Remember Me

Remember Me CAN A LOVE BE LOST THAT WAS MEANT TO BE A rising star in the modeling world Margot Radcliffe hasn t forgotten the hurt that sent her running from Rosewood the beautiful Virginia horse farm where she

  • Title: Remember Me
  • Author: Laura Moore
  • ISBN: 9780345519191
  • Page: 211
  • Format: ebook
  • CAN A LOVE BE LOST THAT WAS MEANT TO BE A rising star in the modeling world, Margot Radcliffe hasn t forgotten the hurt that sent her running from Rosewood, the beautiful Virginia horse farm where she was raised Travis Maher, a ruggedly handsome rebel and gifted horse trainer with a hard knock past, had once captured Margot s heart only to break it.But when tragedy strikCAN A LOVE BE LOST THAT WAS MEANT TO BE A rising star in the modeling world, Margot Radcliffe hasn t forgotten the hurt that sent her running from Rosewood, the beautiful Virginia horse farm where she was raised Travis Maher, a ruggedly handsome rebel and gifted horse trainer with a hard knock past, had once captured Margot s heart only to break it.But when tragedy strikes her family, Margot is forced to set aside her skyrocketing career and return to a place she never expected to see again, where the legs that everyone admires belong to Thoroughbreds, not supermodels Now Rosewood Farm s success depends on Margot, and the only person she can count on for help is the very man who so ruthlessly rejected her love all those years ago.As Margot and Travis enter an uneasy truce to save Rosewood from financial ruin, their wild natures clash and their unresolved passions for each other begin to surge But can this hard edged horseman find a way to express his desire for the one woman he s ever loved before she s lost to him forever From the Paperback edition.

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    1. This book made me angry. Most conflicts revolved around the couple lying to each other. I couldn’t buy their motivationsVIEWER’S OPINION:I enjoyed the setting of the horse breeding world, but the plot and sources of conflict were frustrating. I was angry while reading it and still angry at the end. Travis and Margot lie to each other throughout the book. These lies cause the other to be hurt, angry, and frustrated. Margot’s main motivation for lying to Travis is that she doesn’t want him [...]

    2. eh, the horse setting was pretty fun and I actually really liked her character, but I felt the first kiss RIGHT when she gets back was pretty unrealistic for what their relationship had been and what the situation they found themselves in at the moment was. That kinda pulled me out of the story and I never quite got back in.

    3. I’ve waited so long for another book by Laura Moore, whose writing is such a pleasure to read. Her latest, "Remember Me" is written with exceptional care shown to language and detail, as well as plot and character. Her books weave passion onto the pages. She is a real writer!!Set in the two milieus of high fashion modeling and Virginia horse farming, the backgrounds are terrific! The wonderfully well-developed and smart lead characters share a myriad of emotions. They are supported by an equal [...]

    4. Laura Moore obviously knows horses. Her peek into the inner workings of a Virginia horse ranch was fascinating for someone who knows nothing about that world. Equally fascinating and in complete opposition was her heroine's supermodel lifestyle. I liked the dichotomy and it made for lots of conflict between her hero, Travis--the hunky ranch hand from the wrong side of the tracks--and her heroine, Margo--the rancher's daughter turned supermodel who has to come home to save the farm after once hav [...]

    5. I hate romance books. Hate them, hate them, hate them. But I surprised myself after I read this and found I actually liked it. It's got the usual heaving bosoms pressed up against sweaty chests, but the author is either a expert on horses or did a lot of research on them, because the information about how to run a stable and raise horses was fascinating (and interesting!). Oh sure, SOME of the writing was a little exasperating for me (exasperating in the same way that you don't understand why so [...]

    6. I don't usually like modern romances, but I do love romances involving horse people, so when I saw the horse farm on the cover in the library, and I happened to have nothing at home to read, I picked this up. It is just as cheesy as I anticipated. It is fluffy cheesy goodness. It is so lame that I cannot in good conscience actually recommend it to anyone, and yet I am enjoying it. I am sick in bed, I barely have two brain cells firing, and this is perfectly mindless entertainment - score!

