Cethe Human like but not human the nara ruled Tanyrin for centuries The most feared among them were their naragi sorcerers whose power was all but invincible Not until the coming of Arami Lothlain King

  • Title: Cethe
  • Author: BeccaAbbott
  • ISBN: 9781440444425
  • Page: 176
  • Format: Paperback
  • Human like, but not human, the nara ruled Tanyrin for centuries The most feared among them were their naragi, sorcerers whose power was all but invincible Not until the coming of Arami Lothlain, King of Tanyrin and Blessed of Loth, did the rein of the nara come to a bloody end For four hundred years afterwards, the land was at peace.Stefn Eldering was the youngest son oHuman like, but not human, the nara ruled Tanyrin for centuries The most feared among them were their naragi, sorcerers whose power was all but invincible Not until the coming of Arami Lothlain, King of Tanyrin and Blessed of Loth, did the rein of the nara come to a bloody end For four hundred years afterwards, the land was at peace.Stefn Eldering was the youngest son of the Earl of Shia, the last in a long, proud line of demon hunters He was also a sin catcher, living proof of God s displeasure, the shame of his existence atonement for the sins of his ancestors Michael Arranz was the son of a duke and one of the despised h naran, half bloods cursed with the blood of the nara running through their veins Of all the h nara, his family alone was immune from the persecution of the powerful Church of Loth, protected by an ancient covenant.In ordinary times, the paths of Michael and Stefn would never have crossed Alas, times were no longer ordinary The latest of the Lothlain kings was a weakling, unable to curb the ambitions of an increasingly powerful, corrupt clergy Famine stalked the land Fear of the h nara, fanned by the Church, spread tentacles everywhere Tanyrin teetered on the edge of chaos.A loyal and devoted friend to Tanyrin s crown prince, Michael could refuse Severyn Lothlain nothing, not even when Severyn asked the unspeakable of him Determined to wrest the throne from his brother, Severyn intended nothing less than the resurrection of the ancient naragi Michael, whose naran blood was the purest in Tanyrin, was the logical choice But for Michael to become what mankind feared most, he needed a conduit through which to take the powerful, dangerous magic of the Dark Stream He needed a man who carried the ancient blood of the cethera.He needed Stefn Eldering.___ This book is published by SL Publishing Group slpublishinggroup

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    1. One of those books I wish I could give ten stars to. Admittedly, this is pretty much my ideal book: a complex, engrossing fantasy world, with two wonderful leads, vivid secondary characters, and plenty of sex. It’s unafraid of going to some pretty dark places, but I found nothing gratuitous at all, and the author’s overall attitude was affirming not cynical. I thought Abbot dealt fairly with the brutal complexities of her world: the abuses taking place in the land are grotesque; consequently [...]

    2. When I started reading this book I was hooked. The writing was fantastic, the world building breathtaking and the story outstanding. Watching Michael and Stefn’s relationship develop from that of captor and victim to friendship and later love was very satisfying. Their travels through the world of the humans and nara were intriguing, as were the political battles going on around them. I couldn’t get enough of it. And then they were separated by the spoiled, jealous prince Severyn. Everything [...]

    3. I would love to find out what happened to Remy in the end. I would love to know if Severyn liked his little wife. I would love to know if there is going to be a sequel, even a short one. There are a lot of things that are left unfinished. The story, I thought, slowed down considerably around page 350 or so, but picked up again later, though I had a feeling it was a little rushed towards the end. It was somewhat frustrating to deal with such uneven flow. However, I can't deny - I am in love with [...]

    4. Normally this would be the type of story I like, but the characters reactions were not convincing at all and simply made me appalled and disgusted by the story. Stefn was raped by Michael in the beginning to make him his cethe, and fair enough, after almost no time passed Stefn acts towards him as if nothing happened and it didn't bother him at all. And that was exactly what made me dislike the story to a degree I can't even begin to describe.Stefn gets whipped by Michaels grandfather and after [...]

