The Mermaid's Mirror

The Mermaid s Mirror Lena has lived her whole life near the beach walking for miles up and down the shore and breathing the salty air swimming in the cold water and watching the surfers rule the waves the problem is sh

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  • Title: The Mermaid's Mirror
  • Author: L.K. Madigan
  • ISBN: 9780547194912
  • Page: 391
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Lena has lived her whole life near the beach walking for miles up and down the shore and breathing the salty air, swimming in the cold water, and watching the surfers rule the waves the problem is, she s spent her whole life just watching.As her sixteenth birthday approaches, Lena vows she will no longer watch from the sand she will learn to surf.But her father a foLena has lived her whole life near the beach walking for miles up and down the shore and breathing the salty air, swimming in the cold water, and watching the surfers rule the waves the problem is, she s spent her whole life just watching.As her sixteenth birthday approaches, Lena vows she will no longer watch from the sand she will learn to surf.But her father a former surfer himself refuses to allow her to take lessons After his near drowning years ago, he can t bear to let Lena take up the risky sport.Yet something keeps drawing Lena to the water an ancient, powerful magic And one morning Lena catches sight of this magic a beautiful woman with a silvery tail.Now nothing can stop Lena from seeking the mermaid, not even the dangerous waves at Magic Crescent Cove.And soon what she sees in the mermaid s mirror will change her life forever.

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    1. For the most part I hated this book. I have no patience for books where the lead protagonist is an immature, whiny brat (and I'm using the good B word here). Lena is supposed to be 16 but for the entire length of the book she behaves like an eleven year old. I have a headache from rolling my eyes so much.With the exception of her little brother, Cole, she is very selfish to everyone. She has two best friends, Pem and Kai, and she basically doesn't even want to be around them. Pem tries to tell h [...]

    2. 2.5starsThe Mermaid's Mirror was an okay mermaid book, probably one of the better ones I've read at this point. The first half did a great job with the mystery build-up and I was intrigued by Lena and how she was drawn to the sea, consciously and unconsciously. I also loved her parents and her little brother, Cole (so adorable) and her friend Pem. Her boyfriend, Kai, was a sweetie in that lame-but-cute kinda way. The pace was kinda slow but it had that alluring quality so I didn't mind. But then [...]

    3. I loved this book. It is a perfect beach or summer read. It is spellbinding---I was drawn in from the very beginning and could not stop until I finished the story in one sitting. I love it when that happens!The Mermaid's Mirror is about a 15 year-old girl, Lena, who defies her parents and learns to surf. She is drawn to the ocean and sneaks around behind her parents' backs to surf in the most dangerous waters. Lena's mother died when she was four years old, although Lena does not know the circum [...]

    4. I loved, loved, loved this book. It was extremely well written and paced, keeping me just on the edge of my seat.I think Lena was very in character to how a sixteen year old would be. She wasn't perfect or flawless or just all good. She was a lovely and well rounded character. I loved her relationships with people too especially and how complicated and multi-level everything was.I was tearing near the end of the book but kind of in a good way. I really liked the ending too but I do hope it is no [...]

    5. *This review contains spoilers*Frankly, I was underwhelmed. I don't mean to be overly critical because I think that Madigan is a first time author and I give kudos to her for publishing because it takes a lot of hard work to do so. However, I had major issues with this book. As a writer I think Madigan is fine, in fact I see a lot of potential as she's really good at descriptive writing. But. I really really think she needs to work on her character development. Pretty much all the characters in [...]

    6. It has taken me a bit to form an opinion on this book. I love a good happy ending so this book's ending, while happy in some aspects, left me disappointed and feeling cheated. I found the story itself interesting but the parts that interested me the most were located in the last 1/3 of the book. The first 2/3 gave you a lot of background info, some character building, and some wandering-filler type info but when the mermaid part came into play and her "true" love interest. was toward the end of [...]

    7. *Scrolls through list of recommendations—sees this book.*HOW COULD I HAVE NOT RATED THIS BOOK BEFORE, OR EVEN HAVE ADDED IT INTO MY READ LIST?! THIS BOOK WAS AMAZING. I actually read it a few years back and never expected to like it as much as I did. Now when I think of it,Deep Blueby Jennifer Donnelley wasn't the only mermaid book I actually loved. THIS WAS ALSO PART OF IT.

