28 Days Later, Vol. 1: London Calling

Days Later Vol London Calling The film that changed horror forever continues here Selena and her new comrades struggle against the infected the American presence in the UK and themselves Selena is a survivor but even she must giv

  • Title: 28 Days Later, Vol. 1: London Calling
  • Author: Michael Alan Nelson Declan Shalvey
  • ISBN: 9781608865055
  • Page: 449
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The film that changed horror forever continues here Selena and her new comrades struggle against the infected, the American presence in the UK and themselves Selena is a survivor but even she must give pause when the mission has her breaking into the land she fought so hard to get out of.

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    1. 28 Days Later and 28 Weeks Later are two of my all-time favorite movies. And this graphic novel is a great side story to compliment the films. I love how it began with flashbacks of the movie - to see certain memorable frames depicted on paper in fantastic illustrations was awesome. I like how this series will follow Selena and her storyline post-28 Days Later, and look forward to what Nelson has in store for the next volume. One aspect which I thought was great was the use of flashbacks to show [...]

    2. I loved both movies and when they announced this as an ongoing project, I was ecstatic! Not knowing how they would handle it was the hardest part. Thankfully, they got it right.Continuing after the movies, we get a band of people trying to get back into London. Personally, I get that there would be people who would go to great lengths to see the devastation, but PAYING to get back into Hell? Not my idea of fun!This was a great read and the art was good. Overall, if you like post-apocalyptic movi [...]

    3. First off I have to say I loved the filmsis is supposed to take place between the 2 films. So it kind of explains things, but then opens up a whole other well what happened after this, because it ends on a cliffhanger(do not know if there are more volumes) Sorry but this was an average read.

    4. Good extension of the movies. This book is paced like a movie, written to sound like a movie, and while I couldn't exactly keep all the characters straight, at least they bothered to try to put some meat on the bones of these characters. So far so good, and I'll read the next one.

    5. I’ve been a fan of these movies ever since discovering them way back when I was in high school because I’ve always been a zombie lover (even if these aren’t typical zombies in the sense). It was different then, though. I first watched these movies when I was 16, which was 8 years ago already! (good god…) The Walking Dead hadn’t blown out of the water yet, so zombie-themed movies and books were scarce (not altogether, but far more than they are now) and harder to come by. But, I’ve al [...]

    6. I loved 28 Days Later (movie), the quintessential new age zombie movie. Lots of action and even better characters. I loved the play between the Selena, she edgy and toughened by hard experience and Jim still somewhat naive and willing to view the screwed up world he woke up to as one with a glass half full. When I found out there was a comic over a year ago, I read the first installment, was not all that impressed, and decided to wait until it had reached completion. I read all 24 installments ( [...]

    7. Story Synopsis: (view spoiler)[Selena is a survivor of England's zombie outbreak – one that ravaged much of the globe. She remains haunted by all she has seen, the loved ones she’s lost, as well as what she has had to do to survive. After a visit from the esteemed and dedicated war correspondent Clint Harris, Selena agrees to accompany him and his team (consisting of Trina, Derrick, Hirsch, and Acorn) deep into infected territory in an attempt to expose the information the government has kep [...]

    8. let's see take an awesome british post-apocalyptic premise containing both zombies and smart story-telling. subtract almost all the characters and their complex relationships that made it awesome. add loudmouthed, clueless americans. have the only character left from the original story - who happens to be a kickass black british woman - patronised, condescended to, and antagonised by said stupid cardboard white male americans. add a lot of shitty dialogue and a plot so weak that it falls apart i [...]

    9. Well done tie-in piece that shows readers what has happened to the UK in the wake of the infection. As with many horror tales, a group of we-can-handle-this Americans decide to go to London to get footage of the outbreak, asking survivor Selena (same character as the film) to act as their tour guide. Let's just say that doesn't go as planned. This is a quick read, and definitely left me wanting more. Hope to see a full compilation of the entire graphic series soon!

    10. I really enjoyed this. It picks up with Selena and her life after the movie! This was one of the movies I always wanted a sequel to with the same characters, so this gave me that. It felt like an extension of the movie, and i appreciated that. I was left with a lot of questions, so I'll be continuing to find out about the other two characters from the movie.

    11. This series is contagious!I'm very impressed at how quickly the plot, characters and action sequences pulled me in to the comics!

    12. Reprints 28 Days Later #1-4 (July 2009-October 2009). England, Scotland, and Wales have been quarantined due to the Rage Virus, but reporter Clint Harris plans to lead a team from the islands of Scotland to London to report on the situation. Clint has convinced Selena to return to England as the party’s guide…despite her misgivings. When the plan goes sideways, Selena, Clint, and Derrick find themselves in a fight for survivald the Infected want them dead.Written by Michael Alan Nelson, 28 D [...]

