The Silver Ghost

The Silver Ghost The Silver Ghost A Sarah Kelling Mystery

  • Title: The Silver Ghost
  • Author: Charlotte MacLeod
  • ISBN: 9780445408289
  • Page: 151
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Silver Ghost A Sarah Kelling Mystery

    One thought on “The Silver Ghost”

    1. Great for expanding one's vocabularyA good old-fashioned mystery. A good read for an old-fashioned reader. Set among Boston's old's money leisure class Reading the series in order enhances one's enjoyment.

    2. Fun but like other later MacLeod cozy mysteries, too much exposition and repetition. It was fun to revisit Sarah and Max Bittersohn and even get a glimpse of Uncle Jem, and I'll finish the rest of the series unless it gets too whimsical.

    3. I was definitely disappointed in this one. The mystery wasn't as tightly put together as some of the others in the series. I am annoyed that at least two of the bad guys, or at least one current and one past bad guy was completely off stage, so to speak. Some of the connections were pretty much drawn out of nowhere, particularly the revelation of the past bad guy. I didn't see what was the motivation of one of the two main baddies in pinpointing the victim. They guy was obnoxious but had been gi [...]

    4. #8 in the Sarah Kelling and Max Bittersohn mystery series.Sarah Kelling and her husband, Max Bittersohn, have made names for themselves tracking down stolen paintings, sculptures, and, when necessary, the occasional murderer. But this is the first time they have been asked to find a missing Rolls Royce. When Bill Billingsgate's prize 1927 New Phantom disappears, they head for his estate on the Massachusetts coast, arriving--to their horror--just in time for Billingsgate's annual Renaissance fair [...]

    5. A couple works to uncover the mystery of two stolen cars and a missing woman from the home of a friend. I found it hard to read, partially due to a lot of detail.

    6. a couple solves the murder of two people at a bee farm There are several characters to keep track, but the stsyle is light reading. Follows Convivial Codfish and best if read in order.

    7. Although this was set in Massachusetts, during the 1980s, it really was more of a 1940s English mystery. The “Silver Ghost” here is a 1908 Rolls Royce Silver Ghost that was one of 10 antique RR cars owned by the Billingsgate family. Sarah Kelling and her husband Max Bittershon are private detectives who were hired by Bill Billingsgate to investigate the stealing of another RR: a 1925 Silver Cloud. Since Sarah was a relative of the Billingsgates, they could move easily around the estate durin [...]

    8. Another interesting one - #8 in the series. I'm reading them in order again - it's fun to see Max and Sarah's relationship grow and change. This time they're at a Renaissance Revel at the Billingsgates' home, partly because one of Bill's Rolls Royces has been stolen. Most of the Kelling relatives are there, along with the obnoxious Prof. Ufford and Drusilla Gaheris, a long-ago friend of Sarah's Aunt Appie; she is staying with the Billingsgates. Max and Sarah discover the dead body of the man gua [...]

    9. I enjoyed this one very much, with the opportunity to see Max and Sarah in action - with her awful family more in the background. The Renaissance Revel that provided the setting gave me, as a longtime Renaissance Faire-goer, a chance to see how other people celebrate this fascinating era. Also liked the fun details about Rolls Royces, beekeeping and the way a small chain of radio stations might operate. Good twist at the end. Lots of cozy fun here!

    10. Reliable. The usual cloud of relatives and characters, not a great throu narrative but reliable fun with our plucky heroine. DPL e book via total boox

    11. In Charlotte MacLeod's The Silver Ghost, the eighth book in the Sarah Kelling/ Max Bittersohn series, Nehemiah (Bill) Billingsgate has lost one of his prized antique Rolls Royces! Unwilling to interrupt his annual Medieval Revel, Bill calls in family friends Max and Sarah Bittersohn, who usually investigate art crimes but are happy to help out their friend in checking out suspects by mingling at the Medieval Revel. To prevent guests from trying to access the car barn, which would give away the f [...]

    12. This book contains entirely too many characters involved in the plot. Another annoying feature is that it presumes familiarity with previous books to understand the characters and their relationship to each other. It is a prime example of an author's attempt to pull you into a series in order to sell more books.Louise Penney and Abigail Keam do a much better job of having continuing characters in a book series, but giving you enough background to enjoy any book in the series without have read ot [...]

    13. Jeez. This book was awful. It was set - near as I can tell - in the 1980s. The characters all used language and social mannerisms as if the book was set in the 1920s. On top of it all, the author kept using archaic words (both in narration and dialogue) from the 16th and 17th centuries. Some words were so archaic I couldn't find them in 3 different dictionaries. I was so thoroughly frustrated with the writing style that I din't enjoy the murder mystery at all (aside from the fact that I had the [...]

    14. Anyone who loves old cars or who has kept bees will love this book. The Billingsgates are back along with many Kellings, including Uncle Jem. Sarah and Max work as a team and do it well. I loved the glimpse of their home life in Ireson's Landing. There was also less inner speculation on who could be the culprit as Sarah reasons her way through the crime and the alibis. In this book we get straightforward investigation until the facts only fit one person. A clue close to the beginning of the book [...]

    15. An enjoyable read, lots of fun, mystery, zany characters, I really enjoyed this book, part of the Sarah Kelling series. A renaissance party with costumes and food of the time, morris dancers, an antique car collection, two of which disappear, the sudden disappearance of Sarah's aunt from the festivities, and a murder all come together to define the phrase "murder and mayhem". I recommend Charlotte MacLeod's books for light enjoyable cozy entertainment.

    16. Figuring out whodoneit is what this book is all about. Its not very exciting and there's not much action, but the mental challenge and the fun clues are really fun to read and try to figure out. Its very much like Agatha Christie's Miss Marple's kind of mystery.

    17. Hmmm . . . did I really read this? I have no memory of it. But it's on my old, hand-written list, so I must have.

    18. One of my favorite things about this series is the use of highfalutin archaic words. While it could come across as totally annoying, I love it, along with the cast of quirky characters.

    19. Again, not at the top of my list (maybe I'm in a mood?). The solution was a bit to far out of left field and there were lots of characters and just sort of thrown into it and, eh.

    20. What I remember most about this book was the love of rolls royce and the silver phantomwhich has stuck to me.

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