Kitty Goes to War

Kitty Goes to War Kitty Norville Alpha werewolf and host of The Midnight Hour a radio call in show is contacted by a friend at the NIH s Center for the Study of Paranatural Biology Three Army soldiers recently retur

Kitty Goes to Washington Kitty Norville Carrie Vaughn Kitty Goes to Washington is the second book in Carrie Vaughn s successful Kitty Norville series of books For those who aren t familiar with the series, Kitty Katherine Norville is a twenty something, fresh out of college, radio DJ who happens to be a werewolf. Persian Kitty s Adult Links Free Porn Sites , Sex Sites This page contains links to adult oriented sites If you are under years of age, are offended by such material, or if it is illegal to view adult material in your community, please leave now. Cat Collars Buy SAFE CAT COLLARS from Kitty Collars Cat collars that are safe for your cat Welcome to Kitty Collars We specialise in quick release cat collars which are designed to snap open quickly if caught on anything. Hello Kitty Originally aimed at the pre adolescent female market, the Hello Kitty product range has expanded and goes all the way from dolls, stickers, greeting cards, clothes, accessories, school supplies and stationery to purses, toasters, televisions, other home appliances, massagers, and computer equipment. The Itty Bitty Kitty Committee Last Thanksgiving Day, the kittens that belong to these paws, Marigold and Poe Starling, met their future fathers, David and Shawn, at our Holiday Feast. Kitty Kats Kitty Kats TOP Models Pictures Videos If a model is popular and posted on a regular basis, it can be found in this forum Each model must have a prefix. PamKittyMorning Dec , People take a lot of amazing photos with the phones, I rarely pick up my small camera and honestly I ve taking maybe one or two with my DSLR and that s it. Kitty Spencer, Princess Diana s Niece, Stuns in Dolce Kitty Spencer, Princess Diana s Niece, Goes Old Hollywood in Royal Wedding Dress She looks sensational Avril Lavigne Hello Kitty Official Music Video YouTube Apr , Category Music Song Hello Kitty Artist Avril Lavigne Writers Chad Kroeger, David Hodges, Avril Lavigne, Martin Johnson Licensed to YouTube by How to raise a Baby Kitten Learn about bottle feeding an orphaned baby kitten, choosing the right kitten formula, kitten health and cat diseases.

  • Title: Kitty Goes to War
  • Author: Carrie Vaughn
  • ISBN: 9780765365613
  • Page: 227
  • Format: Paperback
  • Kitty Norville, Alpha werewolf and host of The Midnight Hour, a radio call in show, is contacted by a friend at the NIH s Center for the Study of Paranatural Biology Three Army soldiers recently returned from the war in Afghanistan are being held at Ft Carson in Colorado Springs They re killer werewolves and post traumatic stress has left them unable to control their shKitty Norville, Alpha werewolf and host of The Midnight Hour, a radio call in show, is contacted by a friend at the NIH s Center for the Study of Paranatural Biology Three Army soldiers recently returned from the war in Afghanistan are being held at Ft Carson in Colorado Springs They re killer werewolves and post traumatic stress has left them unable to control their shape shifting and unable to interact with people Kitty agrees to see them, hoping to help by bringing them into her pack.Meanwhile, Kitty gets sued for libel by CEO Harold Franklin after featuring Speedy Mart his nationwide chain of 24 hour convenience stores with a reputation for attracting supernatural unpleasantness on her show.Very bad weather is on the horizon.

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    1. Full disclosure: I won this though the First Read Giveaways and being a winner made me happy.Kitty Goes to War continues the adventure of Kitty the werewolf, her family, friends, and pack. It is a good installment to the series.Many UF writers, many series writers in general, tend to set their books in unspecified time. P.D. James' detective has been the same age for more years than I've been alive. Jim Butcher's Harry Dresden exists sometime after Star Wars and LOTR, but more than that I don't [...]

