Quantum Breach

Quantum Breach As Mark McCabe observed the financial market meltdown in the Dealing Room his nerves tight and on edge he felt too old for the game At why the hell was he doing this putting himself under such

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  • Title: Quantum Breach
  • Author: MarkPowell
  • ISBN: 9789814276382
  • Page: 315
  • Format: Paperback
  • As Mark McCabe observed the financial market meltdown in the Dealing Room, his nerves tight and on edge, he felt too old for the game At 45, why the hell was he doing this, putting himself under such stress, and for what It had been eight years since he left the regiment Forex trading was a world in which he felt he did not belong The adrenaline that fed his veins wasAs Mark McCabe observed the financial market meltdown in the Dealing Room, his nerves tight and on edge, he felt too old for the game At 45, why the hell was he doing this, putting himself under such stress, and for what It had been eight years since he left the regiment Forex trading was a world in which he felt he did not belong The adrenaline that fed his veins was risk of a different kind Then he receives a call from Brian Stowe, a former Special Forces buddy, now MI5 spook A suspected money laundering plot linked to a drug cartel was going on in the very bank that he works Stowe enlists McCabe and his Singaporean assistant, the highly intelligent and very attractive Ying Lee, a 26 year old trader, to uncover the money trails.The chase leads to a terrorist cell known to McCabe from his own murky past, and a deadly game of cat and mouse across Asia and the Middle East ensues Along the way, questions are raised and loyalties become suspect How is the British Government involved Who is this shadowy MI6 informer, the Rain Angel Is she with them or is she against them

    One thought on “Quantum Breach”

    1. I was expecting a testosterone-fuelled, right of centre thriller - based on the blurbs / previews and that's not really my cup of tea, however, a page-turning throw-away novel is just the thing for flights - or train journeys in my case. Sadly it's too poorly written for that. I can't get into it because I keep picking out examples of really bad prose. It would definitely benefit from some judicious editing. The writing is generally mediocre except when it is poor, and it tends to be repetitive. [...]

    2. Industrial espionage/spy thrillers are not my usual thing but this win via First Reads is helping me broaden my horizons! :-)The plot follows ex-special forces turned corporate banker Mark McCabe as he is drawn back into the covert life when his bank is targeted as part of a terrorist/drug cartel money laundering plot. McCabe is enlisted by a former colleague Brian Stowe, now working for MI6, to keep tabs on one of the banks employees who he suspects of laundering money for a terrorist group. Mc [...]

    3. Mark McCabe, a British 45-year-old Foreign Exchange trader unexpectedly finds himself reunited after 8 years with Brian Stowe, a former Special Forces buddy, now MI5 spook. Stowe enlists McCabe and his Singaporean assistant, the highly intelligent and very attractive Ying Lee, a 26-year-old trader, to help him uncover a suspected money-laundering plot within the very bank in which they both work. The money trails they uncover lead to a terrorist cell known to McCabe from his own murky past. The [...]

    4. Sent to me by publishers after being offered (and won!) via giveaway[return][return]What to say? Topical story, using the backdrop of banking and international markets in meltdown during late 2008 used to hide massive terrorist laundering of drug money. Different edge on things by having a ex-secret service personnel on the inside to do investigations to prevent this happening.[return][return]That's the good side. The bad side? It's a first novel and you (ok, I) can tell. There's nothing wrong [...]

    5. I won this on , but despite Mark's best efforts my copy and the second he sent out to me seem to have gone astray. Another winner, Sam, lent me her copy, for which I am most grateful.There is more violence than I like to encounter in a book, but that is the nature of the genre, perhaps, although I have encountered many examples of espionage thrillers that manage without what can be seen as gratuitous violence.I like the tone and length of the opening prologue and it made me keen to get into the [...]

    6. I won a free copy of this book on ' Firstreads section where an author gives away so many copies of their book to be read, reviewed and critiqued. This novel is situated around dodgy dealings in a corporate bank with branches all round the world. The main character Mark McCabe is a trader in the Singapore office of the bank but used to be in the Special Forces, during which time his girlfriend was kidnapped and killed. Someone at the bank is involved in setting up trades to launder money and an [...]

    7. I enjoyed this read as I haven’t read a secret service book before, however I wouldn’t place it up there with the best.The complex relationship between the two main characters Stowe and McCabe I found interesting and worked well. It was probably the thing that carried the story although the plot wasn’t bad and I was happy to keep turning the pages, more so in the second half once the web had been formed and things began to play out. The author did well to present the banking practices in s [...]

    8. What is fascinating about the book is the depiction of McCabe as the mysterious character seeking to redeem himself from his past. He has no real attachments to anybody or anything in this world. His reason for existence seems to be solely to redeem himself from his past. Even when under duress his physical prowess and movements speak much more about his mental state than the actual words spoken. It is through the character's lack of interest or apathy that one can observe the world.The author's [...]

