I Did Tell, I Did: The True Story of a Little Girl Betrayed by Those Who Should Have Loved Her

I Did Tell I Did The True Story of a Little Girl Betrayed by Those Who Should Have Loved Her Cassie was just a little girl who wanted to be loved Betrayed by her mother in the most horrific manner and abused by her uncle she had to fight to survive the demons of her past

  • Title: I Did Tell, I Did: The True Story of a Little Girl Betrayed by Those Who Should Have Loved Her
  • Author: Cassie Harte
  • ISBN: 9780007330881
  • Page: 315
  • Format: Paperback
  • Cassie was just a little girl who wanted to be loved Betrayed by her mother in the most horrific manner, and abused by her uncle , she had to fight to survive the demons of her past.

    One thought on “I Did Tell, I Did: The True Story of a Little Girl Betrayed by Those Who Should Have Loved Her”

    1. I didn't like this book much, for some reason I believed the writer was looking for fame and acceptance, that why i couldn't relate to her pain. For every awful action she encountered and accepted, she had to justify it to her own favour. In this book she described herself as the victimised Mother who sacrificed her life for her kids. I didn't see any sacrifice toward her son who she abandoned. And after reuniting with him, she lost him again because of her cold and pathetic promise to the adopt [...]

    2. These stories always amaze me - some people are so unbelievably strong and don't realise it. No one should have to put up with half of what Cassie had to endure and I applaud her for getting through it and coming out the other side with a wonderful husband two doting daughters. Her mum never wanted her and treated her as a nobody. Her dad was a wimp and I couldn't bring myself to like him either - he wouldn't stand up for Cassie in front of her mum as then she had a 'illness' attack - and that c [...]

    3. Cassie Harte was born to a mother who never wanted her, and a father who could never stand up to that mother for the cruel way she treated their little daughter. There were no hugs, no birthday parties, no christmas worth remembering for little Cassie. That in itself was bad enough, but for Cassie there was a whole lot more heartache in store.I have to say that I'm amazed by this womans strength, the things she has accomplished, and her sheer will to live. So many people in her situtation would [...]

    4. Very sad book, i would have loved to have given her the biggest hug whilst reading this and tell her it would be ok. Such a sad story of a lonely child whos siblings were treated like gold and she was like a piece of dirt that came off a shoe. Her mother hated her with a passion for no good reason even turning a blind eye while her daughter was abused for years and calling her a liar when Cassie dared to speak out. It will bring a tear to anyones eye, it certainly did to mine.

    5. This is a deeply emotional story of extreme sexual abuse, and terrible child abuse. It was very well written (I don't know what the other reviewer was talking about when she said the book was repetitive - the author's life was repetitive, these aweful things repetatively happened to her). If you can stomach the subject matter, it's definitely worth a read.

    6. This was a dreadful life and one that no one should have to go through. It made me cry and yet amazed at how she turned her life around. She should have been a credit to her Mother not a trial. She makes me feel humble.

    7. A girl who got abused by her father since she was young. She have no one to turn to and a mother who doesn't believe her. It's a heart breaking true story that's gonna make you realise how lucky you are.

    8. Once again I am rating a book with 5 stars, but the thing is - I am not a great reader and only go past page 30 if I love it. I read this book in one day and cried like a baby. Worth reading if you don't mind getting a little upset.

    9. What an amazing true story and how brave of the author to share it with the world. To grow up in a house where you are not loved is hard to imagine (having come from a very loving household) but the horrors Cassie faced were unthinkable! What a poignant story!

    10. I don't know if I just have a heart for these books, but this was one I really enjoyed. I particularly liked reading about her childhood, about her memories, about her troubling problems.I felt bad for her, particularly in regards to her "uncle".

    11. This Book Was soo sad, Cassie Harte Is Such an Insperation To us, what she went through was real emotional Disturbing Abuse, I hope she goes far, she deserves to be happy.

    12. This book made me absolutely cry and infuriated with some of today's parents. There are some people who should just not be allowed to have children!

    13. I found it extremely sad, and was very upset that she could not see her son anymore not much I can say really, you have to read it to get the full emotions.

    14. This is a very difficult book to read Several times I had to set it aside for a moment How any one could treat a child like that is beyond me I'm sad the mother and the creepy pervert didn't die in prison.

    15. Very touching story. It was based on a love hate relationship. She never stopped trying. Heart wrenching. This story will touch you deeply.

    16. Dwie książki z tego cyklu mam za sobą. Oceniam je raczej, jako średnie, ale czasami mam potrzebę wzięcia się za lekturę, która mną wstrząśnie. Potrzebuję czytelniczego oczyszczenia ze wszystkich emocji. Dlatego po przeczytaniu opisu „Pokochaj mnie mamo” zdecydowałam się zapoznać z tą lekturą. Po przeczytaniu dwóch rozdziałów książki czułam wzbierającą we mnie złość. Cassie od samego początku nie była kochana przez swoją mamę. Była przez nią poniżana, bita [...]

    17. This was a sad horrific tell of one little girl trying to find love from someone who wouldn't hurt her, her mom. Cassie held on to the hope that someday she would be good enough for this person to love her just a little. She sought out protection from the one person who was suppose to pretect her no matter what, but just kept throwing her into the fire. If it hadn't been for Cassies's best friend Claire and her family Cassie may not have made it. It is a terrible thing when A child tries to hold [...]

    18. This is a truly awful thing that happened to her, but as far as the writing goes it's really badly written and very repetitive, at one point I thought my bookmark had been messed with and that I was reading the same chapter again, but it turned out that it was just repeating the same stuff from a previous chapter almost word for word.

    19. Hope for CassieKept me interested. Kept waiting and hoping Cassie would get the answers she so desperately wanted. To make a life from such brutal abuse was commendable. Couldn't put book down.

    20. It was one of the first books I read, and I was probably only in the 5th or 6th grade - just goes to show that age doesn't matter when it comes to another girl's relatable experiences Cassie Harte's writing is just touching and makes you all emotional.

    21. A brilliant, life-changing bookCassie tells her story so clearly and truthfully. How she managed to get through her horrific childhood and young adult life so bravely and turn her life around afterwards really made me cry. She is a wonderful person and I wish her all the best.

    22. the story was very hard to read in parts but compelling to some extent. She isn't a great writer though, it wasn't written very well, but a quick read for the most part.

    23. My ReviewI chose this rating because I thought that it was good. Upsetting but yet healing in its own way. Some may disagree but they should read it before passing bad judgement.

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