Sex Tips For Girls: Lust, Love, and Romance from the Lives of Single Women

Sex Tips For Girls Lust Love and Romance from the Lives of Single Women Cynthia Heimel is the author of seven books and numerous columns and articles She lives in Oakland California with her boyfriend his son and too many dogs

  • Title: Sex Tips For Girls: Lust, Love, and Romance from the Lives of Single Women
  • Author: Cynthia Heimel
  • ISBN: 9780671477257
  • Page: 440
  • Format: Paperback
  • Cynthia Heimel is the author of seven books and numerous columns and articles She lives in Oakland, California, with her boyfriend, his son and too many dogs.

    One thought on “Sex Tips For Girls: Lust, Love, and Romance from the Lives of Single Women”

    1. Without this glorious, hilarious, and enlightening book, an entire generation of ten-year-olds might never have had access to detailed instructions on the mechanics of giving great head.Cynthia Heimel is one of the rare authors whom it was not a crushing disappointment to meet. When my sister and I produced our much-loved copy of this (stolen, strangely-enough, from our stepdad-like figure, who'd explained he bought it when single in the eighties to keep informed about "what They were thinking") [...]

    2. It's a little scary, how much my girlfriends and I obsessed over this book in the 1980s. To this day, any time I say anything slightly funny, eventually I realize I'm just aping Cynthia Heimel's hilarious style.

    3. Ho comprato questo libro (anche se con copertina diversa, nel mio c'è una stampa di Roy Lichtenstein e la scritta "If only my mother had told me") nell'estate del 2003 quando ero in vacanza (per studiare eh, mica per altro) in California.Mi ero pazzamente innamorata di un pingue francese di nome Thomas, che non era bello ma aveva il suo perché, almeno credo, ho rivisto le sue foto e non ricordo esattamente quale fosse questo perché. Dato che frequentavamo il corso di slang (l'avevo detto che [...]

    4. I first read this book when I was 13, and it changed my life. The extent to which Heimel's views on love, humour, sexuality, relations between the genders, and style inform my own is unfathomable. The combination of the title and the racy cover tend to make the uninitiated think this will be yet another Cosmo-style handbook on How to Please a Man in Bed (so he won't leave you, because if you aren't flawless in bed no man has any incentive to stick around, obviously, and without a man what is you [...]

    5. I think this book is hilarious and a must read for men and women. However, it should be viewed as a guide for sex as in the way that "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenence" is understood as an actual handbook on Zen or motorcycles. In Pirsig's "Zen", Zen and motorcycles are used as images of freedom and spirituality for a man finding himself. Sex is used largely in the same way for Heimel: a vehicle to express the new freedoms and emotional turmoil young adults face as they wrestle with adul [...]

    6. A really good natured humorous book with a lot of practical advice. Communicates that sex is supposed to be fun and offers some advice on how to make it so.The only actual detail I remember from it though was some random advice about shoes - how all you needed was a pair of running shoes, black boots and red pumps. Can't remember how this fit in with the main topic, but somehow it did.I also read Cynthia Heimel's If You Can't Live Without Me Why Aren't You Dead yet, which wasn't nearly as useful [...]

    7. "Nobody wants to be in a Joan Crawford movie."Simply the most hilarious, true, honest, brash, ridiculous book ever written for the woman who dates and has sex and doesn't feel guilty about herself for living her life. Just laugh your way through this one, note its stunning, beautiful truth, and recommend it to all your friends who like to have water blow out of their noses when they read something crazy funny."Q: Should you sleep with a man on the first date? A: No, you should not. This is a har [...]

    8. This book is from 1983 and there are some ways in which it is enormously dated -- advising against condom use is the biggest example that comes to mind. It also assumes that 'girls' means cis het girls who really want to be sleeping with men and are perhaps upset because they can't find a boyfriend (or at least a sex partner). But with all that taken as the starting assumption, the book is definitely a feminist take on dating and sex for women, and I both found it really funny in places & go [...]

    9. I now adore Cynthia Heimel, and when I finished the book I read on the back that she has authored 7 books. The book is hilarious, sexy, and even poignant. A great read finished in just a few days. It leaves me feeling like I need a roadtrip and some adventure. Just a few tips from the book: Give fear exceedingly short shrift. Have adventures. Shun boredom. Eschew anything trivial, and embrace all that is frivolous. But there is one simple rule you must follow in order to be blindingly beautiful: [...]

    10. Helpful, if not somewhat intimidating, this book is about much, much more than sex. It's basiclly a survival guide to being female, without having to go into any super-icy anatomy lessons about this part or that part. My mom actually gave me this book as a teenager, I think she was afraid that I was in for the shock of my life or something. For the most its mostly a humorous illustration of things that can go wrong and right, things that go BUMP IN THE NIGHT (yeah, I went there), and the made up [...]

