Shinobi Life, Vol. 05

Shinobi Life Vol It s back to the past for Kagetora and Beni who are desperate to finally escape her father s manipulations But when they are separated along the journey what will happen to Beni who is now complete

  • Title: Shinobi Life, Vol. 05
  • Author: Shoko Conami
  • ISBN: 9781427816467
  • Page: 143
  • Format: Paperback
  • It s back to the past for Kagetora and Beni, who are desperate to finally escape her father s manipulations But when they are separated along the journey, what will happen to Beni, who is now completely on her own, lost a long, long time ago Kagetora desperately fights to find her once again, but in the meantime, Beni meets some surprising new companions

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    1. UGH, NO. This is not what I wanted to happen. They're apart again, and so far, she hasn't even tried to figure out how to find him. Thank goodness I have the next two volumes standing by and can hopefully get past this aggravating nonsense!*sigh* That was harsh - it's not nonsense. It's a legitimately good story. I'm just mad. Sorry, book. I'm sure you're very nice, this just isn't working for me. So I'm moving on to the next volume where I can hopefully find something happier.

    2. The writing still isn't the best, but the crappy art feels like it's improving a bit, which is nice. It's always neat to see a manga's art go through a "maturity" process.

    3. see full review @ Katie's CornerThere are so many mangas that I love and say that are my favourites. Okay, plainly said I love this manga, and well, I thought that I should cover it, or my mind wouldn’t stop nagging me about it.Why I do love this story so much, that I’ve read it about 5 times? Well, it has my favourite themes: Shinobi (ninja) and time slips. Yes, yes, you’ve heard me tight. There are that ninjas, similar to Naruto ones (if anyone watched that anime you’ll know what I’m [...]

    4. I'm already getting a hold on the story. I'm starting to guess some things. My guess is: that this has already happened and Kagetora has known Benni since childhood, so when he saw the dream when he asked Benni hime if he had ever seen her before, was not just a dream, it was a memory! And I'm guessing, that Benni's is going to be erased, so when she meets Kagetora in the future she won't recognize him.One thing is resolved once and for all: Kagetora has always loved Benni and not the hime!!! YA [...]

    5. Chapters 20-24.This volume was excellent! We get to see Hitaki and Kagetora's background through present action! Loved the new guy, Renkaku who raised Kagetora - you can see why Kagetora is such a good person. I have to say I'd like to see Hitaki reunited with his brother as well. And we get another villain - the head ninja guy.Art wise I wish there were more background scenery like in Black BirdTTOM LINE: We're in the past, yay!

    6. While on the run, Beni and Kagetora find themselves in the past.n. Except that now they got separated. To make matters worse or well, confusing, Beni finds that she went a little to far into the past and meets a young Kagetora and Hitaku and a certain familiar face though she doesn't recognize himt. She's then told how the conflict between Hitaku and Kagetora began and why. All I can say is poor, poor Hitaku.

    7. La historia de Hitaki es muy triste al igual que la de Rihito, creo que ahora los entiendo mejor :( pero lo que más me interesa es la historia de Kagetora así que no puedo esperar para empezar el siguiente volumen :)

    8. Backstory! Oh my goodness, we have backstory! and it's heart-rending backstory. We're pulling a Fushigi Yuugi now and totally making you love the bad guys and want them to be redeemed because otherwise it's JUST NOT FAIR!WHY MUSTY OU BREAK MY HEART LIKE THIS?Yeah. Gonna keep reading.

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