Eleanor Roosevelt: A Life of Discovery

Eleanor Roosevelt A Life of Discovery The intriguing story of Eleanor Roosevelt traces the life of the former First Lady from her early childhood through the tumultuous years in the White House to her active role in the founding of the Un

  • Title: Eleanor Roosevelt: A Life of Discovery
  • Author: Russell Freedman
  • ISBN: 9780395845202
  • Page: 363
  • Format: Paperback
  • The intriguing story of Eleanor Roosevelt traces the life of the former First Lady from her early childhood through the tumultuous years in the White House to her active role in the founding of the United Nations after World War II A Newberry Honor Book.

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    1. I loved this book.Since Eleanor's life was quite complex and complicated, I would think it a challenge to present her life to young readers, yet Freedman narrates with both a look at the failures and successes of arguably the first "working" first lady. Personally I am drawn to this book since the heroine is an example of a tireless reformer and social worker. I especially love that she was instrumental in writing the International Bill of Human Rights. Reading this book made me appreciative of [...]

    2. Overall, this book is very readable, though it suffers from a lack of direction. There are simply too many personalities, stories and events that occur for a casual reader to keep up with without making notes. People such as Eleanor's many friends will accompany her for life and weave in and out of the story without warning. The author cannot be blamed for the fullness of his subject's life, but I wish he could have found a way to present it better. The only consistency in Eleanor's life is that [...]

    3. Do you consider heroes being people that save millions of lives and have super powers? Or, do you consider heroes people that brake world records or do supernatural things? One of my heroes was a first lady for 16 years, she was not amazingly beautiful but she was very brave and kindhearted her name was Eleanor Roosevelt. Her biography caught my attention as soon as I set eyes on it and just by reading it I learned what a hero really is. Russell Freedman showed Eleanor as a hero through three or [...]

    4. i didn't know much about eleanor roosevelt before this reading. i was impressed with the fact that although she was born into great wealth, she had a dark childhood. her father, whom she idolized, was an alcoholic (my gosh, have i read a memoir or biography this year that didn't have an alcoholic father in it?)and she always felt her plain, if not ugly looks made her a disappointment to her mother, a socialite beauty. she was a shy, frightened child, and i delighted in reading how she eventually [...]

    5. 1994 Newbery Honor BookThis was a very interesting biography about the famous first wife of FDR. She has a very interesting backstory. She was a rich girl but she was raised by relatives a lot because of her mother's early death and her father's alcoholism and subsequent death. She found her voice at a fancy finishing school in Europe before returning to America and eventually marrying her 5th cousin FDR. She was more closely related to Teddy Roosevelt than FDR was (Teddy was her uncle).She ente [...]

    6. Inspiring book, inspiring woman. I have learned so much from reading about her life. She had so many hard things happen in her life and yet she was so selfless and thought only of others. Great book, lots of pictures. I wish they would make a great movie about her life!

    7. I picked this up after reading a kid's book report last week and reading about Eleanor Roosevelt flying in a plane flown by Amelia Earhart, both of them wearing evening gowns. The biography is readable and packed with details that make Mrs. Roosevelt come alive. I had known very little about her life, other than that she was a president's wife, and now I'm ready for the next book--there's a list of sources and other recommended biographies at the end.

    8. I found this book on Eleanor Roosevelt to give a very simplified, but seeming complete story of her life. Even though the Newberry Honor books are supposed to be written for young people those that are older would find this could be all the information you would want to know about the very interesting life of Mrs. Roosevelt.

    9. A perfect beginning autobiography for students. Younger grades can benefit from a read out loud, while older grades will have no trouble reading on their own. The author does a great job of making the life of Eleanor Roosevelt simple enough for students to understand and appreciate.

    10. An excellent book, documenting a truly wonderful life. I knew some of the achievements of Eleanor Roosevelt - but clearly nowhere close to all of the things that she did. Very glad I read this.

    11. 4 star rating as it was a great introduction about an incredible woman. I came to really admire Eleanor Roosevelt - her energy, her life, and what she stood for.

    12. Before I began this book, I knew very little about Eleanor Roosevelt. I knew a lot of people picked quotes of her's for their yearbook blurbs, and she was the wife of a president, and that's about as far as it went. I'm embarrassed that I didn't learn about her before! I am constantly regretting that I didn't pay more attention and actually do more of the reading for my social studies classes growing up. Now I'm prepared to answer a Jeopardy category about Eleanor's life and humanitarian passion [...]

    13. SUMMARYThis is the story of Eleanor Roosevelt. She would have described herself as a plain, ordinary woman, but she was many things even if she was ordinary. She was a humanitarian above all else, and she was a political activist, and advocate of human rights. The story illustrates her childhood and family life with her grandmother after being orphaned, her marriage to Franklin D. Roosevelt, her 16 years as First Lady, and her Good Works as a woman role model who wore many hats in the public eye [...]

    14. This book is all about Eleanor Roosevelt's life. It goes through her life as a child to being the First lady when her husband became president. Eleanor made a lot of changes for the first lady, which is why they have more privledges today.I'm not sure how interested young readers will be in Eleanor Roosevelt's life, but it is still a good topic that they should be introduced to. The book is large and has a lot of pages to read for children, so they may not become as interested once they see the [...]

