The Chakras (Quest Book)

The Chakras Quest Book A clairvoyant examines the spiritual force centers in our body With color plates

  • Title: The Chakras (Quest Book)
  • Author: Charles W. Leadbeater
  • ISBN: 9780835604222
  • Page: 449
  • Format: Paperback
  • A clairvoyant examines the spiritual force centers in our body With 10 color plates.

    One thought on “The Chakras (Quest Book)”

    1. I found this read as interesting as his other books I have read. The writing style is typical of the era. He has a unique view on the chakra system, not only energetically but also how "sees" them interrelate with the physical. Depending the readers level of awareness, his style of writing may invoke all manners of feelings and emotions. Some may find his style dry or condescending. At the end of the day, take out what resonates and leave the rest on the page. For me this is a great reference bo [...]

    2. I've seen this book in many bookstores and libraries, but never got around to reading it. You'll only find this book to be interesting if you're already immersed in the works of the Theosophy writers like Madame Blatavsky, Annie Besant, and Leadbeater himself. There's a lot of jargon and arcane terminology in this book, such as "the Three Outpourings," "the Third Aspect of the Logos," etc and very little usable advice as to how the chakra system could have a practical impact on one's life.

    3. a rather esoteric treatise on human spiritual energy centers. It somewhat contradicts (or shows up?) all the other writings I've read on the subject. Does it matter?I'm not sure this is a worthwhile read. The author's own ideas and observations--of chakra colors, functions, and relationships--are interesting at least. He writes with apparent authority, in his 1927 prose. The contradictions to other more recent teachings make me wonder Perhaps these contradictions are irrelevant in a New-Agey kin [...]

    4. Leadbeater, who also wrote Thought-forms, is a man who can see the nonphysical world. He wrote about thought-forms and illustrated them and in this book he describes the chakras: the seven energy centres of the kundalini energy system in your body. They are not a rainbow, like other books suggest. Their colours are far more complex than that. If you want to know what they really look like, read this book.

    5. I have read better explanations about this subject matter. He puts you off somewhat by making you feel unworthy of trying or possibly making it further along the Kundalini process. I had difficulty understanding the energy portion and the physics explained to substantiate his assertions.

    6. gambaran tentang cakra yang di uraikan cw .leadbeaterdi buku inimenjadi rujukan berharaga bagi para spiritualis modern.

    7. Interesting even though a bit outdated shows how far we've come in our knowledge of Chakras since almost 100 years ago. Also shows how spiritual knowledge constantly evolves.

    8. Good clairvoyant analysis, somewhat bad interpretation (always seems to be the case). When will the Buddhist Tibetans and Hindu Indians get agreement on chakras?

    9. This is a very old book, originally published in what? The 30s? I read it mid 60s as I was dancing down the path of spirit. It is a classic.

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