recommended this book to me page 295 I was wondering just how many more characters could be introduced into this story. was long, slow-going and frustrating. The ending made it worth the read.

    6. If you haven't read any of Phillip Margolin's novels, I recommend them. He's a Portland Oregon based author, which adds interest for me, but it's not necessary to know the area to enjoy his work.

    7. This is a cold case murder mystery the victims of which were two young lovers. It is a cold, grim, convoluted story that is not a particularly pleasant read.

    8. I love the twists and turns and I absolutely love the end. I told my husband the whole story while we were driving from El Paso to Dallas and he even loved it.

    9. I thought this was a poorly written book. There wasn’t a decent or likable character in the book except for the young couple who were murdered and the current DA. Even the defense attorney was an unlikable person. I rarely stop reading a book once I’ve started it but this was one that I almost did. Only interesting part was finding out who committed the murders and it certainly could have taken a lot fewer pages. I have read a few other books by Philip Margolin and thought they were decent e [...]

    10. Written back in the 1970's, there's not much forensic evidence that is usable. However, hypnosis of a witness is used to try to solve the murders. Quite good with a great twist.

    11. It is so interesting and the twists are amazing although my favourite character died it still left a good impression on me. it is fascinating .

    12. Found this somewhere, started reading and could not put it down. Excellent cold story with a twist. Pleased to find out this was his first novel.

    13. I'll start this by saying this wasn't Margolin's best work. It was an intriguing novel, that sadly I was about to correctly hypothesize the conclusion of the book from the second appearance of Willie Heartstone. It was obvious, to me. Sadly Roy didn't seem to agree. From the first few chapters the appearances of character that show up is daunting. Especially the character for which is this novel's namesake. Heartstone. From my count he showed up, between the Prologue, the body of the novel, and [...]

    14. One of the earlier works by this author, but I just ran across it All of his others were in a series and this was a stand-alone, so I decided to take a break from the ongoing sequences and characters, but could breakaway from Mr. Margolin's work completelyTwisting, turning tale from the first page until the last(not unexpected from this guy), but a tale of different sort than he usually writes. Totally engrossing, always enjoy the writing, always well proofed, though did spot an error or three(w [...]

    15. Cold case novel, written in an overly- choppy flashback style with so many characters/events that it nearly required file folders/timeline charts to keep them straight. Certainly no smooth transitions in this plot; a few might have helped avoid lots of confusion. The multiple pages of hypnotism transcripts were fragmented drags, causing me to question the author's knowledge/research on that subject. As a reader investing my time, I'd like to use that time towards an emotional payoff, able to car [...]

    16. When popular high-school couple Richie Walters and Elaine Murray are killed at Lookout Park, the police focus on Bobby and Billy Corbett, but don't ever arrest anyone. Several years later a overzealous police detective becomes romantically involved with a Eleanor Pegliosi, a girl who knew Bobby and Billy in high-school, attempting to influence her memories of that fatal night.This is a reprint of a 1978 book by Margolin. Although a good mystery, the middle boggs down as Eleanor undergoes many hy [...]

    17. The savage killing of a beautiful couple stuns and baffles everyone and for Roy Schindler in particular, the lack of leads is extremely frustrating. When his only angle appears to be a girl with repressed memories, he turns to a hypnotist to help him with his star witness. The plot twists and turns as Margolin toys with the emotions and leaves the reader with no hope of predicting what will happen next. The ending was slightly anti-climatic but it was a very good read, well paced, suspenseful an [...]

    18. I read this book when it was first published back in 1979. Small details stuck with me and I looked for the book off and on several times to re-read it. But, I didn't remember the author or the title and it is hard to find a book when what you are looking for a murder mystery that hinges on finding a pair of glasses at the scene. When I re-read it I recalled vividly the opening and the end of the book - everything in between seemed brand new. Anyway I'm glad to have found it again - it didn't ma [...]

    19. Margolin's first book, and it shows. The writing is stilted, the characters cardboard cut-outs, and there's no real protagonist, making for a rambling, disjointed story. Worse, it seems Margolin read somewhere to "sex up" his book, so there are awkward "sexy" bits. In particular, it seems every female character must have her breasts described from time to time. Sigh. There was a minor twist at the end, but not worth reading through endless hypnosis sessions and the obsessed/crazy cop. Now I know [...]

    20. I just started reading Philip Margolin and really enjoy his books. Rather than reiterating what has already been posted about the story line, I want to say I like the way the author slowly introduces the characters one at a time when the timing is right. Once a character is introduced, he fully develops the personality and character traits. You either love them or hate them. He has a way of sneaking in tid bits of information that come and go and the reader may forget about them, but those same [...]

    21. A decent crime/mystery book to read. Half way through the book I had my own theories about the crime but I was surprised when its revealed in the last few pages. The book doesn't really have a main character. Instead the author has you follow a few main suspects, star witnesses, lawyers and detective. Without a main character, however, it was hard for me to get behind the book. I kept reading to solve the murder.

    22. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ I listened to this one on audio and the narrator really had the ability to put me sound asleep every time I turned on my IPod. A friend read this one a liked it so maybe my rating is based on the audio presentation. The other thing that bugged me about this one, was that there were no characters you could really get into, with most being low-life scumbags. So if I were you, I would not beat a path to buy this one. At least I downloaded it for free from the library!

    23. An ugly Murder in the Reggie and Veronica type leaves many heartsick and very upset, as would any murder, but this one even more especially. The Coolidge boys are primary suspects, but not all rings true. Al Caproni struggles with his part in the death of Bobbie Coolidge, and is stunned when Willie Heartstone comes forward to clean his soul upon his deathbed. A reaffirmation that Caproni's gut feelings had always been right.

    24. this wasn't as good as 'gone but not forgoten'. there are a set of murders in 1961. roy makes it is his mission to find out who did them. as the years go by, the case grows cold, until roy is called to another crime where he meets up with a witness from the murders. roy does whatever it takes to get her to say what he wants to hear. she will say anything to keep him near.

    25. Loved this mystery. The crimes seemed unsolvable, but in the end it all made sense. The amount of characters sometimes through me off, but they were all connected. Margolin is an amazing suspense writer, and I never dislike any of his plot lines. If you enjoy suspense novels that you cant put down, with twist endings and facts that blow your mind, this is a must read!

    26. Two kids are brutally murdered and a cop is determined to see the killers pay. He zeroes in on the most likely suspects and does whatever he thinks he has to do to see the them pay for their crime. Mr. Margolin always has an unexpected twist at the end of his stories but this one was predictable.However, it was still an easy book to get into and finish.

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