City of Dreams

City of Dreams Can I interest you in saving America That s the text message Peter Fallon receives from a Wall Street bigwig It s not a challenge he can turn down especially since the country is in the midst of the

  • Title: City of Dreams
  • Author: William Martin
  • ISBN: 9780765321978
  • Page: 250
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Can I interest you in saving America That s the text message Peter Fallon receives from a Wall Street bigwig It s not a challenge he can turn down, especially since the country is in the midst of the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression.Hidden somewhere in New York City is a box of 1780 bonds with a face value of ten thousand dollars The Supreme Court is a Can I interest you in saving America That s the text message Peter Fallon receives from a Wall Street bigwig It s not a challenge he can turn down, especially since the country is in the midst of the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression.Hidden somewhere in New York City is a box of 1780 bonds with a face value of ten thousand dollars The Supreme Court is about to decide if these bonds still have value If the decision is yes, those ten thousand dollars, at five percent interest, will be worth a very pretty pennyPeter Fallon and his girlfriend, Evangeline Carrington, must find the box and fast Suddenly, their race against time becomes a race through time as Peter and Evangeline track the stories of New Yorkers whose lives have been changed by the bonds and all the while they ll unravel the thrilling and inspiring origins of the City of Dreams.

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    1. Another delightful entry in the Peter Fallon historical novel/modern day thriller series. The setting of this one shifts from the usual Boston to New York City where Peter’s fiancé Evangeline is living. As always in this series, the story is split between a modern day (2010 in this case) thriller story and a series of historical episodes that we readers get to experience firsthand and which serve to provide clues to the modern day story. It’s a wonderful way to tell a story, especially for [...]

    2. Martin returns with another stellar novel in the Fallon-Carrington series. America is weighed down by the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression, with China finally refusing to bail them out. At the heart of America's financial heart, New York City, a box of 1780 Continental bonds is hidden, with a face value of $20 000. Calculating the compound interest and the promise by Alexander Hamilton that the US Government will honour them for perpetuity, a vast sum of money could await the ho [...]

    3. This review is based on a set of advance proofs which I won in a Giveaway.Boy HOWDY but this book was good! A walloping good time, a rollicking read!William Martin weaves four stories together, all from different eras, all related to a lost set of "New Emission Money" bonds issued in the late 18th century. In the 2010 story, Peter Fallon and Evangeline Carrington chase down clues to find the bonds before other folks with more nefarious plans do. The three stories set in the past trace the bonds [...]

    4. I enjoyed reading this book and give it 4 out of 5 stars. It is part history, going back to 1776 and the Revolutionary War, part historical fiction, and part modern day thriller. The book opens with people trying to find twenty thousand dollars worth of US Revolutionary war New Emission bonds. These bonds could be worth over a billion dollars with compound interest.One thread follows the persons who have possession of the bonds going back to 1780 up the present time. The second thread takes plac [...]

    5. William Martin is a wonderful writer, and I can't put his books down for very long. This one was read in five days or less! His main characters, Peter and Evangeline, soon to be married, found themselves embroiled in a dangerous situation in New York City, where Evangeline lives. It is about some bonds issued during the Revolutionary War to help fund the cause of freedom. Martin takes us from that time period up to 2008-09, talking about the growth of New York City, and the various families who [...]

    6. I Loved this book. Martin has taken a slice of American history many of us know a little about but haven't really thought too much about, the use of revolutionary war notes to provision George Washington's army. He's done this in a setting coming alive with the details and minutia of early America. His research and background material about the City of New York gives the book great credibility coupled with insight and a sense of discovery. His characters bring a pretty dull subject alive. I espe [...]

    7. This was a really good read for me. I settled in and was quite comfortable with it. It sucked me in and would not let me give it up until I was done. I love a book that is either so suspenseful or so compelling that dishes go unwashed and clothes unfolded and invitations unaddressed (the invitations was what I was supposed to be doing) until done and that was this book for me. I also love a book where I already have a relationship with the characters and I had many years back read the first thre [...]

