Baxter, the Pig Who Wanted to Be Kosher

Baxter the Pig Who Wanted to Be Kosher While waiting for the bus a man tells Baxter the pig about the joys of Shabbat dinner But before Baxter can find out how he too can join in the fun the man has boarded the bus Soon after Baxter l

  • Title: Baxter, the Pig Who Wanted to Be Kosher
  • Author: Laurel Snyder David Goldin
  • ISBN: 9781582463155
  • Page: 246
  • Format: Hardcover
  • While waiting for the bus, a man tells Baxter the pig about the joys of Shabbat dinner But before Baxter can find out how he, too, can join in the fun, the man has boarded the bus Soon after, Baxter learns that he certainly cannot be a part of Shabbat dinner because he s not Kosher So begins one pig s misguided quest to become Kosher Will Baxter succeed or will his dreWhile waiting for the bus, a man tells Baxter the pig about the joys of Shabbat dinner But before Baxter can find out how he, too, can join in the fun, the man has boarded the bus Soon after, Baxter learns that he certainly cannot be a part of Shabbat dinner because he s not Kosher So begins one pig s misguided quest to become Kosher Will Baxter succeed or will his dreams of taking part in Shabbat dinner remain unfulfilled Readers will cheer as a series of misunderstandings leads to a warm message of welcome and community.From the Hardcover edition.

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    1. Little Baxter just wants to be cool, and the coolest animals on the farm all all Kosher. Mr. Cow, the Goat Bros. and even the entire Sheep Herd all are part of this exclusive club and it sounds awesome! But mean Mr. Farmer says Baxter can never be Kosher pigs just aren't allowed. Baxter thinks that's a load of, well, bull, and soon he and Sammy Bee (who isn't Kosher, even though everyone in the Kosher Klub seems to love saving his puke) are off on an adventure that will teach them the true meani [...]

    2. I love this book so much. Baxter's curiosity is so sweet and funny you may not even realize how much you and your kiddo are learning about Jewish culture! I love watching people pick this up at Avid Bookshop and giggle. True story: the author is a friend, and I was with her in NY when she got copies of the illustrator's drawings!

    3. Interesting book mainly intended for children of all ages. All my kids love it we have read it countless times. That's why we decided to offer it as a gift to all youngsters coming at our bakery with every Zomick's challah bread they buy. Even though it doesn't teach the manners of kosher, it is fun to read and kids just love it. - Zomick's Challah

    4. Baxter is a very curious pig. When he encounters a Jewish man at the bus stop, the man tells him all about the wondrous event of Shabbat. The man describes Shabbat in a way that intrigues Baxter. "The candles gleam and glow and dance while our sweetest voices lift in song."The next day, another man tells Baxter that he cannot be a part of Shabbat dinner because, as a pig, Baxter is not kosher. Well, poor Baxter takes it upon himself to do everything he can to try and be kosher: he eats kosher pi [...]

    5. I got this as a First Reads a few months ago, but recently moved and just now unearthed it. It is a really cute children's book with an entertaining yet educational story. The pictures are gorgeous and I enjoy flipping through it. While centered around explaining shabbat, the story would likely be engaging to many different children and is an excellent idea for a book for children that pushes us to be open minded and continue learning.

    6. Adorable book about Baxter, a pig who wanted to be kosher. It's a nice story with a nice lesson on the acceptance of everyone/others. I heard about this book from a friend of mine (Vicki) and told the librarian at my son's school when I was there on my volunteer shift in the library, and she told me to order it for her. I definitely recommend this book to read to children.

    7. An explanation of kosher at a child's level of reading. My TakeIt's cute with a nice introduction for children to the Jewish religion and Shabbat. The means of discussion uses kosher food with poor Baxter as the comic relief not knowing he doesn't want to be kosher.The illustrations were a mixed lot. Incredibly simple line drawings with a scattering of shadow and no shading mixed with photographs of real food. Interesting combination.The StoryA chance encounter with an old man finds Baxter wanti [...]

    8. We read this with our three and a half year old and we all enjoyed it. It's a great story about sharing shabbat and the importance of hospitality. There's a bigger lesson here about the relative importance of Kashrut vs celebrating shabbat, but that can go by the wayside for those who are more frum. Hearing about Shabbat from an old man on the bus, Baxter the pig really wants to participate. But he is told he can't, because he's not kosher. His attempts to become kosher (without realizing kosher [...]

