It's Not Menopause... I'm Just Like This

It s Not Menopause I m Just Like This Maxine s Guide to Aging Disgracefully

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  • Title: It's Not Menopause... I'm Just Like This
  • Author: John M. Wagner
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 105
  • Format: Paperback
  • Maxine s Guide to Aging Disgracefully.

    One thought on “It's Not Menopause... I'm Just Like This”

    1. This was one of those gems that I got in a book club white elephant gift exchange. Sadly, this book describes my life a little more than I'm comfortable with and I'm not even 30 yet! As Maxine says, "Like good wine, I grow more mellow with age. And, as I age, I grow more mellow with wine." This little gift book contains dozens of "Maxine-isms," i.e. hilarious musing about life an aging. She's crass and sassy and it's impossible not to like her little comics. An amusing quick read.

    2. I love reading Maxine books (or all items really!!)!! You get some really good laughs, even if the stuff is a little too close to home! Enjoyable book and illustrations.

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