    8. Good God, where do I begin? Let me begin here: I rarely give 1-star. And I certainly didn't think this book, which had very few poor reviews and an interesting premise, would merit it. But this book is so bad and has me so angry that rather than try to format this into the solid, coherent review that I am not capable of writing right now, I will list my reasons for dishing out but 1-star:1. I don't know if the author has spoken to a person from the working-class since he made it in this racket b [...]

    9. WIth City of Dreams, William Martin maintains the excellence shown in his previous work, "The Lost Constitution" and , if possible, exceeds it. The story is as relevant as tomorrow's newspaper, while taking the reader on a vital journey that begins on July 4, 1776. His exceptional skill at interweaving chapters from the past with chapters from the present is at displayed at its very best. The contemporary story reunites us with our old friends from his previous Peter Fallon books, but, as always [...]

    10. I continue to consider William Martin one of the best historical fiction authors. He moves so smoothly from the present time to history, and then back again. This City of Dreams is New York City, and obviously there are many familiar parts of the city as the setting for this story . The segments about the World Trade Center on 9/11 were just as hard to read now as similar ones were in 2001. This book is a Peter Fallon story; not all of Mr. Martin's books are about this character. As such, there [...]

    11. Excellent. I loved how Martin told the story of the Revolutionary Wars bonds, the curse placed on them, and all the people who get involved from the time of their issue to the present day economic crisis (which plays heavily into the plot, making this a very timely read). It is a thriller with a bit of a love story that uses much of America’s history to create an intriguing plot. Without giving too much away, City of Dreams centers upon the race to find the war bonds that could completely bank [...]

    12. After having spoken with the author on many occasions, I finally grabbed this and a few other of Martin's books. This was a fascinating trip back and forth through time following the journey of some post-Revolutionary war bonds. The power struggles with these bonds covered centuries and history. Quite an interesting read.

    13. A truly enjoyable - and educational - read! Liked the dialogue between Peter and Evangeline. Going to read the other books in this series.

    14. Another great one from William Martin. If you like historical fiction, add this to your list. Believable, suspenseful, and paced just right.

    15. I recently finished William Martin’s historical thriller, City of Dreams (originally published in 2010). This is the fourth book in Martin’s series about antiquarian bookdealer Peter Fallon and his (now) fiancée, Evangeline Carrington, a travel reporter. The first Fallon thriller was Back Bay (published in 1991, I finished it 1-19-2009). In it, Fallon is a history graduate student at Harvard who is in search of The Golden Eagle Tea Set, an exquisite 31-piece silver tea set presented to Geor [...]

    16. If you had told me that a work of fiction about finance and war bonds could be really exciting, I wouldn't have believed you. Now, I have to be honest and admit that I obtained this book via a first reads giveaway and the edition I received was an "uncorrected proof". Honestly though, I hope that the story and the flow of the book remain the same for the books release because this book was really really good.At the center of this story are New Emission bonds with a face value of 10,000 that were [...]

    17. It's a captivating, creative story with fascinating historical details drawn relevantly to current events and pressing modern issues. I have enjoyed many of Martin's books, and I will continue to seek out his other books.But I have to be frank: the writing is not good. The dialogue, in particular, can be downright painful, especially when read aloud.Knowing the story would be great and the writing mediocre, I got this on Audible so my husband and I could listen to it as we drove from FL to VT -- [...]

    18. City of Dreams follows the typical Peter Fallon script, but it is entertaining nevertheless. I really like his formula. This time it is set in New York City and walks through various stages in the history of that city--from its base of British activity in the early stages of the American Revolution to its being capital of the early republic and birthplace of its commerce under Hamilton's design, its growth as immigrants flooded the city, its role as epicenter in the stock crash of '87, and its b [...]

    19. “Can I interest you in saving America?”That’s the text message Peter Fallon receives from a Wall Street bigwig. It’s not a challenge he can turn down, especially since the country is in the midst of the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression.Hidden somewhere in New York City is a box of 1780 bonds with a face value of ten thousand dollars. The Supreme Court is about to decide if these bonds still have value. If the decision is yes, those ten thousand dollars, at five percent i [...]

