Zoom! Zoom! Zoom! I'm Off to the Moon

Zoom Zoom Zoom I m Off to the Moon Five Four Three Two One Blast Off I m on my way to the moon With suitcase in had a little boy races out his front door toward his red rocket ship After carefully suiting up it s time to head to the

  • Title: Zoom! Zoom! Zoom! I'm Off to the Moon
  • Author: Dan Yaccarino
  • ISBN: 9780439365413
  • Page: 282
  • Format: Paperback
  • Five Four Three Two One Blast Off I m on my way to the moon With suitcase in had, a little boy races out his front door toward his red rocket ship After carefully suiting up, it s time to head to the moon And once all of his adventures are over, it s time to head home again and go to bed.

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    1. The rhyming and art in this one makes for a good storytime read. Will tie in nicely with the song "Zoom, zoom, zoom, I'm going to the moon!"

    2. Rockets have a lot of cache in my house. Because they are a form of transportation, yes, but also because they are rather mysterious, as I am not sure what parts of space travel are really comprehensible to my 2 year old. But mystery or no, he really loves this book. I like it, too. The text is simple and charming, just short rhyming lines about the various stages of space flight. The pictures are big and colorful. My son’s favorite page is the countdown to the blast off — he really enjoys a [...]

    3. I love Dan Yaccarino -- his images are always really charming and bright. This book was a good one to use with the rhyme that it comes from ("Zoom, Zoom, Zoom -- we're going to the moon. Zoom, zoom, zoom, we'll be there very soon. In 5, 4, 3, 2 ,1BLAT OFF!"). We started with that and then read the story together, and even did some actions (putting on our space boots, etc.). He never disappoints!

    4. Rhyming story about a kid who pretends he visits the moon. Good for kindergarten - age appropriate space story with warm and curved line illustrations.Kids will likely ask about the pictures (why's the rocket falling apart? Are they sinking in water? etc) because while the text is simple, the illustrations show details of his adventure. But hey, now seems like a good time to start telling your kid about space.

    5. A young boy's imagination takes off as he suits up, buckles up, and flies into space to travel to the moon and back. Zoom! Zoom! Zoom! I'm Off to the Moon! is a brightly colored, sparsely worded picture book that takes us far into space on a man-made spaceship full of anticipation and trepidation.Used for Dream Big:READ!: Moon Storytime: July, 2012.

    6. This is a favorite with my kindergarten students. I shared it as we finished a transportation theme and moved into a study of space. The kids chose it over and over again during their personal reading time. They enjoyed the catchy rhyming text and the bright illustrations. They made pictures of themselves as astronauts which we tethered to a giant space ship creating a wall mural.

    7. Read at family story time on 4/25/11: storytimesecrets/Read at "On the Road" story time on 7/30/12: storytimesecrets/

    8. This is a rhyming book about a child who goes to the moon. It has cartoon-ish pictures and tells of a few things that would happen if you were to go to space. It is a large book with short pages, which make this a good book for toddler storytime (or a storytime about astronauts or outer space).

    9. I'm off to the moon - easy read for the younger set (use What is the full moon full of and Me and my place in space

    10. Yaccarino's illustrations are great as always. the story is cute, the rhymes are fun to read, there's a page where you have to turn the book, which is always fun. Bug always loves a good countdown.

    11. I loved the rhyming and how the words were shaped in the book. I think it added something to the story. Very cute story!

    12. Cute book about a boy going on a space adventure. The rhyming text makes it fun to read and kids just love the boy in his gigantic space suit. A must for any space story time.

    13. Favorite book for my moon & stars storytime! Was fun for everyone 1-5, and they loved counting down to "lift off!" Super fun!

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