The Fighter's Mind: Inside the Mental Game

The Fighter s Mind Inside the Mental Game In his acclaimed national best seller A Fighter s Heart Sam Sheridan took readers with him as he stepped through the ropes into the dangerous world of professional fighting From a muay Thai bout in

  • Title: The Fighter's Mind: Inside the Mental Game
  • Author: Sam Sheridan
  • ISBN: 9780802119353
  • Page: 406
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In his acclaimed national best seller, A Fighter s Heart, Sam Sheridan took readers with him as he stepped through the ropes into the dangerous world of professional fighting From a muay Thai bout in Bangkok to Rio, where he trained with jiu jitsu royalty, to Iowa, where he matched up against the toughest in MMA, Sheridan threw himself into a quest to understand how andIn his acclaimed national best seller, A Fighter s Heart, Sam Sheridan took readers with him as he stepped through the ropes into the dangerous world of professional fighting From a muay Thai bout in Bangkok to Rio, where he trained with jiu jitsu royalty, to Iowa, where he matched up against the toughest in MMA, Sheridan threw himself into a quest to understand how and why we fight In The Fighter s Mind, Sheridan does for the brain what his first book did for the body To uncover the secrets of mental strength and success, Sheridan interviewed dozens of the world s most fascinating and dangerous men, including celebrated trainers Freddie Roach and Greg Jackson champion fighters Randy Couture, Frank Shamrock, and Marcelo Garcia ultrarunner David Horton legendary wrestler Dan Gable, and many What are their secrets How do they stay committed through years of training, craft a game plan, and adjust to the realities of the ring How do they project strength when weak, and remain mentally tough despite incredible physical pain A fascinating book, bursting at the seams with incredible stories and insight, The Fighter s Mind answers these questions and many .

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    1. A good book parts of which were excellent. Sam Sheridan used very much the same formula as he did in Fighters Heart. Talking to the leading trainers and fighters in different combat sports. The main problem for me was that there was not too much new information in the book from Fighters Heart. This book was more along the lines of what trainers are looking for while they are training their fighters. The thing is when you are talking tot he top trainers, talking about their top fighters, these gu [...]

    2. What’s weird about this book is that I can’t really imagine anyone reading it without being much interested in fighting. What’s REALLY weird about THAT is that I don’t have much interest in fighting. Not on this level, anyway, with descriptions of people I’ve never heard of doing things that are difficult to imagine. Just trying to understand what’s going on, my recent Google search history must look like that of a guy prepping to street fight his way across South America. The long w [...]

    3. The Fighter's Mind is an outstanding book, a collection of essays by Sam Sheridan, each focussed on a different fighting discipline, such as Brazilian jiu-jitsu and boxing (with occasional essays focussed on non-fighting sports, such as long-distance running). Throughout the book, Sheridan is trying to unravel the mystery of what drives a fighter to continually put their life at risk in pursuit of a goal that can bring them little more in return than physical and mental injury. This book is wond [...]

    4. I’ve read many books on the mental art of toughness, discipline development and sports psychology, so I wasn’t expecting too much from this except for perhaps a synthesis and reframing of the varied existing theories applied to fighting. What I walked away with was any number of game-changing insights and lessons learned on how to develop and appreciate the importance of the mind when applied to any endeavour, including my own personal passion of bodybuilding and strength training. Yes, to c [...]

    5. This book is an excellent look into how fighters think about all aspects of fighting, including training, fighting under pressure, winning, and losing. Each chapter contains bits and pieces of interviews with great fighters, coaches, and artists, and the author weaves the quotes and ideas into a larger, cohesive narrative.What I really enjoyed about the book was that on the surface it's about the mentality of fighting, but it's not really about fighting -- it's about becoming better at whatever [...]

    6. This book was even better than I expected. It was not just about combat sport individuals from the view point of their training and how they got to where they are but an insight as to why they travelled the road to lead them to where they are.I liked that it encompassed individuals that competed in many different sports from MMA to Boxing to JiuJitsu to Chess and even an Ultra Marathon runner. All of these individuals the writer showed have a commonality in their love of what they do. What I als [...]

    7. A really nice read for fight enthusiasts.Some times I felt Sam's style is a bit choppy, jumping from a story to a quote to a thought without giving clear "knowledge" or a coherent idea. Sometimes I also felt that spending time with such legendary fighters and trainers could have been presented in a better way. That is the only negative remark I have. Otherwise, the book got better and better. My favorite chapters are those about Greg Jakson and John Waitzkin.The book covers a variety of mental, [...]

