Eclipse: The Official Illustrated Movie Companion

Eclipse The Official Illustrated Movie Companion Celebrating the big screen adaptation of Stephenie Meyer s Eclipse this illustrated book provides an exclusive behind the scenes guide to the cast locations and sets of the movie

  • Title: Eclipse: The Official Illustrated Movie Companion
  • Author: Mark Cotta Vaz
  • ISBN: 9781907410000
  • Page: 128
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Celebrating the big screen adaptation of Stephenie Meyer s Eclipse , this illustrated book provides an exclusive, behind the scenes guide to the cast, locations and sets of the movie.

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    1. What is love? How do you fall in love? These questions could be answered in the book Twilight, Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer. It is about a girl who has to make a choice, and if she makes the wrong choice, she could ruin her life. It is an excellent book that shows love, romance, drama, revenge, and a lot of action!In the book Twilight, Eclipse by Stephine Meyer, Bella is in love with Edward, but she is still thinking that she is in love with Jacob as well. All Bella wants is to be happy, but she a [...]

    2. قسمتهای میانی فیلم - سریالها همیشه سردتر و بی کیفیت تر از باقی قسمتها ساخته میشن ، این قسمت هم به همین صورت قربانی شد ، در صورتی که میتونست گرمتر باشه چون فاکتورهایی مثل کامل شدن مثلث عشقی بین "بلا ، جیکوب ، ادوارد" رو داره ، اما حیف که هدر رفته

    3. I'll have to confess that I didn't "read" this movie companion cover to cover I skimmed read the captions and thoroughly enjoyed the pictures. I LOVE these movie companions to Twilight!

    4. I loved the photos of the cast, location and sets. And also the many interviews, personal stories and behind the scenes.

    5. The lightest book in the series about the making of the Twilight movies. It did not really give many more details than were available on-line about the behind-the-scenes action.

    6. If you have ever read my blog you know that I love the Twilight series. Yes, my love for it is still intact and is probably always going to be. I love the characters, world and of course the most important part the romance, which is the main reason that I decided to read the Official Illustrated Movie Companion’s that came out with each film. Unfortunately, I read them out of order and this is the last one that I had to finish, which I did ta-da, having already read the Breaking Dawn companion [...]

    7. Po menším zklamání, které přinesl průvodce Novým měsícem se Mark Cotta Vaz dostal zpět do formy a předvedl brilantní kus práce. Z mého pohledu filmu nic nechybělo a moc se mi líbilo, že slovo dostali i ti lidé, které ve filmu není vidět a přitom odvádí velmi poctivý kus práce - maskéři a lidi od kostýmu, kaskadéři/trenéři a lidé zodpovídající za technickou stránku věci (nejen počítačové triky či animace).

    8. This book was definitely one of the best books I've ever read. I've read all of the first 3 twilight books and this one was definitely the best. I would always recommend this book to my friends and family, if someone asked me on a scale of one to ten how much do you like this book I would definitely say 10 out of 10.

    9. È sempre bello seguire la realizzazione di un film che ho amato, tratto da un libro amato anche più del film. Devo lamentarmi, però, con la Fazi, perché purtroppo la brossura non ha tenuto e le ultime pagine sono scollate dal dorso.

    10. Independientemente de lo que piense a cerca de la saga, este libro me gustó mucho. Yo no soy cinéfila, voy al cine cada muerte de un obispo por que estar sentada frente a una pantalla sin hacer nada, me aburre horrores. Voy al cine cuando hay una película que por algún motivo no puedo perderme, curiosidad o lo que sea; por eso he ido a ver las películas de esta saga, de hecho.Hace tiempo, veía un programa (no recuerdo el nombre, si alguien lo sabe, por favor, díganmelo!) donde mostraban e [...]

    11. This third Twilight Saga movie companion is even better than the second one. I think they get better the longer the movies and books go on. This is better written and again has better, more professional pictures. As with the second one, I think this movie was better and it seemed like it was two or three different stories in one. I prefer (usually) movies or stories like that. I think they are more interesting (again usually). Sometimes stories are confusing when they have too many storylines. T [...]

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