    5. Almost 5 stars. but I will be generous with it because it's exactly the type of book I love and look for all the time - long fantasy story with a significant gay romantic subplot. It also had the hate-each-other-in-the-begining thing. And cool magic that can be powered by gay smut XD What more can a fangirl ask for?Bad points that make me hesitate about the 5 stars include:- several loose ends (like the seme's father and his health problems that were never properly explained and that was hinted [...]

    6. 01/18/13: Revised rating after a couple of years of reading m/m: from 4 to 3.This book kept me on edge until the very end. It's a hard journey, full of violence and magic. And love. Eventually.The love story of this book begins in the most non-romantic way: a rape. Stefn, the human protagonist, has the Blood. It's not really explained what this means or why this happens, we later learn that through sex he can give to naragi, a supposedly extinct race of Dark mages, the energy they need to perfor [...]

    7. 1/13/14 rereadI can't believe I never mentioned it before, but the storyline is completely archetypal classic yaoi. You know, with the rape-love thing going on. Seme pm rapes uke. Seme fucks with ukes head by telling him he orgasmed, therefore he enjoyed it, invited it, secretly craves it, so it wasn't rape. Uke goes into crisis. Stockholm starts setting in. Uke, meanwhile, starts emitting uke-pheromones upon initiation as uke, and therefore gets kidnapped and almost (or actually) brutally raped [...]

    8. I have waited a long time to hold a book by Becca Abbott in my hot little hands. Her stories were always filled with pain and heartache, yet tempered with passion and sweetness. SL Publishing has picked a real gem to be their first foray into print books. This is going to appeal to the yaoi fans, as well as to fans of m/m fiction who want a good dose of high fantasy with their relationships. I happen to be a sucker for high fantasy, so this book pushed all of my happy buttons. Stefn is a sin-eat [...]

    9. Oh my. It would be easier to list the things I didn't like about this story than the things I did, but that wouldn't be very nice, would it? I loved this. Loved. It. It's a fantasy, a well-done fantasy, with excellent world-building. The cities, forests, fields, castles - all the settings were wonderfully detailed without boring the reader. The background - a conflict between the forces of the Church and the mystical people called h'naran and their human allies - was well-thought out and complex [...]

    10. Wow, I can't believe I can add it to so many of my shelves. This book did not leave a good impression. For once "it was OK" is as accurate as I can get.The basic arc - war against the king and obnoxiously corrupt Church (subtlety, my people) - was barely entertaining, yet eerily appealing. However the rebel leader (no spoilers) didn't actually do much after the beginning of the novel. One could probably say he had already everything in place, the right alliances, the whatever, except for a nara [...]

    11. What a disappointing book! It *could* have been a great story, there was heaps of potential passion between Stefn and his mage'master'Michael. However it just didn't materialise. The 'romantic' sex was so quick, it was as if the author was embarrassed to be writing it. She seemed to want to be writing a straight fantasy, with all of the worldbuilding in the book, that it weighed down the m/m romance. The author became quite obsessed with the back stories of characters i cared nothing for and his [...]

    12. There's something about Becca Abbott's writing style that very likeable and appealing. I had really enjoyed her online fanfiction, especially the 2 lengthy Ai No Kusabe fanfic stories which are each outstanding (if you don't mind lots of noncon), and I also enjoyed Cethe thoroughly. The book is well-written, the world is interesting, and yes the romance in this one is a little formulaic but it still grabbed me and since this is a longer book the progression from enemies/master-slave to true love [...]

    13. This is my kind of fantasy— a well described world of wizards and magic, political plotting and intrigue, action and adventure, and a pair of feuding lovers who take their time getting in sync. Lots of lovely slow burn. This book has been on my TBR list forever. I don’t know why it took me so long to get to it, but I really enjoyed it. It did take a little while for me to get into the story, to get the lay of the land— typical with in-depth fantasies, I think— but once it came together I [...]

    14. It took me three days to get through this book. For me, a fast reader, it is unusual. But the book was that intense - I had to leave it from time to time to just come up for air.Becca Abbott does an excellent job of developing her story. The two MCs, Michael and Stefn, are more or less thrown together out of necessity. The interplay with Prince Severyn as a very important supporting character - hmmm, almost a MC himself - is well done. Oh, heck, the whole book is well done. I have not been so we [...]

