The 10 Laws of Enduring Success

The Laws of Enduring Success The times have changed We need a fresh understanding of the meaning of success What do Condoleezza Rice Joe Torre Bill Gates Goldie Hawn Mary Hart Garry Kasparov and Jack Welch have in common Al

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  • Title: The 10 Laws of Enduring Success
  • Author: Maria Bartiromo Catherine Whitney
  • ISBN: 9780307452542
  • Page: 419
  • Format: ebook
  • The times have changed We need a fresh understanding of the meaning of success What do Condoleezza Rice, Joe Torre, Bill Gates, Goldie Hawn, Mary Hart, Garry Kasparov, and Jack Welch have in common All have talked at length with Maria Bartiromo about business, the world and their surprising, inspiring and uncommon ideas about the meaning of success Their stories, thoseThe times have changed We need a fresh understanding of the meaning of success What do Condoleezza Rice, Joe Torre, Bill Gates, Goldie Hawn, Mary Hart, Garry Kasparov, and Jack Welch have in common All have talked at length with Maria Bartiromo about business, the world and their surprising, inspiring and uncommon ideas about the meaning of success Their stories, those of an extraordinary range of other people from all walks of life, and Maria Bartiromo s personal insights are the foundation of The 10 Laws of Enduring Success It is the guide for the extraordinary times we are living through During bullish, optimistic periods, people seem to ride an upward wave with ease and confidence The tangible evidence is right there for all to see in their jobs, bank accounts, homes, families, and the admiration of their peers But it is a fact of life that success, once earned, is not necessarily there to stay If ever there was a cautionary tale about the fleeting nature of success, it is the events of recent years But a funny thing happened Faced with gut wrenching realities, many people have started to re evaluate the meaning of success in less superficial and impermanent ways They re asking themselves hard questions that havelong been ignored about what s really important to them, and where the bedrock of their personal achievement lies As Maria Bartiromo watched the financial drama from her front row seat at the New York Stock Exchange, she began to re assess the meaning of success not just as one off achievements, but as a durable, lifelong pursuit Is there, she wondered, a definition of success that you can have permanently in spite of the turmoil in your life, your job, or your bank account This question is important than ever, given the unpredictability of the current economy What are the intangibles that can t be measured or counted What are the qualities that aren t reflected in your title or on your business card And practically, how can you remain successful even when the worst things happen to you Is it possible to build success from failure It s lonely at the bottom of the heap, when your BlackBerry stops buzzing, and the world moves on without you Everyone wants to be close to success, and to have success But what is success How do you get it, and how do you keep it As Maria interviewed some of the most successful people in the world, she felt the need to answer these questions what makes these success stories tick How did they achieve such leadership and power and how can one hold onto it, once you get it What are the barriers to success and what is the bedrock to enduring success From the Hardcover edition.

    One thought on “The 10 Laws of Enduring Success”

    1. "The 10 Laws of Enduring Success" for me was a bit of a let down. Not sure what exactly I expected to learn, perhaps because I am older than she is and not as successful, but the main message or takeaway that I got from her story is that she was in the right place at the right time. But of course, she would say she made her own luck. While perhaps true, that is difficult to translate into any teachable moments.

    2. "The 10 Laws of Enduring Success" consists of Ms. Bartiromo's musings on happiness, i.e success, in personal and professional life. Quite a busy schedule she has! She gives examples of what she has learned from her interviews and behind-the-scenes encounters with business and goverment leaders, and the countless events she quotes from here date largely from 2009-2010. As a synopsis and guide to the book, it's revealing to just list the table of contents: Prologue - Born on September 11, Redefini [...]

    3. I go back and forth on Maria Bartiromo. She would captivate me on Closing Bell with her reporting of the daily business news from the floor of the NYSE. I enjoyed her style and the interviews that she had on. Plus, you could tell she knew her stuff. Then again, sometimes I'd get tired of the schtick and have to turn it off for a while. I don't necessarily attribute that to Maria herself, but to news of any type in general. I picked up this book during an up period. I thought she had some good th [...]

    4. I'd made a promise not to actually use these star ratings, which I generally loathe, or use this space to write reviews, which I've sworn never to do in any form. But what was I even thinking starting to read this book in the first place? When I got to her recitation of the "MBA Pledge" in the chapter on integrity I just couldn't go on. I mean, you have GOT to be kidding, and anyone who's ever had the misfortune of working alongside anyone with an MBA (and literally anyone can get one) knows wh [...]

    5. The author certainly has a lot to be proud of. I certainly respect her hard work and vision! This book has some good points and interesting stories, but it quickly becomes monotonous and cliched. It's all the typical "follow your dreams!" "Be yourself!" jargon that's so common nowways followed up with some neat thing she did or some cool person she had lunch with. It gets old quick.

    6. For a business book, this is a quick read with great insights in a post-recession time period. Much of the knowledge to be gained from the book is common sense, however Maria has found a way to bring it to life in a relevant manner. Unlike other female writers, Maria focuses on the core values of business rather than the typical "woman vs men" angle so many others tend to take.

    7. There are some useful tips here for becoming motivated & going out and getting what you want out of life but the downside for me was I thought the language was a little too watered down for my tastes. Some of it felt like I was reading a high school economics paper. And good lord, the constant sports analogies she reminded me of my jr high gym teacher!

    8. This is an amazing book. It gives you not only a map to find inner strength to find a new meaning for success, but it also gave me an inside look behind the picture of top people in the financial business. Very well written and engaging. I couldn't seem to want to put this book down and I loved sharing this information with those around me. A great conversational piece.

    9. Easy to read. Good advice. Good stories. Bartiromo has met a number of interesting people during her career and she uses examples of their experiences and choices to illustrate the laws of true success. This variety keeps it interesting and very personable.

    10. Excellent advise for all people. Easy, and compelling to read. Short and to the point. Great sources too.

    11. I received this book at a work event. It is mostly a collection of sound bites that do not always tie together in a memorable way. The ghost writer definitely had her work cut out for her!

    12. Another excellent book by Mr. O. It is easy to follow what is happening. There are no loose ends. Another must-read!

    13. a fresh understanding of the true meaning of success. We are faced with gut wrenching realities and many people have started to reevaluate the meaning of success in less superficial ways

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