I Can't Wait to Be Forgotten

I Can t Wait to Be Forgotten Enter the world of siren Kay Francis as told through myraid journal entries and rare photographs

  • Title: I Can't Wait to Be Forgotten
  • Author: Scott O'Brien
  • ISBN: 9781593930363
  • Page: 417
  • Format: Paperback
  • Enter the world of siren Kay Francis, as told through myraid journal entries and rare photographs.

    One thought on “I Can't Wait to Be Forgotten”

    1. A very enlightening book about 1930s actress Kay Francis. She was certainly a liberated woman! I would love to read the diaries author Scott O'Brien used in this book. WHOA! Born in Oklahoma City in 1905, Kay started out on Broadway after her first divorce (married four times, no kids) before she made her debut in the movie "Gentlemen of the Press" playing a vamp. The reviews she received for this movie and the next one got her a contract with Paramount and a move to the West Coast. She made six [...]

    2. Kay Francis- I Can't Wait To Be ForgottenI chose this rating because I am a big Kay Francis fan, and wanted to know as much about her as possible including information about her movies. This book includes that and more. Mr. O'Brien really did his homework before writing this book, and with the help of Ms. Francis and all of her personal diaries from 1929- the late 50's. There is so much insight to this fascinating woman. I started to become interested in her ;when I started watching her movies, [...]

    3. Please see my detailed review at Graceann's "Kay Francis" Review"Scott O'Brien is a biographer I love to read, and I don't just say that because he's a friend. He is truthful, and doesn't hide from unsavory details, but he doesn't wallow in them, either. He also doesn't print prurient fantasies and then have the nerve to call his work "biography." Scott is objective, fair and respectful (but not worshipful). It's a fine line to walk, and he walks it well.

    4. Kay Francis was one of the most glamorous stars of the 30's. Largely forgotten today (as the title suggests, that's how she wanted it) except by fans of Turner Classic Movies, this entertaining and informative biography tells all the dirt on Francis, yet in a respectful and even affectionate way. O'Brien interviewed people who knew her and researched his subject well. I enjoyed seeking out and watching Kay's films as I read the book.

    5. If you already know and love Kay Francis, you'll learn a lot. Author Scott O'Brien takes you behind the scenes into Francis' private life, reveals her very interesting and important contribution to WW II morale, and details her post-Hollywood career as a legit stage actress.If you've never heard of Kay Francis, consider getting to know a very important movie star and fashion icon!

    6. Very well written and researched but I would have liked a bit more information and anecdotes about more of her movies and co-stars. Made me love her even more.

    7. I love old movies and I discivered Kay Francis while watching TCM. I had never heard of her, so I am reading her bio now. Fascinating!

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