    2. As a writer, I'm impressed by how Vaughn has developed each book in the series. She sprinkles in just the right amount of back story. Info dumps aren't an issue. Instead, each book flows quickly and can stand well on its own--more like episodes of a TV series than a book series. Here, the action pushes along at a fast pace as two major plots converge: Kitty addresses the weirdness of Speedy Mart stores on her radio show, leading to an odd confrontation with the CEO, even as the Army pulls her in [...]

    3. I mean, I get that there is a certain amount of suspension of belief we need to do as readers when we read Urban Fantasy, but my godis was just annoyingly implausible.So the set up is that Kitty finds out that something fishy is going down revolving around Speedy-Marts. Around the same time she is contacted by the Army (really?) because there was a rogue vampire unit whose Alpha was killed and they need her help. (hmmm) OK.But then,(view spoiler)[they just let Kitty check the guys out to re-inte [...]

    4. A decent installment in the Kitty series, but this one felt very rushed through. Kitty is thrown into two new situations - both dangerous, of course. Would have preferred a LOT more detail and backstory on both of them, the solution for each was way too pat. And the Cormac thing - the story on that should've been it's own book, rather than two pages in this one.Anyone know if there's a novella out there on the topic of what happens to Cormac while he's in prison? If you do, please let me know! = [...]

    5. I am a HUGE fan of the ‘Kitty Norville’ series. This is one Urban Fantasy in which the heroine has a very discernable character transformation – going from meek werewolf and runt of her pack, to Alpha of her very own werewolf family. Over the course of eight books it has been fascinating and uplifting to read Kitty as she comes into herself. For me, that’s been the most fulfilling aspect of the books – Kitty’s emotional journey. Especially her finding love with Ben, and entering into [...]

    6. Kitty faces two challenges in this newest adventure: a libel lawsuit and werewolves with PTSD.The lawsuit is Kitty's fault. Someone, she decided to devote an entire episode of her call-in show to supernatural occurrences involving Speedy Marts without consulting a lawyer to find out if that would constitute libel. No one is surprised when Kitty gets served with papers. There are two defenses to libel--apologize, or prove that you weren't lying. Of the two, Kitty's path should be obvious to her r [...]

    7. The Army wants Kitty. Well her expertise anyway. There are 3 highly trained combat troops just back from Afghanistan who are werewolves. Trouble is their Captain, who was their Alpha, is dead and they aren't coping.Kitty has another problem, the CEO of Speedy Mart, Harold Franklin, is suing her for libel. She enlists Cormac to find out about Franklin while she goes to meet the rogue wolves.Turns out that one of the wolves has already killed 3 other teammates because they wouldn't acknowledge him [...]

    8. Another solid entertainer, although the military angle could have been done better. Still, it was fun & did bring up some interesting points & had its share of twists. I'm impressed that Vaughn has kept the series going so well. I'll look forward to reading another some time.

    9. I've enjoyed all of the previous Kitty Norville books but found this one to be a step below par for the series. Still a fun read but it seemed to be a little rushed. Two plot lines intersected but I think it would have been better to devote a single book to each one of them and had a deeper story experience.It was nice to see Cormac back in action after quite a long absence from the series. The military aspects could also have been more realistic and I fear the author shows her lack of understan [...]

    10. I'm a fan of Kitty Norville and this was a pretty good addition to the ongoing series. I kinda guessed that it was pretty fitting for what is currently happening in the world and was interested to see that the author was one of the first (that I've seen) to introduce it into the world of their characters. I like any and every situation that Kitty finds herself in and love the fly by the seat of her pants way she lives her life. She is loyal and dedicated to her relationships and pack. She's a bi [...]

    11. Storyline: Kitty, the alpha werewolf of the Denver pack and host of a radio talk The Midnight Hour, is summoned to an army base to help with a werewolf problem. The werewolves in question were part of a secret project that infected soldiers with lycanthropy to make them more effective in the war in Afghanistan. When their alpha (Captain) was blown to bits, the squad imploded and went crazy.The three remaining members, who have a murderous lack of self control, are facing extermination unless Kit [...]

