Das Spiel Von Katz Und Maus 2

Das Spiel Von Katz Und Maus Nach seiner Scheidung beginnt Kyouichi eine Beziehung mit dem schwulen Imagase und gew hnt sich immer mehr an ihn Doch liebt er ihn Oder ist es f r ihn inzwischen bequemer Alltag dass dieser ihn umso

  • Title: Das Spiel Von Katz Und Maus 2
  • Author: Setona Mizushiro Alexandra Klepper
  • ISBN: 9783551778086
  • Page: 168
  • Format: None
  • Nach seiner Scheidung beginnt Kyouichi eine Beziehung mit dem schwulen Imagase und gew hnt sich immer mehr an ihn Doch liebt er ihn Oder ist es f r ihn inzwischen bequemer Alltag, dass dieser ihn umsorgt Als Kyouichis Arbeitskollegin Tamaki ihm Avancen macht, ist es aus mit dem ruhigen Dasein

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    1. I've enjoyed this second volume more than the first one. The characters grow in depth and complexity and the story is interesting, tense and at times rather involving.Having said that, though, I'm still rather puzzled by the gender dynamics at work in the story - Imagase is almost constantly presented as a crazy stalker, hysterical and unstable and I've found Kyoichi's scathing assessment of gay relationships and love rather problematic.The artwork is really not my style and I kept on finding th [...]

    2. I am not exactly sure why I like this series so much. Maybe because it is not just PWP. There is a plot. It is refreshing that there are no Mary-Sue characters. The main characters - a black-mailer with obsessive-compulsive, control-freak issues and stalker tendencies and a weak-willed serial adulterer - are unlikely heroes who grew on me. The manga discusses issues like what is love, especially love between two men, and the selfish and obsessive nature of love. Unsurprisingly, there is a happy [...]

    3. Well what do we have here? Are these even the same characters in the first volume?Talk about drastic character changes, and in a GOOD way. I love how this second volume seems to focus more on the realistic endpoint of this relationship. A realistic take on a gay-for-you type plot with a happy-for-now ending that explores the possibility of breaking up in the future.

    4. "Sooner or later, you'll go back to a woman. So let me be the only man inside you. This is the only thing I can rely on to protect my heart." - Imagase"I'm like a moth that flew into your web of its own accord. I'm dreaming of the day you'll devour me But you just give me sweet nectar so I won't die. Then, one day, an adorable butterfly gets caught in your web. And right in front of my eyes, you devour her with relish. When I've seen this for myself, I can finally be free" - Imagase"Don't you th [...]

    5. Sojou No Koi Wa Nido Haneru, the sequel to Kyuuso Ha Cheese no Yume Omiru, paints an even darker picture, as these two men once again fall into disarray. But this time Kyouichi is a changed man. He’s no longer indecisive; he’s fed up with Imagase’s emotional battery, and the constant flitting in and out of his life. By the last chapter, I really believed there would be no HEA. I actually expected to be left feeling sick, but the author did an excellent job of erasing all my apprehension. T [...]

    6. Repeated from my review of the first novel: In this second book of this series, there's an author's note at the end that was translated luckily - the mangaka says that she wanted to explore what happens when a person has always just gone along with who loved them best and never invested heavily into emotional relationships because something better might come along - what would happen if they met a love that convinced them no one could love them more?These two manga explore this particular relati [...]

    7. Kyoïchi et Imagase vivent ensemble, malgré qu'ils ne soient pas en couple. Imagase est toujours amoureux et s'accroche tant bien que mal, tandis que du côté de Kyoïchi, il ne sait pas du tout où il en est. Alors que leur relation n'est pas encore tout à fait stable, Tamaki s’immisce entre les deux Kyoïchi et Imagase auront-ils droit à un Happy End? Ce dernier tome a fini de m'achever! Autant j'avais tooootalement adoré le premier, ce deuxième tome m'a emportée là où aucun manga y [...]

    8. Si Imagasé apparaissait jusque là complètement obsessif, il était celui qui tenait la relation à bout de bras alors que Kyoïchi avait toujours du mal à se situer.Et pourtant, face à la concurrence, il est le premier à lâcher prise, il abandonne et il laisse Kyoïchi se débrouiller seul avec ses sentiments.Il faudra que Kyoïchi fasse enfin ses propres choix, qu’il prenne par lui même une décision, lui qui avait plutôt tendance à se laisser porter par les évènements, pour que l [...]

    9. Dire esto, !!!!!!AME CON PUTA LOCURA ESTE MANGA!!!!!!!! para mi es uno de los mejores mangas yaoi gay for you y este segundo tomo no me decepciono, este manfa es ideal pa ra aquellos que estan casados de los mangas cuyos MC son uke= pequeño, delicado y seme= varonil, grande fuerte.

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