Blue Wizard Is about to Die!: Prose, Poems, and Emoto-Versatronic Expressionist Pieces about Video Games, 1980-2003

Blue Wizard Is about to Die Prose Poems and Emoto Versatronic Expressionist Pieces about Video Games The first collection of poetry about video games ever published BWIATD takes its readers on a psychotic and hilarious tour through the arcade and console games of the Eighties and beyond Funny appro

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  • Title: Blue Wizard Is about to Die!: Prose, Poems, and Emoto-Versatronic Expressionist Pieces about Video Games, 1980-2003
  • Author: Seth Fingers Flynn Barkan
  • ISBN: 9780974100005
  • Page: 427
  • Format: Paperback
  • The first collection of poetry about video games ever published, BWIATD takes its readers on a psychotic and hilarious tour through the arcade and console games of the Eighties and beyond Funny, approachable, and beautifully illustrated by Warren Wucinich, BWIATD is sure to delight and thrill anyone who enjoys or has enjoyed playing video games.

    One thought on “Blue Wizard Is about to Die!: Prose, Poems, and Emoto-Versatronic Expressionist Pieces about Video Games, 1980-2003”

    1. Gendered and homophobic slurs, one racial epithet, and two crass and pointless uses of "rape" (one as a show of domination over an opponent, the other a metaphor from a male narrator playing a male video game character). The poems are pretty shitty otherwise, mostly just maudlin garbage banking on your weakness for nostalgia, but this other shit makes it double shitty. I can't say with any certainty that it's THE WORST book of poetry released in 2003, but I can say with absolute certainty that i [...]

    2. Poetry works best when you have shared experiences with the poets. There are some that can transcend that, but the majority are referential rather than creative. That being said, Mr. Barkan and I have a lot of experiences in common, so the poetry here worked well for me. About, and featuring, video games and their impact on his young life, there were a lot of moments that I could directly relate to, or understand very well. Kid Icarus in particular was a very evocative poem.That 3/4 of the book [...]

    3. While the poetic voice is an accurate depiction of the vicious young online gaming culture, I found it difficult to solicit my brain for comparable memories and images when the majority of my focus is spent searching for a trace of something likable. In reading about video games, I expect to rise above the level of gaming vitriol and explore the medium with curiosity, but with grotesque language running so rampant, wielded by an author unsure of the emotional power of the words he's using (altho [...]

    4. I got to 14% of the ebook.I really, really dislike modern poetry. Mostly, because it's written in such a way, that it's really hard for a regular reader to distinguish it from gibberish. The line between "art" and "being a pointless piece of crap from a person who can mimic being an artist by sheer randomness and nonsense" is very, very thin.Sorry, I can't appreciate this.

    5. I don't know that there was an individual poem in this collection that I loved, but upon completion, Blue Wizard left me with a feeling of nostalgia, which is impressive because I've never been a video game junkie. So Barkan's accomplishment is that he shares his love of games in a way that made me miss games I never played. Or is it a feeling of sadness at a life lived virtually?

    6. Hit and miss (though more miss) for me. I've never read a collection of poems and prose and (expressionist) pieces before and figured a video game-themed collection might be a good place to start. Despite liking the cover art and title (and a handful of pieces), a lot of the nuance went over my head.

    7. These poems are a laugh-out-loud trip down memory lane for Any Videogame playing, Atari through next generation systems child of the 70's. The dank arcades, the sprained fingers, cheat codes, blocky pixelated memories of childhood. The colorful language is a little excessive, but other than that, a fun read for the right niche audience.

    8. More videogames reference than poems book. The best part is the final part with the notes about the games on the poems.

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