The Seashore Book

The Seashore Book A young boy who has never seen the sea asks his mother to describe it From there Zolotow carefully chooses her words to create a poem full of the colors sounds and sights of a day at the beach Mi

  • Title: The Seashore Book
  • Author: Charlotte Zolotow Wendell Minor
  • ISBN: 9780064433648
  • Page: 438
  • Format: Paperback
  • A young boy, who has never seen the sea, asks his mother to describe it From there, Zolotow carefully chooses her words to create a poem full of the colors, sounds, and sights of a day at the beach Minor s softly detailed renderings reinforce the gentle mood SLJ Zolotow s words have a special lilt that lingers long after the book is closed NYT Notable 1992 Ch A young boy, who has never seen the sea, asks his mother to describe it From there, Zolotow carefully chooses her words to create a poem full of the colors, sounds, and sights of a day at the beach Minor s softly detailed renderings reinforce the gentle mood SLJ Zolotow s words have a special lilt that lingers long after the book is closed NYT Notable 1992 Children s Trade Books in Social Studies NCSS CBC Outstanding Science Trade Books for Children 1992 NSTA CBC A Reading Rainbow Selection

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    1. How do you describe the seashore to a person has never been there? Make it a sensory experience, but using descriptive language instead of actual sensory experience. When a young boy asks his mother what the seashore is like, she begins with the break of day and the changing colors of sky and water as the sun come up. At the beach, there are treasures for him to explore - shells, seaside creatures, a gulls lost feather. The cold ocean “makes you skin feel like peppermint” and the noonday sun [...]

    2. Vivid descriptions and delightful pictures bring the seashore to life. I almost felt like I was there almost.Ages: 4 - 8

    3. Zolotow's beautiful prose reads like poetry. For any child who wants to see something he/she can't (seashore, mountain, forest, etc.), this book shows that you can go anywhere in your imagination. Minor's marvelous, soft illustrations will make you feel like you truly are spending a day by the sea.

    4. This is a wonderful tale about an imaginary trip to the seashore. A boy and his mother who live in the mountains talk about a wonderful day at the ocean, with such vivid imagery and sensory detail that it's as if they were truly there. The illustrations are magnificent and the story is soothing, perfect for bedtime.

    5. The Seashore Book by Charlotte Zolotow with illustrations by Wendell Minor has been redesigned for its 25th Anniversary and the results are splendid in this celebration of a children’s classic.This gentle story begins with a young boy’s question. “What is the seashore like?” In response, his mother suggests they pretend to leave their mountain home and make a visit. Beginning in the early morning, as the misty sky grades from gray to pale purple to hazy blue, we follow mother and son as [...]

    6. Zolotow, Charlotte. The Seashore Book, PICTURE BOOK. Charlesbridge, 2017. $16.99.A mother explains a day at the seashore to her son who has never been there before. They explore the sand and waves together, look for birds and shellfish, eat lunch on a big rock, and walk home along the pier. The little boy feels like he has been to the beach and says he can now visit it with his mother in his mind any time he would like.The descriptions of the beach and the illustrations do very well at describin [...]

    7. Theme: BeachThis is too long for storytime."What is the seashore like?" a little boy asks his mother. So she brings it to life for him. The seashore is a place where the sea and the sky are the same smoky gray untile morning sun breaks through. The hot noonday sun feels warm as a big soft cat covering you. And it seems there is nothing in the world except the sound of the wind and the rising and falling song of the waves." - back cover

    8. The pictures are wonderful, the story, is okay, but didn't thrill me. The concept was cool, about imagining being on the beach, but it seemed a little far fetched! It gets the dreaded "fine" from me!

    9. I love children's books about the sea! Maybe because I live in California and grew up going to the beach. This one has lovely illustrations!

    10. Coming up on Mock caldecott lists for 2017. I thought the book felt "classic" in maybe a dated kind of way but it was fine. -- author is deceased, book published by her estate.

    11. Imagine someone had never see the sea. Could you describe it? Make them feel like they were spending the day in the warm sand? Charlotte Zolotow does just that in her classic beach day book. A boy who has always lived in the mountains asks his mom to describe "what is the seashore like?" Together they imagine a day at the beach from the cool sunrise to sand castles and crabs to an exhausted happy walk home. Redesigned for its 25th anniversary, a whole new generation of children can now get lost [...]

    12. This was a beautifully written and illustrated book. It was a bit to 'old' for my grandbaby and my special needs children so I read it myself. However, my granddaughter enjoyed sitting and looking at the wonderful "painting by Wendell Minor" that is the illustrations for this charming story between a mother and her young son. The boy had never been to the ocean-seaside before and asks his mother about it. She hadn't been either but she doesn't tell him that. Instead she uses her imagination and [...]

    13. This book was about a young boy who has never been to the beach. His mother tells him about the day that they would spend if they were to go there. He loves imagining it in his mind and will always go there when he closes his eyes. It had a cute story and great descriptions of what the beach and ocean are like. The illustrations were beautiful and appropriate for the word descriptions. I really enjoyed it. I would read this to my class when we are learning about animals that live at the beach.

    14. Have you ever met a child who has never been to the beach? Help them to imagine what sights and sounds one would encounter through the assuring voice of a mother. Her words are comforting, and will transport you to a place you will long to visit. Over sand dunes and under waves, she gives descriptive vocabulary to paint this imaginary adventure. The pictures accurately illustrate both living and non-living participants of the oceanic habitat- even that which is often overlooked. If you close you [...]

    15. This is a beautiful book about the seashore, both in text and illustration. I read it during our study of the ocean. My students who had been to the beach were very excited to share their own experiences as I read the book and many of my students who had never been still enjoy pouring over the book to look at the watercolor paintings.

    16. So beautiful! This was suggested by our Harcourt social studies curriculum for studying different regions, and I think it's perfect for kids who might never have been to the seashore."The cold water makes your skin feel like peppermint" is my favorite line. Also good for discussing second person perspective. But did the family at the seashore HAVE to be blonde and white?

    17. I loved the imagery and figurative language in this book about a boy who's never been to the sea and asks his mother to tell him about it. There are great examples of metaphor and similes that are easy to talk about with your children.

    18. I loved this book because it is the middle of the winter and it transported me to a summer day along Lake Michigan (well, all except for the crabs!) About a boy who has never been to the seashore imagining himself there as his mother describes it. Great artwork!

    19. I got this book because it didn't say "illustrations by", it said "paintings by." Very beautiful images of the seashore animals and landscape. The story is of a mother taking her son on a word-picture vacation of what it's like at the seashore. Beautiful.

    20. A peaceful book about a boy who lives in the mountains and his mom describes to him what a day at the beach would be like. Very nice illustrations.

    21. I doubt this would rank high with 'W', but the language and description were beautiful. A good book for teaching imagery.

    22. Makes you feel like you are at the beach! Great descriptions of the beach with many forms of figurative language used. Comp. strategy: VISUALIZING.-Susan

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