Ghost in Her Heart

Ghost in Her Heart Every man has a little beast insideevery woman longs to tame him Where will you be when the beast roars for you The quintisential geek Vana had never had a lover The ultimte warrior Dagon had never

  • Title: Ghost in Her Heart
  • Author: Autumn Dawn
  • ISBN: 1586083562
  • Page: 302
  • Format: ebook
  • Every man has a little beast insideevery woman longs to tame him Where will you be when the beast roars for you The quintisential geek, Vana had never had a lover The ultimte warrior, Dagon had never had a wife Thanks to a rift in space, she s about to become both.

    One thought on “Ghost in Her Heart”

    1. I'm not entirely sure what to make of this book. Its apparently the 6th in a series, which I think I have an earlier one of, but the editing is really poor. I'll forgive grammar ('cause lord knows I'm not good with it), but spelling? And improper word usage (dinner! you eat at dinner and IN a DINER, not the other way around!). Old words inexplicably thrown in (wroth? that's a 1000 years out of date). This doesn't even touch on the somewhat baffling turn of character personalities at times. Vana [...]

    2. What to say about this one? First off it's really futuristic rather than sci fi. Earth women get abducted through a gate to an alien planet as brides for a culture whose women have been killed by a virus. There you go, end of any sci fi ness. I kind of felt like this story didn't have its feet on the ground. There was nothing real holding it up. As far as I could tell, this society had one building, a big castle. No industry other than practicing for war, peeling potatoes or being medical techni [...]

    3. Full review can also be found on:Paein and Ms4Tune’s Book BlogThisWhat is this?! How is this number 5? How does it relate? What's going on? Is this tons of years in the future or what? They've got Rain's tech but that's all that seems to be the same.There's mass kidnapping in this one and it's fully creepy now. It's not as though they were taking the women to keep them safe this time so it's not as almost ok as the others. Different advertising would have made it a little better. 'Escape it al [...]

    4. This book's writing was not terrible, it would probably warrant a 2 star on it's own. The story is pretty much, "modern day ladies dragged against their will into a regressive world where they are treasured as a rarity (fertile women) as well as subjected to patriarchal rules and norms. They are forced to marry hunky, dreamy warrior men."Ok, that sounds like a pretty common/believable fantasy for women to have, so I wasn't going to critique or judge the book for reinforcing stereotypical gender [...]

    5. As a science fiction romance, the story is interesting. I can't help but wish there was a little more science in the fiction, however. The ideas are there but not taken far enough, and I wish the author had taken that time to go more in depth with the world and technology she created. For a brief glimpse on a world raged with war and dangerous viruses, it works well enough. The writing keeps things moving along, but does not elaborate enough on the world - I cannot even tell you the name of the [...]

    6. 1.5*The two-line synopsis is pretty crappy, so here's a quick overview:(view spoiler)[Dagon, leader of some unnamed civilization, has a problem. Due to a virus unleashed by his enemies, women have stopped being able to have female children. So he and his advisers come up with a plan: steal family-less women from Earth, so they can become their wives and bear daughters.Vana is horrified. Not only did the hot guy who rescued her have the audacity to abduct her, but some doctor has made it so she c [...]

    7. I was happy that Autumn Dawn let me get to know these new characters more than in the past couple of books. Still a short story that could have had more, but I did find that I was investing in the main characters this time around. I was excited to finally be introduced to the Beasts, who have been mentioned and feared in the previous books but kept a mystery. I'm anticipating the next book in the series to possibly bring all of these groups (Beasts, Haunts, Symbionts) together. The only problem [...]

    8. This is the 4th book in this series that I have read. I'm glad that they don't have to be read in any order. I have enjoyed the characters and the story a lot. I thought this one seemed to be written better and flowed a lot better than the other books I have read. I have to say how disappointed I am with the way gay sex was approached in this book. I understand that this alien culture worships women and procreating to prolong their race and how this really was the main focus in this book. But a [...]

    9. Never having read a sci-fi romance before, I thought I'd try this as it was a free download. The story idea itself is very interesting and I quite liked the characters, but I didn't really engage with either. Possibly, that was because I'm not really a sci-fi reader and didn't quite "get" the different worlds idea. That said, I'd give another book in the series a try as I've seen this author receive some very positive reviews, and it's not fair to write someone off just because you don't like a [...]

    10. This could have actually been a decent book. The ideas that form the story are good and if written propperly would have really interested me. I didn't feel enough time was spent exploring those, it was as if the author knew how she wanted it to end and was trying to rush there. I also didn't appreciate all the spelling mistakes, regardless if it's self published or not checking for spelling errors shouldn't be something a writer neglects.

    11. Trying hard to figure out what to say I KNOW this is a poorly written book. The grammar, the vocabulary, all mangled almost beyond recognition. Not to mention the forced aspect of the whole thing has never been something I could handle easily.But.I may actually enjoy the "make the best of what you get" spirit, who knows. I'm still not sure.

    12. Again, not as good as I expected it to be, in the beginning, I didn't like the main girl character, Vana that much and there were a lot, of grammar mistakes, and I didn't like that the character, Kelsa was brought in, but through out the book it got better, and again the ending was rushed, but not as bad as "The Charmer" anyways, an ok book, not one of my favorites

    13. A love/Sci-Fi combo, well worth the read.Well done to the author for the great storyline. Well written and funny in places. There was no depth in the characters, as its only a short story, but I'm glad that I found it.

    14. 132 pages of weird. The grammar and punctuation errors alone are enough to make you shake your head, but the story itself is just OUT THERE. Hard to believe this ever made it out of the authors hands.

    15. Ghost in Her Heart follows the theme of all Autumn Dawn's books. Basically it's woman from Earth is kidnapped and taken to alien planet and falls in love with a beast. I'm quickly losing interest in this one.

    16. For some reason I mistakenly thought that this was going to be a sci-fi / fantasy tale. It was not, got nearly half way thru before I gave up.Romance is not for me.

    17. The title comes from one sentence in the book. It is a carefully placed idea that brings a new path to our challenging lady. Dagon is definitely a strong character!

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