The Longest Winter: Scott's Other Heroes

The Longest Winter Scott s Other Heroes Their tents were torn their food was nearly finished and the ship had failed to pick them up as planned Gale force winds blew bitter with the cold of approaching winter Stranded and desperate the

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  • Title: The Longest Winter: Scott's Other Heroes
  • Author: Meredith Hooper
  • ISBN: 9780719595806
  • Page: 182
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Their tents were torn, their food was nearly finished, and the ship had failed to pick them up as planned Gale force winds blew, bitter with the cold of approaching winter Stranded and desperate, the six men of the Northern Party faced disaster Searching out a snow drift, they burrowed inside Lieutenant Victor Campbell drew a line across the floor in the gloom to estabTheir tents were torn, their food was nearly finished, and the ship had failed to pick them up as planned Gale force winds blew, bitter with the cold of approaching winter Stranded and desperate, the six men of the Northern Party faced disaster Searching out a snow drift, they burrowed inside Lieutenant Victor Campbell drew a line across the floor in the gloom to establish naval order three officers on one side, the three seamen on the other A birthday was celebrated with a carefully hoarded biscuit and they sang hymns every Sunday, so what kept these men going Circumstances forced them closer together, their roles blurred and a shared sense of reality emerged This mutual suffering made them indivisible and somehow they made it through the longest winter To the south, the men waiting at headquarters knew that the Polar Party must be dead and hoped that another six men would not be added to the death toll Working from expedition diaries, journals, and letters written by expedition members, Meredith Hooper tells the intensely human story of Scott s other expedition.

    One thought on “The Longest Winter: Scott's Other Heroes”

    1. This could have been a lot better and a lot shorter. First 100 pages just waiting for book to begin, next 100 pages not very interesting first year of cohabitation of the 6 party members. The last 100 pages actually interesting, although a bit repetitive. The last 6 pages just about tolerable. Soo I enjoyed it, yet I did not. Not very much. It was OK. I wanted to read about people surviving in bad conditions in the Antarctic, and that's more-or-less what I got. I just got a lot of unwanted extra [...]

    2. Höchstspannende Lektüre, über die "northern Party", der Südpol Expedition, bei der Robert Scott am Ende vor die Ponys ging. Es dreht sich um die 6 Männer, die an dem Ziel den Südpol zu erreichen gar nichts zu tun hatten. Die 6 Männer hatten ihre eigenen tragischen Momente inkl. einen Winter in einem Iglu überleben mit ner Menge an Durchfällen, gelegentlichem Pinguinfleisch und Seelöwenfleisch rationierten Keksen, nem kaputten Zelt und vor allem privaten, weil auf engstem Raum lebend, [...]

    3. the story is good on its own. the writing sucks, though, by trying to be literary and failing, even sometimes descending into nonsense and disorganized thought. I'll find some examples. it's worth knowing the story, but if I were writing it, I would have felt so much was owed to the story that I'd have wanted to get myself out of the way as much as possible.

    4. I had a hard time putting down this book while reading the final 125 pagesemendously engrossing and "on the edge of your seat" reading.Late in 1910 Robert Falcon Scott, embarked on his final expedition to the Antarctic in a all out effort to be the first to reach the South Pole. Unfortunately Amundsen beat him there (but Scott did make it) and Scott and his polar team died before making it back to their coastal base at Cape Evans. In order to get financing for the expedition Scott had to guarant [...]

    5. This is a bit mistitled. It is not about "Scott's Other Heroes" as much as it is about everything that happened at that time in Antarctica, including the Japanese expedition, Amundsen and Scott himself. The back cover talks about living in the ice cave for the winter, and this starts to happen 200 pages in, for the last third of the book. My favourite feature of these narratives is often the short blurbs on each of the people, outlining what happened next after their big polar adventure. Many we [...]

    6. Wow! Another great book about Antarctic explorers not named Scott or Shackleton. I'd never heard the story of the "Eastern Party" along on Scott's 1911 return to Antarctica. They were dumped off not where they wanted to be (a common feature in Antarctic stories, where weather and the ice pack combine to thwart explorers) and left to get through a winter on their own in an ice cave.It takes quite a time to get to that part of the story, but if you like this genre (and I do), the backstories and s [...]

    7. A fascintating account of one of the strangely lesser-known aspects of Scott's famous expedition, the story of the Eastern Party who managed to survive the Antarctic winter in an ice cave, then walk, unaided, to Cape Evans. It's an interesting attempt to tell the story, as Hooper doesn't pass judgement on any of the men, or their actions, but that means that, as a historical book, it does lack a certain something. But still, a really interesting account that at least tells this story, long after [...]

    8. A very interesting account of part of the Scott expedition that is rarely mentioned. I have read a lot about Scott, but did not know about this party until visiting the Scott Exhibition at the Natural History Museum, where I saw this book. Straightforwardly written, it benefits from not including hindsight, thereby avoiding maudlin contrasts with how the party might have felt if they had known what had happened to Scott's party. Well worth reading for anyone interested in polar exploration.

    9. After reading "Endurance" last year chronicling Shackleton's journey I wanted to read an account on Scott's misfortunate journey. Much the same, yet this work was not as interesting as "Endurance" Very repetitive

    10. Book was ok. First and last third were good. The one thing this book does is show how strong and durable the human body can be when we have the right mind set.

    11. Really great book. You feel like you really know all of the men, she includes all their little fights and despairings and problems. Truly unbelievable story of survival.

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