    7. RATING: 3.5 HEARTSThis was cute. I've been reading easy going books, and this fit perfectly. :)Review to Come

    8. Even though she was young, Margot Radcliffe fantasized about and lusted after sexy Travis Maher, the family's horse whisperer until he let her know they weren't going to happen. When her father refused her help on the ranch again, home was suddenly extremely unattractive. Making her own plans, tearful Margot dusted off her feelings and went to New York to find fame and fortune as a model. Eight years later, tragedy touches the Radcliffe family. Their father and his wife are killed, leaving Margo [...]

    9. The reader meets Margot Radcliffe at a crossroad in her life. Gorgeous and headstrong, she wants a place by her father's side to run Rosewood, a first-class horse farm in Virginia. Her father and, more importantly, his new trophy wife, think marriage is a much better idea for Margot. Tempers flare, and Margot leaves her family to become a super-model. A tragedy forces Margo back to the farm and back to face the man she'd rather forget.I know what you're thinking. Horse book? Syrupy romance? Erot [...]

    10. Remember me was full of technical information about the horses and breeding program, and you learned interesting info without feeling like you were bombarded with a technical manual. The chemistry between Travis and Margot was electric, but my favorite two people to watch grow and change was Jade and Margot's relationship. Such a dynamic sister relationship, and it was really interesting to watch. Jade's book is the one I am most looking forward to actually. I hope we have met her HEA already, c [...]

    11. Very enjoyable read and probably could have been rated higher if I was really interested in horses, I tended to skim through a lo of that detail. I was very interested in Margot's glamourous super model life. Did choke me up in the end, but I felt it took to long for the characters to get together. Looking forward to second book in series.

    12. I enjoyed this book. I loved the idea that Laura Moore took a supermodel and gave her a set of problems that any one of us could have; then she introduced romance and tied it up into a lovely story. Great read.

    13. CAN A LOVE BE LOST THAT WAS MEANT TO BE?A rising star in the modeling world, Margot Radcliffe hasn’t forgotten the hurt that sent her running from Rosewood, the beautiful Virginia horse farm where she was raised. Travis Maher, a ruggedly handsome rebel and gifted horse trainer with a hard-knock past, had once captured Margot’s heart—only to break it.But when tragedy strikes her family, Margot is forced to set aside her skyrocketing career and return to a place she never expected to see aga [...]

    14. I loved it!It's been on my shelf for months but I didn't even think to pick it up until I got bored and accidentally picked up this one. And boy, how could I not reading it!First, this was my very first of Laura Moore's. The very reason I bought this (along with the other two) merely because of its cover. It's Paul Marron. :D And no, I didn't even read the back cover to find out what this novel is about. A gambler? A book hoarder? I don't know. You name it. So anyway, when I picked it up and rea [...]

    15. A pleasant surprise. I was all set to not like this book, since it had many of the characteristics that make me crazy in a romance - horses; people with more money than they know what to do with; a runaway that not only has no bad experiences, but becomes the world's top model without even realizing how beautiful she is; and an abundance of other cliches: the great-looking guy from the wrong side of the tracks who's in love with the boss's daughter (but of course can't let on), a father who does [...]

    16. Well I usually try and stay away from reunion novels because in the beginning the heroine always ends up hurt in a F'd up way by the 'hero', Moore's Remember Me doesnt deviate from that, But I did enjoy the fact that Travis wasn't all he seemed to be but thats the usual case in these kinds of stories. I think the most I enjoyed was the relationship between Margot and Jade, how it changed from acid to base. Travis was all yummy hot and brooding but I think the misunderstood was not cool in this s [...]

    17. A goood read, characters well developed, and a good story line. Margot leaves home to become a model after her father refuses to let her help manage Rosewood, a horse-breeding farm in Virginia -- and the man she loves has cast her aside. She does become a world-famous model, her father and step-mother are killed in an airplane crash, she becomes guardian of her half-sister, Jade, who is more than a handful. To make matters worse, her father has left Rosewood millions of dollars in debt, so Margo [...]