    8. For Full Review go to seeingdoubleinneverlandsp4 out of 5 starsI loved this story. It was heart breaking and sad. It left you wanting more.

    9. THE BLURB: Lena, almost 16 and living in a northern California surfing community, has been forbidden by her father, a former surfer who suffered a terrible accident in the water years ago, from learning her peers’ favorite sport. She is an excellent swimmer, though, and while spending time at the local beach, she begins to think she might be seeing a mermaid out in the waves. Being a practical girl, this of course strikes her as unlikely, but a host of subtle clues that include the discovery o [...]

    10. I really enjoyed the author's writing in this novel. The book can be divided into two parts: life with her father on the land and life with her mother in the sea. Lena has spent her life with her father, step-mother and younger brother living in a beautiful home near the ocean. While most of her friends love surfing, she has been reluctant to try because her father had some sort of accident. As it turns out the "accident" was not a surfing accident at all but a run-in with Lena's mother's family [...]

    11. I really enjoyed this book! As a sea lover I’m fascinated with all myths and legends related to it! One thing that I really enjoyed in this book was that mermaids are seen in a different way than the clichés beautiful creatures that enchant the sailors with their angelical voices and other worldly appearance. No, in this book mermaids are much more than that. They are creatures who live in a structured world, where there are rules, and hierarchy, where they have traditions. The characters are [...]

    12. Find this review and more on my blog Sometimes Leelynn Reads."By the lightof the blueberry moonwe sang this songin Lena's room"I read this book as part of one of my bookclubs last year, but I only just finished it today. I'm not sure what took me a while to finally get back to finishing the book, but I finally did. I'm glad I know what happened at the end, and now I can rest easy knowing that I actually don't have to worry about this one anymore.This book was about a girl named Lena (her full na [...]

    13. When I started reading this book I honestly had no idea what it was about. I’d read the flap and it struck me as a little…odd…a girl finds a mirror that belongs to a mermaid and she likes to surf?But I like mermaids, so I thought, “why not?”Lena lives in a small(ish) town just outside of San Fransisco. A coastal town known for its surfing. But Lena’s dad had a bad accident while surfing a number of years ago and hasn’t stepped foot in the water since. And he has always refused Lena [...]

    14. What brought me to read "The Mermaid's Mirror" by L. K. Madigan was the magical-looking cover. It seemed middle-grade, and even now it sits in my mind between middle-grade and YA, as the novel would be relatable to both parties. Anyway, the beginning was very quiet for me, very slow. I did not want to give up, as I had faith that it would pick up, and it did. After Lena, the protagonist, begins surfing, the action and "magic" began to arise, and it was by then that I knew that I was in for somet [...]

    15. This was very nearly an "abandon ship" read for me. The first 2/3 of this book were incredibly flat and lacking in imagination and plot. There was a lot of filler detail that was completely irrelevant to the story. For instance, Pem's relationship with Max, I really cannot understand why it was important to the story.The characters were flat and lacking personality, completely unrelatable. And the constant bursting into show tune songs was annoying. I'm sure it was meant to be cute and endearing [...]

    16. *3.5 RatingReview Posted on Reading Lark 11/10/12: readinglark/2012/The protagonist, Lena, has always been drawn to the water. She feels most comfortable when she is in the ocean. Her greatest desire is to learn to surf, but her father stubbornly refuses to allow her to take lessons. A surfing accident keeps him on the shore and he fears that something terrible will happen to Lena. As the story unfolds, readers will learn that Lena's father fears more than a few wipe-outs.The beginning of this n [...]

    17. I loved Madigan's first novel Flash Burnout. So, I had expectations going into this novel. I won't go as far as saying that I was disappointed. because I wasn't really, but this novel is definitely different than her first novel, but not necessarily in a bad way.I don't want to be be spoilery. but the novel does have a little mermaid action going on. The first half of the book could be considered contemporary fiction it's Lena's basic day to day interaction with her family and friends, and tryin [...]

    18. “By the lightof the blueberry moon,we sang this songin Lena’s room.”The pull of the ocean is strong on Selena Whittaker; she never tires from looking at it. She even sleepwalks, waking in Magic Crescent Cove in the wee hours of the morning. Her friends attribute it for her deep desire to learn how to surf. But unlike Selena, they know nothing about the magic – Mermaids are real. I don’t know any girl who isn’t enchanted with mermaids. Their story is something we always want to dive i [...]