    9. Baxter, the Pig Who Wanted to Be Kosher features a pig, Baxter, who wants to be a part of Shabbat dinner, but is told he can not be because e is not kosher. Baxter tries different things in order to become kosher, such as eating kosher pickles for a week, eating 5 raisin challah, and pretending to be a cow. However, he is repeatedly told that he is still not kosher. It is not until Baxter meets a rabbi that he realizes he is not kosher to eat. The rabbi explains to him that everyone is welcome t [...]

    10. Get ready to chuckle at the cute and silly adventures of Baxter, a pig who worries that he won't be able to join in the holiday festivities of Shabbat because he is not kosher. After numerous attempts to transform himself into the perfect invitee, Baxter learns from a rabbi that kosher refers to food, not friends! While Baxter will never be kosher to eat (something he's greatly relieved to hear), he is more than welcome to the rabbi's home to celebrate the Shabbat with her. Not only does this bo [...]

    11. Excellent Jewish children's book. One could offer a meta-analysis of the book as a de-othering of the ultimate "other" in Jewish tradition, the pig, whose goal throughout the book is to be kosher enough to make it to the Shabbat dinner table. Baxter eats kosher dill pickles, challah bread, and more, but he ultimately meets a rabbi in the street and learns that he can be a guest at the Shabbat table, not the main course, and therefore does not need to work so hard, futilely, to be kosher.It's a r [...]

    12. A humorous tale of a pig who hears about Shabbat dinner from a man waiting for the bus. The singing and lighting of candles intrigues him. However, for some reason, the nice man tells him that he is not kosher, and therefore cannot be part of Shabbat dinner. So, Baxter the pig eats tons of kosher pickles and 5 loaves of raisin challah bread and tries to become a cow. Nothing works. Until a rabbi finally tells him that although he is a pig, and therefore will never be kosher to eat, he is more th [...]

    13. This is a silly book with silly illustrations, but it does a good job of introducing the concept of kosher and the welcoming traditions of sharing the sabbath. Baxter is a pig who wants to participate in Shabbat dinner, but learns that he can't because he's not kosher. He tries to stuff himself with kosher pickles and kosher challah and even pretends to be a cow, but nothing makes him kosher. Then he meets a female rabbi who says that while Baxter will never be kosher to be eaten at Shabbat dinn [...]

    14. I enjoyed this humorous children's book as much as my son did. Baxter the pig goes on a silly quest to become kosher so he can participate in Jewish meals, only to find out in the end that anyone is welcome at a Jewish shabbat table. Silly and fun story. I thought the message of inclusivity was an important one. It was told - with kosher pickles and challah and kugel - like a real geshmake Jewish story.

    15. Baxter learns about the Shabbat meal and wants to see the dancing candles, and experience it for himself. He is told he must be kosher and sets out to become Kosher. The steps he takes are hysterical. In the end, he learns that though a pig may never be kosher, that doesn't mean he can't participate. The book was a fun read, with a great message at the end and loved the mixed media illustrations.

    16. Baxter, a curious sort of pig, wants to be kosher so he can be a part of Shabbat dinner. He wants to see the candles gleam and glow and dance and lift his sweetest voice in song. After eating kosher pickles, challah bread and behaving like a cow, Rabbi Rosen explains that if Baxter is kosher, that means he can be eaten for dinner, but everyone is welcome at Shabbat dinner. kosher - shabbat -

    17. I'm not really the target audience for this book, I don't imagine, but I still enjoyed it. I'm a sucker for any book that combines drawn illustrations with magazine cutouts, but I thought the text was funnier than the art (although the pickle endpapers are fun). I think it'd be neat to study this book with Joseph Had a Little Overcoat, which uses a similar style of art.

    18. This book is simply adorable. I could see kids enjoying the idea of Baxter trying to become kosher when all he wanted to do was attend a Shabbat celebration. This would be a great story to read alongside picture books about other religious feasts and celebrations.

    19. First of all, you've got to love the title. The book plays on the confusion between Baxter and the people he meets, while introducing some very fundamental Jewish ideas about hospitality and tradition.

    20. I was prepared for weird and ready to toss it because it hasn't checked out in a few years. But this earnest pig won a place in my heart. Quirky, funny, and charming. Highly recommended for ages 5-8.

    21. As someone with limited knowledge of the Jewish faith, I still found this book HILARIOUS! Baxter is just so dedicated, so earnest to be Kosher so he can go to Shabbat dinner. The story is fun and the illustrations take it to the next level.

    22. Perfect funny read for pork-obsessed parents in Portland, OR. It made me smile, while having a cute message about inclusion and togetherness.

    23. A basic, but by no means boring, introduction to the Jewish dietary laws. With a pig as the protagonist. Compelling illustrations and an adorable pig. A winning combination.

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