    18. More than 4.5 than 5 full stars, but it's only that the book suffered of the 1st-book-of-a-series illness ;)The story was good and even if at the beginning Margot was really sad I admired her courage and spirit in the end.The story is simple, Margot is the middle sister of a family of 3 sisters, the last one a half-sister, being daughter of the second wife of her father. She doesn't like her step-mother (and her step-mother simply hates her) and has a conflicting relationship with her father. Sh [...]

    19. This review is from: Remember Me: A Rosewood Novel (The Rosewood Trilogy) (Kindle Edition)This book was written well and the story line captures you from the beginning. The characters are likable, energetic, determined, and brave. My main difficulty with this book is that there is no closure with the deaths of the father and stepmother. His unforgiving attitude toward Margot was never dealt with. The stepmother's traitorous, spiteful behavior toward Margot was never dealt with. I realize that th [...]

    20. Ms. Moore has a way about her writing that literally leaves you grasping for more. Her amazing structure and insight--the depth--she draws you inside the character's minds really has you genuinely caring for each. This grip she manages to ensnare on you will leave you up for hours at a time, on fire to turn the page, in order to find out what happens next.While some parts of the book slow the novel down, and really don't push forward the plot, the last half of the book makes it all worth while. [...]

    21. Readers!! I loved this onelly a romance which had character and an element of thrill to it. The entire landscape of the farm cottage overlooking the breeding farm for horses was a treat! I loved the subtle chemistry which was described by the author and the long descriptions of sexual passion just made the book perfect. Very well described emotions and feelings for sure! This book has a sequel which I am dying to get my hands on, but it is not available somehowif any of you have read the sequel, [...]

    22. Man this book was one of the best books I have ever read, it made me happy, sad, cry all in one weekend when I picked up this book I couldn't put it back down I'm happy to say I'm a proud owner of this book. So when I finally got hold of the rest of the books of the series I was so excited I couldn't wait to start my weekend!!!!

    23. This is my first by Ms Moore, and, it won't be my last. Remember Me is all about strength. Strong bigger than life men and women living with the most beautiful horses. Our Heroine is not only so beautiful, she becomes a famous fashion model, but she has such love for her family and her man. I loved this so much I ordered the rest of the series.

    24. I can't believe I haven't read Laura Moore before. I picked the book on a fluke and couldn't put it down. I loved the love story and the troubled sibling relationship. I cannot wait to read the next book. I already read the excerpt and I can tell I'll be reading it in one day. If you haven't read this, you absolutely have to check it out.

    25. Old fashioned and predictable, and one of those books where all that is keeping the h & h apart is their inability to tell each other the truth. Reminded me of soap operas I used to watch as a kid in the early 1980s. I can see how it would appeal to many readers (especially horse-lovers), but it wasn't my cup of tea at all.

    26. I loved it! I liked that there was so much description of the setting and how the horses were a part of the story, not just a convenient source of money. I used to ride, so it was great to be wrapped in that world again. The characters were well-developed enough that at times I was irritated with them. I can't wait to read the next book.

    27. Not my normal read, but the story line was interesting. It certainly kept my attention. The writing just wasn't there for me. There was too much detail about objects and not enough detail about relationships. There seemed to be parts left out too. The developing relationships and even the broken relationships weren't developed well at all.

    28. Remember Mery enjoyable story, read the book in two day's loved and enjoyed the knowledge in the story of taking care and housing and the training of show Horses. It is a great story!

    29. 3.5 stars. It was a fast read. Started real strong but somewhere along the way it lost it's magic. I was very much hoping that I had found another Judith McNaught/SEP/ or even old NR (think born trilogy), but nope.

    30. *3.5* So I think this book is more chick-lit than romance. This is very well-written and the descriptions are vivid. There was just too much talk about horses, so be warned. The sex scenes were really steamy and I really liked how jealous Travis got whenever Margot went on a modeling job.

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