Stormwitch It is and Ruba has just moved to Mississippi from Haiti to live with her Grandmother Jones This world is very different from her old life where she spent days beachcombing with Ba her maternal

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  • Title: Stormwitch
  • Author: Susan Vaught
  • ISBN: 9781582349527
  • Page: 234
  • Format: Hardcover
  • It is 1969, and Ruba has just moved to Mississippi from Haiti to live with her Grandmother Jones This world is very different from her old life, where she spent days beachcombing with Ba, her maternal grandmother, and learning the lore of magic and history that she holds close But magic isn t welcome in her new grandmother s house Ruba struggles to understand her strangIt is 1969, and Ruba has just moved to Mississippi from Haiti to live with her Grandmother Jones This world is very different from her old life, where she spent days beachcombing with Ba, her maternal grandmother, and learning the lore of magic and history that she holds close But magic isn t welcome in her new grandmother s house Ruba struggles to understand her strange surroundings and the hate that comes at her from some of the white people in town It isn t long before Ruba finds herself threatened by the KKK and drawn into the fight for civil rights But a hurricane barreling toward the coast changes everything, bringing Ruba and her family a measure of justice and a new acceptance.

    One thought on “Stormwitch”

    1. The book was well written. But I have a problem with a white person writing Black perspective. So I assume she got the white hate correct.

    2. Ruba is a Haitian girl who comes to live with her grandmother in Mississippi in the late 1960's after the death of her other grandmother in Haiti. Ruba's Haitian grandmother trained her in the magical powers of their African ancestors, but her Grandmother Jones is Christian and thinks Ruba's powers come from the devil. When they're caught up together in the sometimes violent fight for civil rights, Ruba and her grandmother have to work out their differences. The magic and the historical backgrou [...]

    3. A beautifully written story of a strong, young woman that is crafted with a mix of history and real-life events. I loved how the main character is strong. Only sixteen but trained to be a warrior, Ruba exhibits confidence and an intense will to fight in order to change the circumstances around her and protect those she loves. She also thinks for herself, has knowledge of her past and already knows who she is and what she was born to do. A very inspiring heroine.The main takeaway I found in the s [...]

    4. It is 1969, and 16-year-old Ruba is an orphan who has just emigrated from Haiti to Pass Christian, Mississippi to live with her Grandmother Jones after the loss of her other grandmother, Ba. Ruba is tattooed, strong, and proud of her African heritage. As the last living , descendant of the Dahomey people, it is her duty to defend the world and her ancestral king from the evil spirits in the form of hurricanes bent on destruction. As Ruba struggles to adjust to her new life including her Grandmot [...]

    5. Stormwitch by Susan Vaught is a science fiction, historical fiction, young adult novel that was right up my alley. I loved this book, and I think it would be perfect for any middle school classroom. The character of Ruba is a young girl raised in Haiti who suddenly had to take on a new life in Mississippi in the heat of the civil rights movement. This was an extremely interesting perspective because Ruba has the same perspective that our students would have of this time: an outsider. Although th [...]

    6. I quite liked this one. It was short and sweet, very enjoyable. The characters are well developed and true. The description is to the point and efficient. The plot is well threaded and involving.Maybe because I'm so used to reading stories about racism etc. ending badly, I was very pleasantly surprised by the happy ending on this one. It made me feel hopeful, which is always a bonus for a book.Another positive is that, despite being YA, this book feels a lot more mature than usual for the genre. [...]

    7. I devoured this in a morning, and I'm letting it settle under my skin. I really adore the blend of magic and realism, and the honest, unflinching perspective of the main character as she adjusts to the prejudices of Mississippi in the 1960s. A fresh perspective. In the end, it's the story about relationship between a girl and her two (seemingly different) grandmothers from two different cultures. The emotional payoff for the grandmother she's saying goodbye to is exquisite; for the new grandmoth [...]

    8. Stormwitch was a vivid conglomeration of history, fantasy, and family. The factual basis for the setting included a history of the only true women, who hailed from the African Kingdom of Dahomey in the early 1700s, as well as the Mississippi Coast in 1969. The author, Susan Vaught intricately weaved the history of the African mothers around the fight for racial equality in the south. Then Vaught sprinkled the historical occurrence of Hurricane Camille, which destroyed the Mississippi coast with [...]

    9. The story is appealing, powerful and inspiring. It chronicles the life of a young Haitian woman transplanted to Mississippi, who faces issues of racism and helps to fight a storm. Though I found the storyline of this novel appealing, I am not convinced that the cultural facts are accurate. In the novel, the character is referred to as wearing a dashiki… I am not an expert on Haitian culture but I am not sure how relevant the dashiki is in their garment (even in the 1960s). Although the magic a [...]

    10. Aimed younger than I usually read, but the benefit of that is that the writing keeps itself efficient; I would've liked more to it, especially to Ruba's memories of Haiti (did she miss anyone else besides Ba?), but the story gets in, tells itself, and gets out. Ruba is believably young and headstrong, so I sympathized but at the same time felt like her grandmother: Stooooop, you're going to get murdered! Then her grandma put me to shame by shrugging her shoulders and handling shit while I waited [...]

    11. This book deserves even more acclaim than it has received. It's my favorite YA novel of 2013. On the narrative level it's about a girl with a paranormal gift who can really send a message with her talent. No one in Mississippi can mess with this Haitian! Haitian immigrants to the U.S. are usually portrayed in fiction as victims, not heroes. That's very cool!But there's also the background about the woman warriors of Dahomey which in my opinion is even cooler!See the blog version of my review at [...]

    12. I thoroughly enjoyed this YA novel. It is my favorite YA novel I read this semester. The rich context of history that is given in this story enticed me. This novel is set in 1969 in the southern state of Mississippi. With prevalent issues of racism amidst the main character Ruba, who is from Haiti but has relocated to MS, feels the need to speak out against the racism. Ruba has a paranormal gift that she uses to send a strong message. The author, Susan Vaught, has written Ruba's character with a [...]

    13. I am blown away by Susan Vaught's writing powers--not just her craft, but her insights into different experiences, and her evocation of a historical era with careful detail and beautifully drawn characters. This was more than just a great YA novel. This was a masterpiece of historical speculative fiction.

    14. this book was amazing. and i do not say that lightly. its mystical *in the good way* and complicated and great. its about a young woman who moved from haiti to mississippi in 1969 and stepped into the crushing reality of the battles of the civil rights vs black power, christianity vs old religion. its so gooooooooood.

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