Just Rewards

Just Rewards Continuing where Unexpected Blessings left off this title charts the varying fortunes of the great granddaughter of Emma Harte the original Woman of Substance and the powerful Harte clan

  • Title: Just Rewards
  • Author: Barbara Taylor Bradford
  • ISBN: 9780007197590
  • Page: 109
  • Format: Paperback
  • Continuing where Unexpected Blessings left off, this title charts the varying fortunes of the great granddaughter of Emma Harte the original Woman of Substance and the powerful Harte clan.

    One thought on “Just Rewards”

    1. I’ve been trying to read different types of books and this fit that. I’m not sure what genre this is, but I think I’d call it several seasons of a soap opera packed into one fairly long book. If I think of it in that way it really was a pretty good book. It isn’t life changing or deep, but it does have several sub-plots that wrap around the main plot and is more believable than many soap operas I’ve seen.

    2. Listened to the audio version and found it very interesting. There were a lot of people involved in the story, and three families so I had trouble sorting them all out. Very good story line.

    3. As I said above I have enjoyed this series from book one – A Woman of Substance. Emma Harte has become an idol of mine and I wish I could only be as strong of a woman as she was. Not only was she a strong woman she was a good mother who passed on a good values and work ethic to her children. She had two great friends in her life that eventually became family thru marriage of the three “clans” children. This only made each family have a stronger connection and bond with each other. To be a [...]

    4. So I've finally reached the end of the published books in the Emma Harte saga. I Mooched this copy of the final book in the series (although the ending definitely left it open for a further continuationbut I'm not sure any more books have been published since this one in 2006 or sookay, I just checked Bradford's website, and it seems that there is another book - which I do have but didn't realize was one of this series). This book was just as good as the others. The first will always be my favor [...]

    5. Bit disappointed with this one, that was meant to be the last and wrap it all up for us. Thought that the Hartes came across very obnoxious in this book, lets just change the wedding, and the poor bride's family not told and couldnt attend, wouldn't giving away your only daughter be so important to a father?, then again when the adopted daughter got blacklisted the Hartes wanted Evan's family to ignore her also.Not sure why that adopted sister was brought in, she did nothing. The evil relative d [...]

    6. I have to say that I was a bit disappointed with this book. Although I really enjoyed the previous Harte’s saga books, this one was a bit weak. The description of characters in general was good, and BTB certainly knows how to put you in the scene with her descriptions of rooms and dresses. However, I feel that a lot of points were left flying. Characters as Angharad were barely described, and I think it had a lot of villain potential. Also, JA…I like him as a villain, in the other books, he [...]

    7. Part of the Woman of Substance / Emma Harte series. Third book I’ve read in the series. Overall I enjoyed the storyline and appreciate the genealogy cheat sheet in the front of the book since I haven’t read the books consecutively and this clan is complex.While the enjoyment of this historical family saga full of strong women who run an English department store is still there and there is the black sheep of the family Jonathan Ainsley in the midst of the storyline, something fell short for m [...]

    8. I've gotten to know the characters in each of the past six books in the Woman of Substance series. I have really enjoyed each of these books and I recently received my Woman of Substance Trilogy DVD in the mailn't wait to watch the movies!! There really should be movies of ALL the books. Now, I know that at the end of this book, Jonathan is not dead, but will that storyline ever be resolved? Starting to read Breaking the Rules, but so far any characters related to Emma Harte are being kept "secr [...]

    9. My four-year-old picked this out for me at the library. She did a good job with the last book she picked for me; unfortunately, this one wasn't good. I got over a hundred pages into it, but finally decided that it wasn't worth finishing. It was a massive soap opera, with lots of characters, all intertwined. I couldn't keep some of the characters straight, and the story just wasn't moving along fast enough to keep me interested (just like a soap opera--you can turn it on years later and still be [...]

    10. This was a continuation of the Emma Harte saga and is a very good read as all the other books in the series were. It took me awhile to reacquaint myself with the characters, but after I did I enjoyed reading about their activities. I have always liked the author's writing style and those feelings are still there for this book. It was my understanding that this was the last of the series but she definitely left it so that there could be a continuation.

    11. A Woman of Substance became a favorite book when I first read it and I was so happy to read the sequel when it was first published. Now I am enjoying rereading the originals and all those that have followed. It is difficult to think that although the Third and Fourth generation are now running the stores that Emma would remain such an important figure to them all, but she does. I look forward to continuing the Harte Saga.

    12. I never know if I can say I "read" a book that I actually listened to I took an impromptu road-trip last week, and picked this up at the library on CD to keep me entertained. It did the trickutty, stupid, improbable.ghtful! It cracked me up how all the characters, both male and female, were read by one performer, and the various accents etcgood stuff!

    13. Couldn't find any other books on my reading list, so I just grabbed this one. It was O.K. and kept me occupied, but this one book had such a large family tree that it was confusing to keep up with the characters. I think that I might try one of her other books, as I really did enjoy her writing style.

    14. i love sagasjust started reading,waiting to finish it !that's how i felt when i started reading it. but i guess -after it took me almost two months to finish it- i didn't like it at all! i mean there is only that person who threatens the family and some other events here and there. they kept on praising their great grandmother as if she was the savor or something.

    15. A continued story of Emma Harte's family this one dealing with her Grandchildren's coming of age and taking control of the business. I love this series and it doesnt matter what order you read the series in but would make more sense to start at the beginning This one will leave you wanting to read the next as it leaves you with a cliff hanger !!

    16. This book was just alright. There was too much detail in some places and then almost none in other areas that I actually wanted to know more. It did take me longer than my average book to read, mostly cause I really couldnt connect with any of the characters. I hope the next book to follow will be better.

    17. Wow, this series just got worse and worse for me. Too much descriptionothes, furniture, people, houses. Terrible dialogue. Who talks like this? I appreciate the diversity in readers' taste (those of you who loved this series) but these last few books have terrible writing, predictable outcomes and enticing storylines that are let downs.

    18. You know. melodramatic girly novel about this well-to-do family in England that runs a Harrod's-style department store founded by the Matriarch. Really, it centers around three families (I could kind-of half-bother to keep them all straight). Fantastic for escapism; a nice, easy read. True Love and intrigue (plus a life I wouldn't mind having); I can't complain.

    19. What a blah book. Skipped parts that could have been explained on, spoke about useless stuff, that has been repeated at times! So very different from the gripping first book. The storyline description was absolutely nothing like the book. When the events happened, they were virtually mentioned in a passage and that was it. Neh :(

    20. I read all six of these books. They were interesting, but as each book went on and the family grew larger it was difficult figuring out who was who. The ending really wasn't an ending, so I'm wondering if there will be yet another book coming. I hope not.

    21. As I had only read the first of the series I was a bit in the dark at times and got the characters a bit mixed up at times and had to refer back to previous pages to sort myself out. Not sure if I am going to read the next in the series if there is one.

    22. Book 6 in the series kept me interested in the outcome for the family. I'll go for the 7th book and see if my one big question is answered. I have plenty of other books to read but I do like to wrap up a series.

    23. This is a book in a series and so I would start with the first book at work towards this last one, I started towards the end with the third to last book and now I am going to have to go back to the beginning but it is a very good book if you like romance and mystery.

    24. This one featured Evan and Gid with the twins being born. Robin and Edwina both died in this one. India got married and Jonathon and Evan's sister started a relationship and at the end he is very badly hurt and she is married to him with a child on the way. I am sure there will be another one.

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