The Dragon's Tail

The Dragon s Tail Two lovers are torn apart by politics and history in this epic romance of th century China during a period of dizzying change Previous novels by Williams include The Palace of Heavenly Pleasure and

  • Title: The Dragon's Tail
  • Author: Adam Williams
  • ISBN: 9780340953228
  • Page: 149
  • Format: Paperback
  • Two lovers are torn apart by politics and history in this epic romance of 20th century China, during a period of dizzying change Previous novels by Williams include The Palace of Heavenly Pleasure and The Emperor s Bones.

    One thought on “The Dragon's Tail”

    1. This book was long--608 pages long--but rarely tedious. Emotionally, it tore me back and forth, and finally, at the end, I threw the book on the floor. I threw it with all my strength. I was angry because I had only hastily read the final chapter. I was convinced I had been on this emotional roller coaster for nothing.This book will entertain, frustrate, and frighten. It will make your heart ache and groan inside, "why?" You'll potentially learn more about China under Mao's rule than before, and [...]

    2. The last gift from a friend, and I was back in China, being dragged through the twentieth century as Williams crafts an epic thriller which is crushed by the turbulence of the country it takes place in.Kicking off with the introduction of Harry Airton, and his early friendship with Chen Tao which is brutally ended by the Japanese invasion, I thought the tension between the two young boys was quickly introduced, created a sense of foreboding in the prologue of what was to come.Fast forward and Ha [...]

    3. It is about China during the cold war and the rise of China’s Cultural Revolution. Historical fiction usually gets me especially story’s about China or Germany. The political propaganda and show of dictatorship power control is scary. The author manage to capture true History facts and essence into the book. He was raised in China and is the fourth generation in his family to still be living and working in China so I’m definitely not doubting the author’s credentials. May I remind you th [...]

    4. When Harry Airton returns to Mao’s China at the height of the Cold War, it is to exact his revenge on a regime that has exiled him and destroyed the country he knew as a child. The plan, conceived by a British Intelligence agent during the Korean War and patiently nurtured for 12 years, is fool proof, because Harry is the spy whose cover cannot be broken. He has the secrets China needs. Even the honey trap has been foreseen…But not the bait. Innocent Ziwei, blackmailed by an unscrupulous Com [...]

    5. This book has to be read intently. For me, it's more of a personal account of the real events in China several decades ago, though I could not tell of course the extent to which the events described in the novel resembled the actual. I felt closeness and sincerity in every word written, words not meant to please the reader just like the other best sellers but to convey a message to the future generations. It's political, romantic, historical, gory, passionate, and unpretentious. And by the way, [...]

    6. A very long read, yes, but worthwhile. The story of the people's struggle during Mao's regime in China was vividly narrated, almost real as if exactly re-enacted. Of course, there was the tragic love story of Harry Airton and Ziwei. There's much drama and it can make your heart sink, page after page, just like how it made mine. Anyway, this is among the best historical novels that I have read. It actually made me like historical novels! :)

    7. it is a great tome on Chinese socio-political situation from cultural revolution to Tiannamendidnt know there had been such concentration camps in China alsoough it is a fiction book, the effort of author to describe each aspect in detail has left it huge and unwieldy.ill glad to have read it through.

    8. It's a great book. It give us a better understanding of how the chineses lived during those years and the relation of China with the rest of the world. The characters are very real and the plot is very good.

    9. Would have given it 3 stars, but since I've been living in China and have been to many of the places mentioned in the book, I felt connected to the story. thriller/spy/romance/history.l in one!

    10. Well worth the effort to read this book. I enjoyed every page and Adam William's incredible writing style only added to the experience. I'm only sorry that I started with this one, but I will definitely go back and read the previous two books in the season.

    11. A deeply moving book- one whose story cuts across time and makes you see the world from different points of view.I am keeping this in my collection- with the hopes of handing it over to the next generation.

    12. Extremely interesting history about a little-understood time in China's past. I enjoyed Ziwei's story but I thought that overall the book was too long and the story contrived to make the most of the historical events.

    13. Lengthy, colorful and desperate. This attempts to give an insight into 2 generations of Chinese history through Mao. Its a good effort.

    14. This is a great story, and I'm having to force myself to read slowly (and re-read sections) to keep from missing any of it. I don't want it to end!

    15. not a pleasing start but yes ,when you are at the middle of the story you wont regret spending your time on this book.

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