Religion and the Rise of Western Culture

Religion and the Rise of Western Culture In this new edition of his classic work Religion and the Rise of Western Culture Christopher Dawson addresses two of the most pressing subjects of our day the origin of Europe and the religious root

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  • Title: Religion and the Rise of Western Culture
  • Author: Christopher Henry Dawson
  • ISBN: 9780385421102
  • Page: 372
  • Format: Paperback
  • In this new edition of his classic work, Religion and the Rise of Western Culture, Christopher Dawson addresses two of the most pressing subjects of our day the origin of Europe and the religious roots of Western culture With the magisterial sweep of Toynbee, to whom he is often compared, Dawson tells here the tale of medieval Christendom From the brave travels of sixthIn this new edition of his classic work, Religion and the Rise of Western Culture, Christopher Dawson addresses two of the most pressing subjects of our day the origin of Europe and the religious roots of Western culture With the magisterial sweep of Toynbee, to whom he is often compared, Dawson tells here the tale of medieval Christendom From the brave travels of sixth century Irish monks to the grand synthesis of Thomas Aquinas in the thirteenth century, Dawson brilliantly shows how vast spiritual movements arose from tiny origins and changed the face of medieval Europe from one century to the next The legacy of those years of ferment remains with us in the great cathedrals, Gregorian chant, and the works of Giotto and Dante Even , though, for Dawson these centuries charged the soul of the West with a spiritual concern a concern that he insists can never be entirely undone except by the total negation or destruction of Western man himself.

    One thought on “Religion and the Rise of Western Culture”

    1. This is an extraordinarily penetrating and elegant examination of the nature of medieval culture. If you have an interest in the history of the Middle Ages, this is top notch. If not, this book is probably not for you. If you are instinctively hostile to the notion that anything of redeeming value occurred in this epoch, or that the medieval Church played a hugely important and constructive role in the development of Europe and western civilization, you should probably go read something by Chris [...]

    2. Talvez porque o livro tenha origem em uma série de palestras, ou porque exija uma boa bagagem de história, algumas linhas argumentativas são cheias de buracos, quando não bruscamente interrompidas. Senti falta de um pouco mais de desenvolvimento. O autor traça a idade média quase como uma época de renascimento - em oposição àquela ideia de idade das trevas - e coloca o cristianismo como um dos atores principais da época, por meio do resgate de todo desenvolvimento cultura e científic [...]

    3. Grande estudo sobre a civilização medieval europeia que nos leva a refletir sobre um dos aspectos mais fascinantes do cristianismo, qual seja, a "ambivalência" de Cristo (simultaneamente Deus e homem), a imanentização do absoluto transcendente na história, e ao consequente dualismo da cultura cristã que funda o espírito ocidental. São questões que extrapolam o estudo histórico desta obra, mas esse é o seu ponto de partida e de chegada.

    4. It's become fashionable--at least is some circles--to blame religion in general and Christianity in particular for what's wrong in the world. Dawson does an admirable job reminding us of how often Christianity has been a powerful force for profound spiritual and social renovation of society. I highly recommend this sane and literate book.

    5. A scholarly analysis of the contribution of the Catholic Church to Western CultureRenowned scholar, historian and Catholic convert Christopher Dawson delivered the 1948-49 Gifford lectures and those lecture notes would eventually become Religion and the Rise of Western Culture. Despite being published in 1950, the book still is relevant, and perhaps authoritative today. The book lacks the indignation of the diatribes being hurled across the political divide between Catholic and atheist social co [...]

    6. This was an insightful book on the dynamics involved in the formation of Western culture in the Middle Ages. Far from being a stagnant period, this book does a good job explaining the various eras of medieval history and the diverse cultural forces at work, especially focusing on the impact of Christianity. It was a helpful account how Christianity discipled the nations in Europe from the fall of Rome to the 13th century. Some quotes from the book:"Nevertheless throughout the whole history of We [...]

    7. The Creation of Christian culture in the heart of Western ManA sweeping summary of the rise of the church. Dawson has a detailed knowledge of hundreds of key players. He links the conversion of the Kentish and Gaulish kings. This was not the interplay of church and state, but rather the beginning of creation of biblical culture by the missionaries. Or consider the end of the 'geographic' dark ages. Francis travels to the Caliphate. (Yes, St Francis). Franciscans establish mission in Bejing, atte [...]

    8. The latter half of Dawson’s 1947-49 Gifford lectures, collected in this volume, explore the influence of Christianity in the medieval synthesis of western culture and the birth of the elusive but demonstrable something that once upon a time went by the name of Christendom. Dawson was a Catholic as well as an historian but this isn’t mere apologetics. It’s solid stuff, well drawn and insightful, that moves from the barbarian invasions to the era of St Francis. Western culture gets some bad [...]

    9. That this book is a 3 and not a 4-star says waaaay more about my ignorance than any shortcoming in Dawson's writing. This book caused me to feel the canyon-sized gaps in my knowledge of the Middle Ages. I simply didn't know enough for the book to make more of an impact on mearls before swine. Still, I did glean a good deal from the book and on the whole enjoyed it. I can see myself attempting this book again in ten years when maybe I'm not such a dumbass.

    10. Recommended by James Schall in Another Sort of Learning, Intro to Part 2, as one of Seven Books by Christopher Dawson.

    11. I found Dawson's account of the expansion of Christianity to the barbarian tribes of northern Europe fascinating.

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