    20. Wow! I throughly loved this wild goose chase of a story through New York city that literally, takes you all the way back to the birth and brings you back up to current times. I've never been to New York, but this book put me right there during each time period. This was a joy to read. The pacing was great. The story was fun and Kept me guessing most of the way through. The writing, to me, was excellent. I enjoyed all the complicated and even, the not so complicated characters throughout this boo [...]

    21. William Martin's "City of Dreams" is a brilliant bit of storytelling. If you enjoy historical fiction--but with the history impacting the present--Martin's books are some of the best around. This one is bound up with the history of New York City, from the American Revolution to 9/11. In the present, rare book dealer Peter Fallon and his fiance, travel writer Evangeline Carrington, are appealing as always, interesting people with whom I enjoyed spending time. It's history, it's a thriller, it is [...]

    22. For those who enjoy historical fiction as well as the enticing action of a political thriller, City of Dreams is an excellent book, capturing the early history of New York City, going back and forth with the exciting efforts of Peter Fallon, the main character. William Martin continues to amaze me in his ability to write compelling historical fiction of this variety -- not shying away from length, while capturing the time and place as well as the mind and thinking of his characters. It's why he [...]

    23. always a fun readWilliam Martin's stories are always a fun read. Hopping back and forth through some of the more memorable points in our history, it's always entertaining to see how a bunch of disparate stories get tied together

    24. Is New York the City of Dreams, Schemes or Nightmares? No-Pete and the E-Ticket are about to find out in a quest to locate bonds from America's powdered wig days. This fast-paced adventure story follows Peter Fallon and his fiance up and down Manhattan as they are menaced and / or aided by a fun assortment of gangsters, rich muckety-mucks and idealists. The plot twists plus everyone's shadowy motivations kept me interested but the story really shone when describing the 2008 financial crisis and [...]

    25. I continue to be enamored of the Peter Fallon series, although this one is not my favorite of the bunch. The story centers on New Emission Bonds, issued by the young United States to finance their war for independence. As usual, the history was woven into the current-day mystery in a manner I found both appealing and seamless. However, I found the current-day mystery to have a few too many threads and had a bit of trouble keeping track. I also admit that my imagination is stretched a bit too far [...]

    26. Another novel with his characters of Peter and Evangeline. Instead of taking place in the Boston area, this takes us to New York where once again Peter is searching for an item. I think this is the best one I have read in the series. I have always enjoyed how the author writes about Peter's search and also writes about the item's journey to where the object will be discovered. It is like reading two books in one. It is always interesting to see notable figures from our history and different time [...]

    27. No spoilers! Was very pleased that the action and plot moved from Boston to a different locale (nothing against Boston but the readers really needed a change of scenery). Loved the ending - the author has gotten much better at tying up loose ends and bringing all threads (from the past to the future) to a satisfying conclusion. Very timely topics (national debt and our financial future) and asks some very basic questions about what it means to be a patriot without being preachy. The protagonists [...]

    28. I absolutley love William Martin. This is an awesome historical fiction book. It kept me on the edge of my seat. I am not even sure that you would need to like historical fiction to read his books because he makes it so interesting. If you haven't read his books his chapters alternate between present day, and in this case, the revolution in the late 1700's. Somehow he makes everything come together at the end. Excellent!

    29. Intrigue keeps the reader on edge. This mystery takes place in the 1750's, 1800's up to the present time. Peter Fallon and his fiancee are looking for old bonds and run into some very scary people. People being killed by the Russian mob. It traces an Irish family history during three centuries. You willGet a tour of New York City that is factual and very accurate. High Finance and history make this a very good read.

    30. Found this Martin book a little hard to get in to, but I am glad I stuck with it. I enjoy the characters- Peter Fallon and his fiancé Evangeline. I have an interest in the topics that William Martin has in his historical fiction novels. I like how he writes a chapter in present times and a chapter in the historical time.

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