Beyond the Moons

Beyond the Moons Little did Teldin Moore know there was life beyond Krynn s moons until a crashed spelljamming ship demolished his farm and changed his life With a dying alien s magical cloak and cryptic words Teldin

  • Title: Beyond the Moons
  • Author: David Zeb Cook
  • ISBN: 9781560761532
  • Page: 314
  • Format: Paperback
  • Little did Teldin Moore know there was life beyond Krynn s moons until a crashed spelljamming ship demolished his farm and changed his life With a dying alien s magical cloak and cryptic words, Teldin quickly discovers that he s a popular fellow with killers and cutthroats.

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    1. Poor Krynnish farmer Telden Moore has a space ship crash land in his field. The dying captain gives him a magical cloak and soon every miscreant in Wildspace is on the trail of Telden and his cloak. Will Telden's life ever be the same?Even though I played a fair amount of D&D when I was a lad, I was never compelled to read any of the related novels. Fifteen years later, I was in a haze of nostalgia when I decided to give the Cloakmaster cycle a try. While I wasn't wowed, I was quite entertai [...]

    2. A book with, sadly, no real redeeming features.The characterisation is almost non-existant, the writing is mediocre to poor, and virtually nothing happens (it's a travelogue that doesn't bother talking about the places you're passing - like sightseeing in a tunnel). Bizarrely, this introduction to the Spelljammer setting has very little Spelljammer in it - it feels like passing time before the story can leave the planet.A book in which a mediaeval peasant and his space-hippopotamus companion are [...]

    3. It's the story we all know and can relate to: a simple country farmboy goes off to war and comes home to tend the family farm when all of a sudden a spaceship crashes in the field, the boy gets befriended by a hippo-headed military man, and he gets stuck with a powerful artifact that dangerous forces want to take for themselves. I think we've all been there.The pacing was a touch slow in parts, and I have to assume that the only reason the novel series started in the Dragonlance series was becau [...]

    4. The first of seven Spelljammer books8 May 2012 Look, I am not going to give any of these books a really high rating simply because they are shameless spinoffs from an Advanced Dungeons and Dragons setting. While that won't bother many people, for me it is a part of my life that I have put behind me simply because there is so much more quality writing out there that I really don't have time to waste reading what is in effect an advertisement (or an accessory) for a game. Once again, it does not m [...]

    5. I'm quite enjoying this series so far. The powers of the cloak are slowly being revealed and gnomes make for very amusing encounters.

    6. Pretty good book! For me, reading a book based on Dungeons and Dragons can be a bit of a crap-shoot. Salvatore's are the best, followed by Greenwood's and Cunningham's. The rest are sort of a mix of nifty ideas and odd execution. For example, Salvatore, Greenwood and Cunningham generally take inspiration from DnD (usually, the Forgotten Realms world as far as I know) and don't use much 'game material'. For example, you never see someone 'leveling up', they use magic sparingly and aren't afraid t [...]

    7. A book to enjoy on Tramadol. Otherwise I'd avoid. Recovering from surgery I'm going to light reading, which is fun. This is a simple, simple book with a safe predictable story line. Not hugely developed characters, and at times sloppy combat scenes.But, I liked it - it does not try to be anything more than what it is. And that is a D&D book. So good book candy if you like the area, and just want some light, light fluff. Plus I'm a sucker for a story with gnomes in it. Will I read more in the [...]

    8. I was given this book back in May of 2012 by a fellow BookCrosser, but I only got around to reading it at the turn of this year. (Yes, I am a very slow reader sometimes, I know.) More enjoyable than I expected, although every few pages my inner editor wished to make it known that the proofreading of the story was poor at best. Will release into the wild in the near(ish) future.

    9. This was the only book in the cloakmaster cycle that I read, and it wasn't that good. I loved "Spelljammer" as a D&D player, and I loved "Dragonlance," as a world and book series, but man, it just didn't mix well.

    10. A nice start to a six book fantasy series set in the Dragonlance world of Krynn that will lead into exploration of alternative worlds and spheres in the universe. Tries to begin tying in some sci-fi elements to the fantasy world.

    11. Spelljammer Book. I did not like the whole principal of Spelljammer in AD&D, but it works well enough as a story. Just I wouldn't want to be playing it.

    12. This book has a great premise, a giant space ship that looks like a sailing ship that travels through the space between worlds. But the story isn't really up to the task. It feels generic.

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