    12. This go around with Kitty has her hearing a lot of weird things about a chain of convenience stores, Speedy Mart during her call in show. When Kitty ends up being sued for comments made on her show, she decides to investigate the callers stories about Speedy Mart & the paranormal activities that have been reported. Kitty also is dealing with a bit of a problem, three soldiers have returned from Afghanistan & they are a huge problem. They were turned werewolf, the ultimate killing machine [...]

    13. I won this book through First Reads. This book was considerably less tense and awash-in-gore than the last one, but the story lines felt looser. The main plot features Kitty attempting to help war vet werewolves (who mostly, despite the back cover, don't seem to be that poorly adjusted or difficult to help, given the circumstances). I like the idea of examining what would happen with lycanthrope soldiers, but it might have been better to focus just on that and its complications, rather than thro [...]

    14. It's been a while since I've read any of the Kitty books. I've been making sure we purchase each new one published, but I haven't read one since Kitty's House of Horrors. I'm not sure what prompted the pause, but I finally felt in the mood and ended up gulping down the three that have been waiting on my shelves in a matter of days.This book is something of a transition piece for the Kitty-verse. Not so much for Kitty herself, mind, but rather for some of the world around her and especially for C [...]

    15. In this nitty-gritty war story, Kitty’s gotta deal with a few werewolf soldiers dealing with PTSD and their violent wolf sides while facing down a new bad guy who seems to be able to control the weather.I like how it’s become a running gag that Kitty hates trouble but runs head first into it. I mean, trying to take on and coddle a small group of homicidal military guys? Even that seems a bit extreme, even for Kitty. But it’s Kitty. And even Cormac and Ben know she tends to get in over her [...]

    16. In this eighth series book featuring Kitty Norville, werewolf and radio talk show host, Kitty is asked by the military to help round up some soldiers who were also werewolves--members of an elite group specifically turned werewolf by their commanding officer in an attempt to develop a 'super soldier.' Recently returned from Afghanistan, now only three of the unit remain, the rest having been killed off by the dominant male, and they are headed for Denver right into Kitty and Ben's territory. Kit [...]

    17. When I was a little girl, my friends and I would walk to our neighborhood Speedy Mart to get Slurpees and candy. By my teens, Speedy Mart had been renamed 7-11, but I still thought of it as Speedy Mart for years afterward. I wonder if Carrie Vaughn knew about the real Speedy Mart when she wrote Kitty Goes to War and made her fiction chain of convenience stores the locus of some really bad magic. The Speedy Mart story line is one of two plots that make up Kitty Goes to War. The other story is of [...]

    18. Kitty Goes to War was interesting, but only because I'm familiar with the characters and everything. It was still a good read, but it didn't seem to have as much danger and action as the previous books have. There was danger and action, but it just didn't feel like it had the same intensity as past books. It was still interesting to read and we definitely got to see more of Cormac, which was a plus. Cormac is what made the book more interesting because there is something up with Cormac, somethin [...]

    19. I won this through the First Read program. I didn't read it right off since I was slightly behind on this series - I had only read the first two books at that point. But, hey, I read the intervening 5 in about a month and a half. Not bad. Proved that this series is written well enough to survive the marathon read. *g*Great book. One of my favorites of the series. Loved the military werewolves half of the plot more than the Speedy Mart half, but they blended nicely in the end.Spoilers.The balanc [...]

    20. I kind of had a hard time rating this one.I dug Kitty trying to rehabilitate two army-created/trained werewolves. This entire series' comparison of lycanthropy to mental illness is why I stick around. Her encouragement of the guys to focus on one day at a time, one hour, one minute, then the next one, etc is just spot on.That said, I felt pretty dubious about this entire plot, as I work in human research administration professionally. I get that someone went rogue to create the werewolves, but t [...]

    21. In the 8th installment of the series Kitty has a new question for her listeners - are there supernatural things going-on around the Speedy marts all over the country? Seems like lots of people think so including one caller who says that the owner had been seen at the speedy marts in Louisiana just before Katrina and at other places before hugely powerful natural disasters. This line of questioning leads the owner of the chain not only suing her but coming to give her the look over, which raises [...]

