The Modern Antiquarian

The Modern Antiquarian Deeply impressive ancient history the new rock n roll The Times

  • Title: The Modern Antiquarian
  • Author: Julian Cope
  • ISBN: 9780722535998
  • Page: 409
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Deeply impressive ancient history the new rock n roll The Times

    One thought on “The Modern Antiquarian”

    1. ex pop star (now psych rawwk traveller) wants to write a lengthy tome on stone-age structures in britain (and europe in the follow up). publisher says your fans won't read it because it's $50 and it's about stone-henge and people who study that stuff won't read it because it's written by a hippy pop star. write book anyhow, get it published with huge glossy pics (including a few of your gothy wife with her tits out) as well as highly interpretive prose. watch in amusement as the fans buy it and [...]

    2. This is a fantastic introduction into Britain's Megalithic history. I enjoyed the stories, maps, and high quality photos accompanying each entry. This book makes for quite the travel guide for those interested, although it is probably too large and heavy for backpacking. It gives advice and directions on how to reach the sites. It is one of the most interesting reference books I have ever seen and I like to flip through the pages to discover new sites.

    3. An encyclopedia full of maps and fabulous photographs with descriptions of Megalithic Stones all over the UK. One of those books you need a copy of in your car if you go exploring !

    4. Colorful, quirky exploration of Great Britain's megalithic heritage from the Archdrude himself--heathen punk-poet Julian Cope.

    5. Totally fresh perspective on who we are. Quirky and homespun, dedicated and thorough. What fun. Floored genius.

    6. I love that it's actually a continuation of his memoir. And how he can't stop his life bleeding in. But what's going on with the black cover?

    7. Interesting and unusual book let down by appalling binding. It's a big hardback and pages started falling out within about 2 weeks.

    8. I skim-read this - loved the photographs and found the ideas ingenious. But I didn't pay deep attention. Will hopefully look again!

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