    15. Eleanor Roosevelt stands out among contemporary First Ladies. She had a troubled childhood, losing her mother to Diphtheria when she was only 8 and then her alcoholic father died less than two years later. She and her siblings were left to her maternal grandmother who could barely manage her own dysfunctional adult children. Despite Eleanor's profound heartache and the constant reminders of her own lack of beauty, Eleanor thrived in a private finishing school in London and eventually returned to [...]

    16. This was an audio book I picked up at school from a retiring teacher. I've always admired Eleanor but didn't know a lot about her. It was an interesting young adult story to listen to as I went to work. Her life was not an easy life but one it seemed she lived with grace even when she wished she didn't have to.

    17. From a painfully shy childhood to one of the most admired and busiest women in the world, Eleanor Roosevelt: A Life of Discovery follows this fascinating woman through her many phases of life.Written for an older audience, this Newbery honored work covers Mrs. Roosevelt in a traditional biography format. Freedman includes a fair number of photos which really help the reader see the major changes in fashion and even technology that Eleanor Roosevelt lived through. It is amazing to see young Elean [...]

    18. Eleanor Roosevelt: A Life of Discovery by Russell Freedman1. Genre: Biography2. Eleanor Roosevelt: A Life of Discovery is a comprehensive, thorough biography about the former first lady, Eleanor Roosevelt. This book gives details about Eleanor’s difficult childhood all the way through to her ascension to the White House.3. a. Area for Comment: Accuracy and Completeness b. The information presented in this book is not only accurate and factual, but it is presented in a way that draws the reader [...]

    19. Summary: Elanor Roosevelt was a very plain looking woman with an extraordinary personality. She spent her life helping other as much as possible and fighting for her own independence. She was very much opposed to her husband being president however she made the best out of a situation that was not so ideal to her. Critique: Eleanor Roosevelt is a very interesting person and I believe that your readers would be interested in learning how she grew up and eventually became the first lady. The autho [...]

    20. This biography by Russel Freedman is very well thought out and categorized to a T. He managed to categorize every bit of Eleanor Roosevelt's life in only 185 pages. Categories like "The Education of Eleanor Roosevelt" and "The War Years". The black and white photos were helpful because they sort of gave a since of the time, and a history lesson if you will. Not only do you learn about Eleanor, but you learn about Franklin Roosevelt too, small details that might not have been in the regular histo [...]

    21. This was mentioned in the children's literature textbook I'm using as an example of a good junior high to high school level biography. I actually found it in the regular, adult section of my library rather than the young adult section, and I really don't see that this would be condescending to an adult audience at all. It's a very good, highly well researched, and engaging biography of Eleanor Roosevelt, who I admit to not having know a great deal about prior to reading this. What a very interes [...]

    22. Another great biography by Russell Freedman, the Ken Burns of the literary world. "Franklin's encounter with polio changed him. For the first time in his life, he had suffered the agonies of pain and terror in a way that he had never imagined possible. He had discovered what it was like to be weak and helpless, to be totally dependent on others. "Franklin's illness proved a blessing in disguise," wrote Eleanor, "for it gave him strength and courage he had not had before. He had to think out the [...]

    23. Citation: Eleanor Roosevelt: A Life of Discovery, by Russell Freedman. (Sandpiper, 1997). 208 p. Biography Genre: Junior Book – BiographySummary: This book is about the late president Roosevelt’s wife, Eleanor. The book chronicles her early years through her years as first lady in the White House. A. I thought the book was very interesting. As a history major I always knew a lot about her husband, however, I never really knew much about Eleanor Roosevelt.B. Freedman does an excellent job tel [...]

    24. This book is all about Eleanor Roosevelt's life. It goes through her life as a child to being the First lady when her husband became president. Eleanor made a lot of changes for the first lady, which is why they have more privledges today.I didnt know much prior to me reading this book but after reading it I have so much respect for this woman. She is such a romodel for young woman and has helped mold the first lady life style for future first ladies.I dont really think children will enjoy this [...]

    25. Summary:This is a biography about a woman named Elanor Roosevelt, and she was an important figure when it comes to women's rights. She dedicated her whole life to trying to get equal treatment between men and women.Critique:In this book the author does an exceptional job as passing Elanor as an ordinary woman and not the wide to the president of the United States. The information in this story were told very well and were very accurate. This book does a great job of keeping the reader interested [...]

    26. An unflinchingly honest history of a life well lived, Eleanor Roosevelt: A Life of Discovery had me flinching at the young and timid ER and applauding the woman she grew into later in her life. While this biography is intended for the middle grade set, I was both surprised as well as impressed at the truth of the cracked relationship Eleanor had with her husband after discovering his years-long adulterous affair with his social secretary as well as the frankness about her thirty year relationshi [...]

    27. Awards: Newbery Honor (1994), Jane Addams Children's Book Award Nominee for Older Children (1994)Type: InformationalSummary: This book goes along with what she has done in her life from her parents dying when she was a little girl to becoming a mother and from hearing what the voices of the people. She went to become a person with words and actions. Helping many people across the world and doing what not all first ladies tend to do.I would not read this to class because of how long it is and how [...]

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