    22. Kitty's latest research project for her radio show brings trouble to her doorstep in the form of a lawsuit for libel. Intrigued by the mystery and determined to prove that there is truth behind the rumors concerning a big chain of stores, she starts investigating.On top of that, she finds herself involved in the rehabilitation of a few army vets who are also werewolves that have become unstable after losing their alpha.Cormac is back and he helps with the investigation that turns out to be bigge [...]

    23. When Kitty finds out that Flemming's werewolf soldier experiment didn't completely die out, she feels compelled to try and help four rogues. The story gets complicated and not all of the soldiers make it. Cormac is back in this book, but I didn't really feel like he had a strong enough presence. He was the tough guy that Kitty secretly desired (and perhaps she still does a little bit). I'm just not sold on the whole Ben/Kitty relationship. To me, it doesn't work.However, Ben and Kitty team up an [...]

    24. I just finished this one and I really liked the book. I loved the whole soldier thing. It brought up some great real life things, but with a paranormal twist. I didn't know what to think of the doctor. My feelings were like Kitty's much of the time. The doctor was trying to help, but there was the lure of learning more by keeping others prisoner.I don't know what I think of Cormac and what is changing/happening with him, at this point I need to know more about Amelia.I loved Ben sniffing Kitty w [...]

    25. I liked it. It was traditional Kitty. I feel like I was more along the ride for her emotional issues than any real fear for her safety like in the previous book. Despite that, it wasn't a bad ride. It was nice to see Rick back, but I'd like to see him participate a little more. I was very excited to have Cormac back, but it just doesn't feel right when he doesn't have guns to play with. Of course, Vaughn mentions this so it fits within the context of the story. The one issue that I've every had [...]

    26. This is one of my fave UF series but for some unknown reason, I've fallen behind. The other night, I decided to change that. :)Kitty survived a pretty awful ordeal in the previous book and it still haunts her. But when a sketchy guy--and CEO of a chain of convenient stores--sues her after she speculates about him on her radio show, and she's called in to help with three rogue werewolf soldiers with PTSD, she hasn't got time to dwell on it. Then there's Cormac. Her husband's enigmatic cousin who' [...]

    27. I'm listening to the audiobook and I also have the paperback.Sad book. Kitty is called in to an army base to work with the remainder of a pack started by a superior officer in the Persian Gulf. When the alpha was killed, there was constant fighting within the pack which included multiple killings. 3 are left and she has to try to see if they are able to exist outside of a war setting. There's also a warlock who is the head of Kwicky Mart that has been leaving weather related death and destructio [...]

    28. The army reaches out to Kitty for help with a unit of werewolf soldiers who've lost their alpha and are out of control. Meanwhile, she is also getting sued for libel by the CEO of a chain of convenience stores for speculating about him being involved with something supernatural on her show. Digging deeper into the subject, she finds the speculation may not have been entirely off base. Also, best of all: Cormac is back in action! And he brought a mysterious secret back from prison that might come [...]

    29. Vaughn's series gets better and better. Kitty is no longer either alone nor submissive. Who else to call when the military discovers they have a rogue unit of werewolves that have fallen apart? Kitty doesn't know if she can help these men but she remembers being alone and confused. In other news, Kitty is being sued by the owner of Speedy Mart. He insists that she's libeled him on her show by insinuating that weird supernatural things happen at his Speedy Marts. But is it libel if it's true? We [...]

    30. This one was okay but the plot was lacking. I'm not so sure I would want Kitty to be my alpha.I liked the Tyler character. It showed that being a werewolf isn't the most traumatizing thing that can happen. Also we got to see a glimpse of another pack and their alpha. I still find her character to be inconsistent, naive (despite all she has been through), and a lack of character growth. She seems to make the same mistakes over and over again. I was hoping she would fall in love with Tyler just so [...]

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