Pharaoh Prince Narmer first in line of succession meets an oracle who changes his life Ousted from the line by a disfiguring struggle with a crocodile Narmer travels learning much about faraway lands and

  • Title: Pharaoh
  • Author: Jackie French
  • ISBN: 9780207200823
  • Page: 475
  • Format: Paperback
  • Prince Narmer, first in line of succession, meets an oracle who changes his life Ousted from the line by a disfiguring struggle with a crocodile, Narmer travels, learning much about faraway lands and his place in the world Most of all, he learns what it means to be a true king and leader Ages 10 14

    One thought on “Pharaoh”

    1. I really liked it. bit weird at the start, but stick with it, it gets bettere meaning behind it is one that I still remember 5 years later.'look at those scars''look at - person - with those scars''look at - person'don't judge a book by its cover, we all go through hard times, we all need help sometimes. and hope.

    2. This one was given 5 stars by my kids. We listened to the audio and I was told every time "don't turn it off" and "don't listen to any until you pick us up again!" They loved it and didn't want to miss any. The number of times we stayed parked in the driveway to finish off a section A great historical fiction story about the very first Pharoah. Clearly most of it is fiction but the setting and information is spot on. We know so little about the is time and Jackie has done a fabulous job bringing [...]

    3. This was a pleasant book. It is based on the unification of Egypt and even though a lot of it may be wrong, it gives students an interesting starting point. Nammer does develop throughout the book as he teaches the readers an important lesson about how to view their lives in relation to the world. A lot of the characters are relatable and even though I found Hawk a bit too obvious at the start, he eventually came around. Nitho is also a great female role model. However, there were one or two sce [...]

    4. I have always loved Jackie French's books and ancient history, so when the two come together, it become one of my favourite books ever. The book is well researched, and clearly displays the daily life of someone living in ancient Egypt. I also loved how different the characters were and the friendship between Narmer and Nitho developed along with the story. I would really love to see a sequel to this book which tells a story of Narmer as the Pharaoh. I really loved it and I think that Jackie Fre [...]

    5. Pharaoh has been one of my favorite books since year 7, i keep on reading it over and over again. The story is just so beautifully written and inspiring, while reading the author makes you feel like you're in another world where everything is just so different. It is a very interesting book, one of the most greatest historical fictions. It is a great story about overcoming hardship and the importance of loyalty, generosity and intelligence. THIS BOOK IS A MUST READ!!!

    6. I have had a long held fascination with ancient history, particularly ancient Egyptian history, so I was looking forward to reading another fabulous jackie French book. However I found myself struggling to pick it up at first. But there was a point in the book that I went "ohhhhhhhh" and from that moment I couldn't put it down. A fascinating story set in a fascinating period in history. Fabulous!

    7. it was a great book it was about narmer who gets mauhld by a crocadile and hes leg is bitten so he canot walk but he learns to walk and becomes a trader and his master namu saves the queen of punt who has a grouth in her throat and they get all these goods including bronze pick axes for saving the queen. Tinnis is qastroyed by the flood and yebu who attack and then narmer gets an army and attacks back this time narmers brother hawk dies.

    8. MADE ME CRY!!! I had to share the story with my friends as i couldn't keep in all the emotion this book gave me. Though i will read many books after this one i will always remember Pharaoh it is just a beautiful, true story that makes you remember about all the people who didn't get what they wanted or rightfully owned.

    9. I never truly got into the book, it just seemed to drag on without much purpose or even a heartfelt moral. Even with the epic battle at the end, I would've been so excited, but I gave up on all my care factor on getting to the end battle. However it still sort-off enjoyed it, but it isnt the exactly the book I'd read again. I still love Jackie French (Had to say something nice).

    10. I remember really enjoying this book when I read it a fair few years ago. I was satisfied with its historical accuracy and was engaged by its interesting, mysterious plot. A great novel for young readers, particularly tweenagers (12-14).Aus Classification: M (nudity, sexual references, violence)

    11. When I first got introduced to this book last year, it was an inspiring read. Being in year 8 now this year, I'm thrilled it was introduced to me by my English teacher. I am so pleased I read this book and can't wait to read it again!

    12. Very interesting and informative on life back then, thouigh I didn't get the whole part about Hawk getting his revenge on Narmer with the crocodile, or the Trader's grandfather's story, but it was still interesting.

    13. 3.5 starsSweet story of the life of the first pharaoh. Great examples of overcoming hardships, disability and the importance of kindness and intelligence.Suitable for 9+and great supportive text for the study of Ancient Egypt.

    14. It took a little while for me to get into the book. I read the first pages and wasn't hooked. But then read a few more pages and suddenly couldn't put it down. Fantastic blend of history and fiction. I loved it!

    15. Jackie French does great historical fiction. For upper primary/lower middle school, this is a wonderful introduction to ancient Egypt.

    16. best book ever!! this is one of my favourite stories of all time, not just because its written well but also the fact that it takes you to another world that is out of the ordinary :)

    17. I have read this book thee times and haven't got sick of it yet. It makes you cry and laugh and you never want it to end.

    18. I am surprised to say I actually liked this book. My English teacher suggested that the whole class read this book and I enjoyed it.

    19. I love this bookI love jackie french She is a gr8 authorI will not spoil this book for you but i think it is awsome :)

    20. So I read this with my class last year and I really liked it. While everyone else was complaining that it was a really bad book, I thought it just kept getting better with every page.

    21. This book is one of Jackie French's best. It incorporates history and fiction together perfectly. I love it

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