Time For Bed, Spot

Time For Bed Spot It s time for bed but Spot just isn t tired yet so he pretends to be a pirate king and a cowboy What a commotion Mom comes in to check and finds Spot fast asleep exhausted from his adventures This

  • Title: Time For Bed, Spot
  • Author: Eric Hill
  • ISBN: 9780399254765
  • Page: 487
  • Format: Board Book
  • It s time for bed, but Spot just isn t tired yet, so he pretends to be a pirate king and a cowboy What a commotion Mom comes in to check and finds Spot fast asleep, exhausted from his adventures This is a perfect bedtime story, full of imagination.

    One thought on “Time For Bed, Spot”

    1. Lovely pictures for little ones, follows a good bedtime routine however spot still isn't tired and plays in his room.

    2. Spot is a little puppy who has to clean up his toys, take a shower and get ready for bed. The only problem is Spot is not tired. After he is read to and tucked in, he gets up and starts playing with all of his toys and running around his room. When his mom comes in and tells him that he needs to go to bed, she finds him already asleep on the floor. For those parents out there or those dealing with small children know that this book explains every child that ever existed. This would be a great bo [...]

    3. A wonderful read from my childhood, one I’d certainly suggest for other youngsters. Whilst it is not my all-time favourite childhood read I can still recall all the details of this one meaning it certainly left a lasting impression upon my young mind. And isn’t that what we want with children’s books, for them to leave a positive lasting impression?

    4. This book is just perfect for the dog lover who won't go to bed. Spot does what any child would do and plays instead of going to sleep.The only thing I have a problem with is calling his Mom and Dad by their names instead of Mom and Dad. I had a hard time even saying their names as little ones won't know who those people are. It should have been Mommy and Daddy.

    5. This was areal step forward for spot the plot was actually there and intriguing for a youngster. The illustrations were their normal cuteness but the story line was so much better than other spot books I have read to my boy.

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