    9. I read this book for work (I am an anti-money laundering specialist) and it was quite enjoyable. A bit "Boys' Own" for me - lots of description of guns and running battles with baddies - but a good pace and generally well-rounded characters. Having lived in Singapore I can picture much of the location, but I did find it a bit lazy that the main female character was (yawn) a hot Asian babe. The other drawback is the omniscient narrator: you are told the thoughts and feelings of about five main ch [...]

    10. Its been a while since I finished this book but didn't post a review immediately as I had an overwhelmingly negative opinion about it. I gave myself a few weeks in case my view softened - but unfortunately it didn't. The plot tries to be a thriller spanning Asia, Middle East & Britain, but the problem is - there's no suspense whatsoever. The story just unravels itself without saving anything for the end. The money laundering scenario seems to be quite unsophisticated and surprising it takes [...]

    11. This was a thrilling adventure story set around the international banking world. The money-laundering scam was interesting, I don't know much about the financial world, but everything was explained in a way that I could understand. The investigation, and ultimately the conclusion, were well set up by the author. Although there were hints along the way, the ending was still a surprise for me. There were some torture scenes, which were a bit uncomfortable to read in places, but not too gruesome. T [...]

    12. The storyline was good (apart from the end), the characters were believable and there was plenty of intrigue but I'm afraid that the financial side of the story, although key to the plot, was a bit tedious for me. It took me longer than usual to read as I kept putting it down. I only persisted with it because it was a win and I didn't want to let anyone down. I kept waiting for something which was key to the mystery(don't want to spoil this for anyone) to be found towards the end of the story, [...]

    13. I enjoyed this authors debut novel, an interesting mix of espionage and international banking. The bulk of the detail seemed to lay with the spying and special forces action, while the banking (the author's speciality?) was quite lightweight. I was left pondering lack of detail at times, but certainly wasn't put off. In fact, while I found myself saying "I'm not really sure if I like this", I couldn't put it down. It was a page-turner for sure, and that's a great sign.In compliance with FTC guid [...]

    14. I got this book free as a 'First Reads' on this site. The copy was signed too :) (Thank you Mark!)I really enjoyed this book. I thought the characters were well thought out and I took an immediate liking to McCabe and Stowe, the two main characters.I liked the fact that espionage was mixed in with the banking and terrorists and the intelligent services.I also liked that Mark obviously researched the banking industry so well which lent credibility.I look foward to the next book very much as it ha [...]

    15. Having read the feedback on here about this book I decided to read it for myself. Have to say I enjoyed it. It's an easy read and when you consider it is the authors first book, a great job. He has an honest style and writes what he sees. I for one will follow this author now as I think he will be big. Not all authors will be strike it big first time. What I like about Powell is he is prepared to listen and always thanks readers for their review. That says a lot about him I think. Good book and [...]

    16. A reasonably enjoyable book to read but the latter half did feel a little bit rushed with large jumps in timeline which left me wondering if certain aspects were just going to be left as assumed events or be referred to later on in the book.A large part of the book did feel like it was primarily there to setup a series a novels but it was engaging enough for me to be interested in the next book.

    17. Overall I enjoyed this book. The relationships and characters were developed well and the descriptions of past spy activities were done well. However I'm not sure a spy thriller set in a financial situation is a great combination. It sometimes dragged and I found myself skipping parts of the descriptions about terrorist activities using the banking systems as it seemed to to drag on. For the most part there was excitement and suspense until it went into detail on banking transaction.

    18. I won this in First Reads so, yay. I enjoyed this thriller combining corporate espionage, spies and special armed forces although it's not the greatest thing I've ever read. It is rather noticable as a first novel and could have done with better editing to get rid of some unnecessary text but I would definitely read the next in the series to see how this author improves.

    19. I won this book on a giveaway and am so glad I did. The book is quite a page-turner. Lent it to my husband and he read it whole during our 4 day holiday (for him, an absolute record). It includes his favourite topics: economics/finance and action. A truly entertaining read, thanks for the copy!

    20. Well paced action thriller that left me wanting more. As en expat living in Singapore and also working for an investment bank I could relate to the characters and the locations in the story. Looking forward to McCabe's next adventure!

    21. I quite liked this book. I thought the plot was original and well developed, as were the relationships between the characters. I also thought the banking world was explained well enough without being boring.

    22. I liked this. Although not the genre I would normally read I found it gripped me without being too heavy. It is well worth a read and I may find myself reading some more of this genre/author if only to follow the central character McCabe!

    23. I found this a fascinating read and was impressed by the mix of action and technical banking knowledge. It's not typical of some the other books I have read of this type and the author has drawn on his experience and first hand knowledge of the miltary and banking.

    24. To be honest I struggled to get into this book for the first couple of chapters, I found it quite difficult to follow, it's not really my kind of book but I thought I'd try something different.

    25. well paced thriller with characters that i cared about and a believable plot line. am lookign forward to the next one.

    26. The is a first novel in a trilogy.I will not be reading the remaining two. This book based on high testosterone levels- lots of killing and senseless torture.

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