Missing For years multimillionaire Ron Raven had succesfully played the loving husband and father to two very different households But when Ron disappears the truth about his deception is revealed Now tw

  • Title: Missing
  • Author: Jasmine Cresswell
  • ISBN: 9780778324676
  • Page: 340
  • Format: Paperback
  • For 25 years, multimillionaire Ron Raven had succesfully played the loving husband and father to two very different households But when Ron disappears, the truth about his deception is revealed Now two families are left alone with their questions.

    One thought on “Missing”

    1. I like reading family sagas and Missing, the 1st book of Jasmine Cresswell’s Trilogy of is the Raven & Fairfax families and how one person’s actions bring to light so many secrets that have the most incredible repercussions.Ron Raven, a successful businessman has, for the last twenty five years, been living a double life, shuttling between two families, who are unaware of each other’s existence. His unexplained disappearance, presumed murder is what starts raveling his bigamist and lyi [...]

    2. Missing1 StarRon Raven, a successful and respected businessman, is missing and presumed dead, but this is merely the tip of the iceberg because Ron is also a bigamist. Not only has he scammed his separate families for more than two decades, he has also conned his brother-in-law out of three million dollars. As the Raven and Fairfax families struggle to come to terms with Ron’s betrayal, his daughter, Megan, and brother-in-law, Adam Fairfax, must work together to locate the missing millions. Th [...]

    3. Even though the tagline says "They had nothing in common except their missing husband", Ron Raven's two wives take a backseat in this suspense novel. When Ron dies suddenly, it is discovered that he has two wives in two different states.Adam Fairfax is the brother of Ron's second wife and Ron owes him three million dollars--or else Adam's bank can repossess the Wyoming ranch that belongs to his first wife. Megan Raven is surprised at the lies and will go to any length to find out the truth--even [...]

    4. I found this book in my collection of books and wasn't sure I'd read it. I'm sure now that I have and am thinking I remember holding onto the book so I'd remember to pick up the next in the series. Well, that was pre- time for me. Will I re-read it to the end? I'm not sure. I'm on page 95 and we'll see if I finish it. I remember liking it the first time through and can't recall how it ends.

    5. A first rate start to a trilogy! Ron Raven has disappeared and is presumed dead and his dirty secrets are coming to light. In particular, the two families. His daughter Megan is determined to save the family ranch and has forged an allegience with the brother of her father's other wife, who holds the deed to the ranch as collateral on a loan. They follow a twisted trail to central America and fall in love in the process.

    6. This book was the proverbial train wreck I just couldn't look away from. A murdered father, missing millions, and a second family?!? I liked the suspenseful twists and turns, but the romance was unnecessary and rather tacked on. I also was a little disappointed in the ending, but there are apparently two more in the series, so perhaps that's why is seemed so abrupt.

    7. Weird! I guess I read this book, years ago, and didn't realize until I started re-reading it. I didn't remember everything, it would just be familiar to me and I would know what was coming a few times. I don't think I read the 2nd one, but I'm not sure yet.

    8. The first in series, it captured my attention almost from the first page. Just dumps right into the action, but that action is a little hard to believe.if you're into real life. Still enjoyable as fluff piece.

    9. The second accidental re-read in one week is a reminder of why I started on this website! Anyways, it was still decent for a second read, but I don't understand Megan and Adam's relationship. They seem to bounce back and forth a lot between trust and no trust.

    10. This is the first book read by Ms Cresswell and it was interesting. It started slow and I stopped reading it. I finished it because it finally caught my interest enough to want to read the second book.

    11. I tend to really enjoy mysteries and recurring character books and this book met both criteria. Jasmine Creswell's Missing, Suspect, and Payback is a trilogy that I found to be very entertaining and definitely worth the read.

    12. The first in a trilogy -- I cannot wait for the other two. It all begins with the death of a bigamist and goes down hill from there!

    13. Very good read from Ms. Cresswell, first in her Ravens/Fairfaxes trilogy. I look forward to reading the other two books. Recommended!

    14. Really goo book. held my attention. but what happen to rest of the Raven family. Especially the 2nd wife and daughter know one knew abut

    15. Good read. Really reels you in. Recommended if you like suspense novels. This book had a wealth of lies, intrigue and mystery. I definitely enjoyed this book. 4/5 stars.

    16. Good first book in a trilogy with lots of mysteries, lies and suspense. Looking forward to the next 2 books.

    17. First in a trilogy. Read this book yesterday and have already started the 2nd one. Nice to read a mystery without blood and gore.

    18. This was a good book, but I had so much going on that I didn't get to enjoy it the way I might have otherwise. Did pass it along to a friend and plan on reading more Jasmine Cresswell.

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