The Wreck of the Zanzibar

The Wreck of the Zanzibar In fourteen year old Laura living with her family on one of the stormy Isles of Scilly records in her diary how her dream of participating in a shipwreck rescue is finally realized

  • Title: The Wreck of the Zanzibar
  • Author: Michael Morpurgo Christian Birmingham
  • ISBN: 9781405209304
  • Page: 270
  • Format: Paperback
  • In 1907, fourteen year old Laura, living with her family on one of the stormy Isles of Scilly, records in her diary how her dream of participating in a shipwreck rescue is finally realized.

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    1. Michael’s Great-aunt Laura has just passed away and the family are on their way home to the Isles of Scilly for her funeral. In her will, Great-aunt Laura has left him her precious diary and he later finds out why it was so dear to her. The diary dates back to when Laura was a young girl and of her troubled family life, which led to her twin brother running away to sea. This event devastated young Laura as she felt alone and lost without the closest person in her life. One day, Laura finds a l [...]

    2. The name of the author is Michael Morpurgo, the title of the book is The Wreck of the Zanzibar and it's fiction. The author has won the children award for books. The book is adventure, mystery and realistic fiction. My mom gave me a choice of some book I should read and I choose this one.The story takes place in Zanzibar. The central characters are Billy and Laura. The characters challenge is to finds Billy. The characters do not change through the story. The general plot is that they lost Billy [...]

    3. The island of Bryher is bleak and barren. Laura's father, a harsh and taciturn man, has turned his son Billy against island life with his incessant demands. Billy wants to see the world outside. Laura just wants to crew the island gig but her father is adamant in his refusal. No girl on any of the Scilly Isles has been an oarsman on a gig and no daughter of his is going to be the first.When it comes to a choice between the rough, unrelenting work under his father's stern eye and the promise of a [...]

    4. I'm usually fine with not a lot happening in a story but this didn't work for me when I read it. On saying this, discussing Billy's adventures would be exciting for children and perhaps the simple and rather dull aspect of life on the Scilly Isles at the turn of the 20th century was a true reflection. I liked the idea that the story closes with Michael, just as it opened with him. Morpurgo does this A LOT - a story within a story. I thought the opening was lovely and the chapters are brief with [...]

    5. The Wreck of the Zanzibar by Michael Morpurgo a great read. Laura Perryman lives on Bryher Island and her dream is to use a rowboat but unfortunately, it's just not the thing a girl should do in the early 1900's. But Laura is still determined to achieve her dream and when a wrecked ship and a ferocious storm give her the chance to do this and save the island, she takes it.This book is another one of Michael Morpurgo's wonderful short reads. I recommend The Wreck of Zanzibar to someone who is fan [...]

    6. I was forced to read this book in Year 6. My school had two year 6 classes, and we both had to read a Michael Morpurgo book for reasons unknown. Anyway, the other class got to read Kensuke's Kingdom and we were stuck with this. To put it simply; it's not really the most enjoyable book for an 11 year old. Pretty stale.

    7. A friend of mine has expressed interest in reading these, so I'm reading them to give to her next time I see her. I enjoyed this one! It was interesting to read one that wasn't set during a historic event as such, and it was nice having no clue what was going to happen next!

    8. Read because I will be using this book in my classroom as part of our 'Storms and Shipwrecks' topic. I very much enjoyed this book. The main character is really interesting and very believable in her actions. Looking forward to seeing how my children will react to this book. Would recommend.

    9. I still love Michael Morpurgo's children's books but I was expecting more from this one, there wasn't much going on. Still a nice story though.

    10. Morpugo is such an atmospheric and prolific author, it feels mean to not enjoy his books, which is, perhaps, part of the problem I had with this. I always think I'll love the work, and then sometimes I simply don't. Perhaps with this it's because there really isn't much to tell in this story, and perhaps in itself, that is a good change to have. There's a lot to think about, for younger readers, and a lot of putting oneself in the central character's place - imagining a kind of desolation it's h [...]

    11. I really liked a lot Michael Morpurgo's Shadow book and that's why I picked The wreck of the Zanzibar book from a library. I think I had too high hopes for this story. This story wasn't bad but it was pretty average for me.

    12. Read this as a child and can still appreciate the relaxing, nostalgic story even now. Others may say it's boring but it is interesting and a lot does happen in the book - it's sad too, but has a happy ending.

    13. I’m enjoying Michaels books as much or more in my 50’s than I did with my children. The characters really help me identify with different eras & places as well as with timeless relationship & life experiences.

    14. very good illustrations descriptions of charactersdid knot like start to boring and talked about death to muchpnce into book it is very good

    15. This was a lovely book to read. It is simple and short but there is a great meaning which comes through to the reader. It can really be a roller-coaster of emotions!

    16. The Wreck of the Zanizbar is a wonderful book to get you hooked in reading Michael Morpurgo. He uses the story of Laura and her life on the Scilly Islands to help readers learn about the importance of family and of never giving up hope when times are tough. He includes conflict among the family members as well as a natural disaster to keep the reader interested in knowing what will happen next. Some of the characters go through surprising changes as the story unfolds.

    17. Another historical novel from Morpurgo and again another fantastic book. But Morpurgo doesn't write bad books, or at least not the ones I've read!

    18. As is often the case with Morpurgo's books, this deals with those themes children find emotionally difficult but which nonetheless happen to them: loss, hard times, difficulties with society, difficulties with parents. Morpurgo is always great at writing a cracking good story with these elements in a sympathetic way that doesn't talk down to children. The book is comprised mainly of the diary of a great aunt inherited by a young woman. The diary covers those years when ships still went under sai [...]

    19. I enjoyed this short novel all the more after visiting Bryher in the Isles of Scilly last year. A lovely read for anyone, but even better if you've visited.

    20. The Wreck of the Zanzibar Michael MorpurgoNonfictionRate: ****"The Wreck of the Zanzibar" is an intriguing story is about a young girl who's brother, Peter runs away from their home island. He escapes with one of his friend to be a cabin boy on a cruise ship he met one day on the dock. Sophie has never seen her mother smile since Peter's disappearance, neither her dad has spoken to her. The night of a huge, terrifying storm changed their lives from bad to worse. The two dairy cows are the only w [...]

    21. Michael 'War Horse' Morpurgo tells the short but dramatic tale of Laura Perryman, & her twin brother Billy, & their struggles with both the tetchy adult world & the harsh & often unforgiving environment of their native Isles of Scilly - more particularly, Bryher - in the Edwardian era, by way of her diary, read in the present day by her grandson, Michael. I like the way in which Morpurgo brings the generations together through the prism of 'lost' history,& this 100-page novel [...]

    22. Morpurgo has always been one of my favourite authors! He is the reason I started reading "big books" as a child and he is the one who helped me progress through the reading levels at school all those years ago.Morpurgo deals with themes and emotions that are difficult for children to understand in such a way that is helpful and, in some sense, comforting. This book is no different.It is a marvellous short tale, perfect for children who are just starting to read "big books" or for parents who are [...]

    23. Read this sweet story aloud to Aidan over the course of two afternoons. I adore Michael Morpurgo and think that he writes beautiful stories. I am not so sure that kids would agree with me about this one. This one had a beautiful "Old Man and the Sea" vibe to it. It was short and sweet and to the point but also lyrical and poetic. With a lack of action and the old-fashioned setting, it would take a special child to really appreciate it. Aidan (age 8) thought it was just"okay"and I think it was ma [...]

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