    13. Dios Convencional parecería que no aplica tanto; cliché, por otro lado ajusta perfecto. ¿A caso no es de sentido común hacer que me importen los personajes antes de ponerlos en una situación de peligro? Porque, que yo sepa, el hacerlos lo más trillado posible no hará que me preocupe por ellos. La superviviente experta que es ruda porque tiene una historia trágica. El líder amable, posible interés romántico o posible sujeto con un lado oscuro, el cretino que no te agrada pero que es ú [...]

    14. This is the first in a series of 6 collections of comics that attempt to bridge the gap between the '28 Days Later' and '28 Weeks Later' films. I haven't read the other issues (yet) so I don't know if there are further books planned.The story follows Selena from the original film, after she is approached in a refugee camp in Norway by a team of journalists. They want to go to the UK and explore infected territory, beyond the area protected by the US/NATO military (as shown in '28 Days Later') an [...]

    15. Brief, spoiler free summary. American journalist, Clint, tracks Selena down at a refugee camp in Norway. He wants to enlist her help in getting into London, which has been quarantined, so he can tell the real story of what happened there. How could that go wrong? End sarcasm.I’ve already read the first five issues in this series. My goal was to read five by next Monday, but I’ve already beat that into submission in one night. The story started a little slow for me, but the pace quickly picke [...]

    16. This series is set between the movies 28 Days, and 28 Weeks Later with Selena from the first movie as the central character. In a British refugee camp in Norway Selena is approached by reporter Clint Harris. Clint is looking to sneak past quarantine into England to find out more about the rage virus and it's origins (within the 28DL universe the public have been kept largely in the dark about many aspects of the virus) and he wants Selena to lead him and his team. With plenty of action and decen [...]

    17. I won't go so far as to say this is a better zombie comic book (yes, I know they're "infected" in 28 Days Later, but zombie/infected are practically the same thing) than The Walking Dead, but this is a great complement to that title. While The Walking Dead is all about inter-personal relationships, and the drama that brings, 28 Days Later is all about awesome action dense escapes from the infected. I always find horror comics have a hard time building the same sort of shock that movie can delive [...]

    18. This was a solid entry into the 28 Days Later world. It was packed with action and character moments. I generally enjoyed what was happening with the characters and the pace that we saw their situation evolve.The story picks right up with Selena and she's being wrangled to go back onto that awful island. Of course the plans of what should be relatively save are absolutely wrecked.It was really enjoyable to see and Selena is a great character to pick up with. It expanded on more of her story and [...]

    19. This series serves as a continuation of the fantastic film, 28 Days Later, following Selena after she has escaped from Britain. She is, of course, lured back into the fray Ripley from Aliens style and that's where this interesting beginning to a 6 volume arc begins. As an introductory volume this therefore works well enough, without being anything ground-breaking. But I'm certainly engaged enough to see where Michael Nelson and his team of artists wish to take us.Probably closer to 3.5 stars for [...]

    20. It's easy to forget that there were actually two unstoppable foes in 28 Days Later: (1) the infected, and (2) the brutal date-raping shock-doctrine military apparatus ramped up to save the planet. This sequel (and prequel to 28 Weeks Later) focuses on Selena and her somewhat regrettable decision to accompany a manly action-hero journalist overland to London, center of infection. Action packed, bloody fun, and yes basically a rehash of the movie's themes, although the foe number 2 above is much d [...]

    21. Good artwork. Excellent storyline. The full title is 28 Days Later: London Calling - this picks up where the first movie ended, with some reporters/camera crew trying to get back to London, which is in the quarantine zone. They find Selena, a survivor of the original infection, and convince her to be their guide. Mayhem ensues. Presumably there will be many more issues, as this left off at a major dangling point!

    22. After reading the last volume first I wasn't too interested in picking this series up but I'm glad I did. I like that the story follows Selena and her adventures traveling back to London which is still swarming with infected while the rest of the world is seemingly doing fine. The best part so far with this series is that the reader gets to learn more about Selena, a character that I have always admired for her strength and resilience. I highly reccomend this series for any fan of the movie.

    23. Exactly what you'd expect form the adaptation of this movie series. If you love the tropes of zombie lore, you'll this. Some of the dialogue is predictable, which is not uncommon in graphic novels these days. Not afraid to push buttons, very few punches pulled. I look forward to the next installment.

    24. Me alegré al saber que éste cómic continuaba con los sucesos de la primera película, pero conforme avanzaron las paginas me dí cuenta que por algo no siguieron este camino en la segunda película. No me agradó mucho, además no aparecen Jim y la niña :/ Tal vez lea el siguiente volumen, pero no en estos meses o quien sabe.

    25. I really enjoyed this first volume. Follow Selena and an American reporting team as she agrees to navigate them through the contamination zone. What could possibly go wrong. See who Selene has become since the events of 28 Days later and discover more about her through flashbacks.

    26. Not 'technically' zombies, but pretty close. Similar in tone and situation to The Walking Dead.ough I hope things don't get as horrific as TWD some volumes of that were just painful to read.

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