    15. 3.5 starsI have mixed feelings about this story. I really liked the underlying plot, yet I found it slightly unbalanced in its execution. There are lots of brutal scenes throughout the novel (which I usually am fine with, provided it fits the storyline) that left me feeling uncomfortable, as the ramifications of these scenes seemed to be skimmed over. (view spoiler)[In fact, one scene was really difficult to accept. Stefn had just been brutally gang-raped, when Michael rescues him. Michael heals [...]

    16. 3.5 stars.4 stars for the story. This was a nice fantasy novel, with plenty of solid world-building. Engaging writing, well-described customs and history and a fascinating plot. 2 stars for the romance part. Unfortunately, the relationship between Michael and Stefn didn't live up to the rest of the book. What little sparks were there, were drowned out by the political events and the back-and-forth traveling the heroes incessantly did throughout the book. I just wanted them to slow down and explo [...]

    17. 4.5 StarsI really liked this and it launched me back into re-reading a whole load of fantasy stuff I have.I loved the in depth characters, the world building and the action. Would really love to read more about this world

    18. Great high fantasy, but it wrapped up too quickly for me. Also, one MC takes soooo much abuse; I was cringing the entire final 25%. So it felt unfinished and rushed to end where it did.

    19. First off, I can't stop repeating that the cover is gorgeous! Feimo did a great job by creating this amazing work of art! I must say, that the book was almost as good as the cover. I was absolutely in love with the characters! The realm was also a very interesting place to investigate. So, yes, I loved this book and the news regarding a sequel was a very welcome piece of information.It seems that I can praise this book forever! Though there were some things that I rather disliked. So now we are [...]

    20. I have read better plots in this author's fanfiction than the one written in this book. It was very disappointing, but I do not regret buying the book to support one of my favorite fiction authors. Although the relationship between the main pairing is interesting, the boring political meetings and the switching POVs really ruin this book for me. Perhaps I was looking for a story more focused to the relationship, but in this one I felt it didn't give enough attention to the cethe and it didn't gi [...]

    21. Apparently I forgot to rate this one, I feel like I read it a long time ago but it's only been two weeks. Anyway, I would have given this one 4 stars if it was part of a series. The book doesn't wrap everything up in a neat little bow and that bothered me. This could have easily been book one of a series. So I'm hoping at some point in time that there is a second because I liked the characters and the romance it felt genuine and I enjoyed going through the journey with them.

    22. Thanks Cole for the nudge. :) After 8 months sitting around I finally and gladly got to it. Wonderful intricate world, political intrigue, questionable characters, intense actions scenes, twisty surprises, tough, violent and cruel to read at times and I ate it all up. I didn't find the ending all that satisfying after everything this author put me through and it left me with a ton of questions left unanswered.

    23. The beautiful cover is a great match for the lovely innards of this book. Character and relationship development was fairly even and quite believable; world building was done well without being over-bloated by too many details or purple prose; major conflicts had satisfying resolutions. By the end of this fairly long novel, I was wishing for more!Definitely recommend this to a romance and/or fantasy fan.

    24. Enjoyable well-written m/m fantasy slave read.'A sudden fierce pain, like a sword, went through Stefn's heart. He was abruptly, vividly, wretchedly, aware of the lethet.None of it was real. The tenderness, the sweet words, it was all naragi magic. Without it, Michael Arrantz would never have looked twice at the puny sin-catcher of Shia.'

    25. Man, oh man. first of all, i hate to give bad reviews. I mean someone really did their best to write somethingbut criticism can be constructive, so here i go.I liked the idea of the book. I really liked it (this is why i actually finished this book even if at one point i said enough is enough). Actually, because of the idea i gave it a two star review. Because when it comes to the execution, things change drastically. The characters were so all over the place. The world building was ok, not to c [...]

    26. Hhhhmm has been a while since I've finished this book but what sticks out the most is the gap between enemies to lovers. One chapter it's all hate and the next there is a pressing desire to love.

    27. 4.25 starsExtremely well written fantasy, stunning world building, finely drawn characters, captivating storyline. This isn't a romance, but a fantasy with an unlikely love story. My only negative comment is that it could have been about a hundred pages shorter.

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