    11. I yanked this from a college roommate's bookshelf one day in 1999, thinking it might make for some nice afternoon porn. What I discovered was not porn, but instead, a refreshing, hysterical look at dating, sex, and the lack thereof. She is the overlooked, original Carrie Bradshaw, with a better sense of comic timing. I spent the next two years on a desperate search for everything else, in and out of print, this woman has written. This book is such a treat. May it never go out of print.

    12. This book is pure gold. The section 'Sex on Drugs' is gold covered with diamond dust. You'd never think a book that gives play-by-play instructions on how to give a blow job could be so classy . . . I don't think I've read this since (like everyone else here, it seems) I was about 14, but I remember it quite well. Much better, in fact, then say, Anna Karenina, which I only read last year. Hmmmm . . . .

    13. This book is said to have been the book that inspired the book that inspired the television show "Sex And The City." Plausible. Great comedic delivery. My only two complaints have to do with the outdated nature of the book: Condoning the eschewal of condoms and references to "hunks" such as Tom Selleck. Also, Heimel makes it sound as though every woman is just dying to have a boyfriend and is hopeless without one. Barf.

    14. This is an interesting read and gives important advice on many things although the book is a tad on the old side. Not all the advice applies to today because of changes in society obviously, it's no longer the 1980's. However, some still applies even today to women. Some parts were boring and others were hilarious. Overall it was a fairly interesting read but a tad behind the times.

    15. Before Sex in the City, there was Sex Tips for Girls, Heimel's hilarious, honest and very feminist handbook about love, sex and dating in the 1980s. I am writing this from memory because my dog-eared copy was lost long ago, but I still remember her advice on wearing stockings instead of pantyhose because you'll always look like you have secret.Good advice.

    16. This book is hilarious - or at least I thought it was when I first read it, probably in like '92, upon the recommendation of my friend Dave, who told me she used to write a column in the Voice (I think?) called Problem Lady. All of Heimel's books are actually pretty funny, but I think this one is the best.

    17. One of my long-time faves, Cynthia Heimel was Chelsey Handler and Candace Bushnell before anybody knew who they were. This book by now is dated, but at the time I read it was one of the funniest books I had ever read (I was only 20 at the time, so gimme a break). My favorite chapter is the Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll Diet.

    18. It's a bit dated now, but this is still a hilarious look at sex, dating, and relationships from one of my favorite humor authors. Also, her essay on creativity is one of my favorite pieces of writing ever:"When in doubt, make a fool of yourself. There is a microscopically thin line between being brilliantly creative and acting like the most gigantic idiot on earth. So what the hell, leap."

    19. Hilarious! I bought a copy of this book at an antique store so that I could read passages during my best friend's bachelorette party. I ended up reading the whole thing, mostly out loud, the night before. I loved all of the advice on how to pick up men when traveling and the passage about the "rock star dating diet", complete with coke binges and groupie tactics.

    20. I read this back in the last age--- read it, in fact, when it was new. And, okay, it's dated. But it's still wickedly hilarious. As a male of a certain age, I'll admit to reading this in the hope of finding out what hip girls wanted, back in my Lost Youth. I probably still--- for better or worse ---rely on what I learned here.

    21. Entertaining, light-hearted book. Funny too. Great read for single women (or a refresher course on why you don't want to be single again). A bit awkward when your little boy is looking for a book on your shelves, and notices the title.

    22. I love Cynthia Heimel! Had the pleasure of meeting her at a book signing and she did not disappoint - these modern chick lit authors pale in comparison. I have always avoided the Kiwi - thanks for the tips!

    23. This is a re-read -- I remember sneaking it off my aunt's bookshelf when I was 14. I'm sure it was quite revolutionary for its early 1980's day, but it's pretty dated now. Still funny in many parts.

    24. okay this book was so much fun. a friend handed it to me and said i know it was written in 1983, but Heimel is funny and brilliant and withstands time. it's true, she does and although the movie references are outdated, her sarcasm, wit and soul baring truths holds up.

    25. This is one of the funniest books I've ever read. It's probably a bit dated now, but I still think it's terrific. I can't actually say why without being obscene, so if you find that endorsement tantilizing, read it.

    26. Sex Tips for Everyone Who Likes Sex, really. Heimel has a delightful banter that draws you in, while talking to you about relationship structure and self-worth in a way that I know transcends gender. It's witty, interesting, and informative.

    27. Racy title, which covers a whole host of topics, actually. She is one terrific humor writer, and she loves dogs, too. I need to reread it one of these days I remember laughing out loud during some of it.

    28. I red this book years and years ago. I love it. It was one of the funniest things I had read at the time. I used to give copies of it to all my girlfriends.

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