    19. First off, let me say I did like this book. I didn't love or even dislike it, it was really only okay for me. I didn't feel Lena was strong enough of a character. Through the book I was questioning every decision she made, not fully understand her reasons behind them. It was almost as if the only reason she made them was because the author needed her to do "this" to get "there". Now I know this is how most books come to be, start off with an idea and work the characters to fit the situations. Ho [...]

    20. Well, now. I am finding this one difficult to rate fairly.16-year-old Lena lives by the sea and longs to learn to surf. But her dad, formerly an excellent surfer, refuses to even discuss it. Meantime, Lena finds herself more and more drawn to dangerous Magic Crescent Cove, and the glimpses she has had there of a strange, dark-haired woman swimming among the seals. Family secrets are beginning to bubble up, and Lena is in more trouble than she knows. Her call to the sea may be the call of blood - [...]

    21. I am SO glad I was able to review this book! If you plan to spend a day at the beach reading, this is the book you want to take. And if, like me, you're in the middle of cold weather, it will bring a fresh sea breeze to your mind. It's chock full of beaches, surfing, underwater scenery, mystery, and of course mermaids.I think Madigan did a wonderful job writing this book. I liked that she sometimes used texts and IMs as a form of communication, which really brought it into today's world. The son [...]

    22. I was so excited to read The Mermaid's Mirror. Unfortunately, it didn't quite live up to my expectations. This started out quite slow. About the first hundred pages almost nothing happened. If picked up a little bit later on, but overall nothing really happens until the last 100 pages or so. When it finally did get to the mermaid part, though, I did enjoy it. But, I felt like that part was crammed into a short little section. No sooner had I started it, it was over. I could have spent a lot more [...]

    23. I read this book last summer and while it wasn't a book I could not put down I did read it during all my free time because of how good it was. The beginning showed the main character (forget her name) living this perfect life. I was almost so enthralled in the perfectness of her life that I didn't want it to end. Obviously, it did. The book completely changed tones in the middle from a story about a perfect girl with a perfect life to a girl who had found out a ton about herself and her family. [...]

    24. The cover alone made me pick up this book! Isn't it gorgeous?! I love the sea, and miss living in California so I knew I'd love this book. I wasn't disappointed. I really liked Lena's character and her draw toward the sea.When she see's the mermaid for the first time she knows there is a connection, but doesn't know what it means. When she finally finds out what it is, IT'S HUGE!! Answers are finally provided.When she goes below the sea to the mermaid village and begins to forget her life and fa [...]

    25. This is a new author for me and I really enjoyed this book. The main character Selena, known as Lena feels drawn to the ocean. She feels like it is a part of her and it is because she is part mermaid. She has been told that her mother died. However, that proves to be not true. Without giving too much away, I will say they reunite. Lena gets to experience life under the sea. She grows to love her life under the sea but also misses her family on land. She needs to make a decision. She makes a sacr [...]

    26. Lena lives near the sea, and has always wanted to know how to surf. But her father, who used to surf, but one day had a bad accident will not let her. She starts to learn anyway, and is astonished one day when she sees a mermaid. When the mermaid gives her a key that unlocks a chest with a mirror in it, what will Lena see? It will change her life forever.I really enjoyed the first part of the book, with Lena's struggle on land. And I really enjoyed the last part, with her journey underwater. The [...]

    27. It was a cute book, but I think I would have liked it a lot more when I was younger. It was really predictable, and I really didn't like how selfish the main character (Lena) was. My favourite character was actually the dad, and I wanted to know more about him. Some things were explained too simply, other things were a bit hokey, but there were a few vividly beautiful moments that I enjoyed.Overall, it was a cute story but not something I would recommend because nothing unique stood out from it. [...]

    28. This is beautiful whimsical tale that is touching and heartfelt. I enjoyed every page and wished to be swimming in the ocean with each turn of the page. I think it straddled the middle-grade/young adult border, but would be enjoyed by any age. It would be hard not to wish mermaids were real after reading The Mermaid's Mirror.

    29. I just couldnt get into this one. I got to about 36% in and gave up was not for me. I think the story-line was just too slow for my liking. I was expecting more insight on the mermaids and their world. Lena's story was a tad boring.

    30. This book definitely held my attention from start to finish. However, there were some parts in the book that I was confused on why it was in the book. Otherwise, it was pretty good.

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