    8. Glad this book exists, and some of the essays were illuminating, but I wished that the insights were pulled together a little more by the author, rather than relying on us reading each essay for each fighter/trainer's experience and asking us to make the links. About half way through I found myself skimming chapters and jumping to the fighters I was particularly interested in, because it felt like a bit of a slog and as a result I'm fairly sure I missed some good points. It was likely just not q [...]

    9. Very good book once I got into it. For some reason, it took me a couple of chapters and was one of those books I would put down for a while and pick back up later. Once I got into it though, I really enjoyed the book. Good insight into the lives of fighters I had heard a lot about and watched but never got into the personal side. As a fan of MMA during the early days, most of the chapters covered fighters I had heard of and also added a few I had not heard of. Of particular interest to me was th [...]

    10. I don't dislike the book - Sheridan does his research and it's an interesting topic - but for fuck's sake, get an editor, dude! There're typos on nearly every page, and some paragraphs I had to re-read 2 and 3 times before I understood what the fuck the author was trying to say. I can't believe this book was sent to print in such crappy shape.

    11. Good book with insights into the mental toughness required to train, focus, and perform in an arena with severe consequences of bodily harm. Lessons conveyed in The Fighter's Mind certainly apply to more endeavors and occupations than just fighting, but certainly this book will mean more to those familiar with or fans of mixed martial arts.

    12. This book had some fascinating accounts of how the world's best fighters manage the mental part of their work. Yes--real fighters including formal martial artists, boxers, mixed martial artists, etc. There are some great stories--but the author offered almost nothing in terms of extra insight beyond what the fighters said. The content was barely cooked--maybe seared on the edges--but mostly I had to do my own cooking to come up with deeper insights.

    13. This book and "On The Warrior's Path" are my top 2 books I've ever read on fighting/martial arts. I think this follow up to "A Fighter's Heart" by Sheridan is even better. The book is full of insights from some of the greatest names in the history of the sport. If there was ever a book I've read that got to the why of fighting this is the one.

    14. The Fighter's Mind is a book about competition fighters, mostly mixed martial arts fighters, and how they think about their sports. While the book includes an ultra-marathoner and a chess champion turned martial artist, it is mostly MMA guys, but with an open mind, anyone interested in excellence can take something away from this book.First, though, let me caution the reader about the book. There are no simple answers to metnal toughness, no summation paragraphs of 12 easy tools. Those books are [...]

    15. "The world is made of fire" is the translation of the tattoo on Sam Sheridan, author of The Fighter's Mind: Inside the Mental Game. Such an outlook sets the stage for a book I downloaded for two reasons, because it was offered cheap from Audible, and it sounded interesting. I am pleased to say that the this book did not disappoint and I'd encourage anyone who considers themselves a competitor, or a parent of a competitor to consider reading.While the book revolves around fighting, it does a g [...]

    16. The crux of the book is that the author is searching for the key to the mental strength all great fighters - and other kinds of athletes - apparently exhibit which drives them to keep pursuing their fights. The stories presented all have pearls of wisdom here and there and the final chapter attempts to tie a lot of it together, but I wouldn't necessarily say this answer is any deeper than the usual vague platitudes everyone tends to throw around when they want to sound deep (or at least not stup [...]

    17. Unlike others sports books I've read where the author is a "fly on the wall", Sam Sheridan places himself not only in the story while profiling these world class athletes, but he trains with them. As a reader, when Sam writes about going to Thailand to train muy Thai he takes me with him and I feel like I'm the one training in Thailand (minus the jet lag and knees to the face). This isn't just a book profiling famous fighters, it's a book uncovering what is going on behind those eyes, which othe [...]

    18. As someone who is aspiring to get into MMA as a hobby this was a very interesting read. Sam Sheridan does a great job of recording all of the responses of names both big and small in the MMA world. From big names and coaches like Greg Jackson and Freddie Roach, to one of numerous muay thai fighters in Thailand, to a previous world class chess player. He comes across a lot of interesting perspectives and experiences, and ultimately delivers an incredibly interesting book on what the state of mind [...]

    19. In The Fighter's Mind, Sam Sheridan follows up his previous work by digging into the question of how great fighters think. Where A Fighter's Heart is mostly about Sheridan and his own experiences, The Fighter's Mind is essentially a collection of interviews and talks with various combat athletes and coaches, along with a few less combatively oriented candidates, like ultrarunner David Horton.I unashamedly love this book. It's great. I say that as someone who believes profoundly in the supreme im [...]

    20. The Fighter’s Mind is an incredible look at the mental part of competition and life. Through the lens of combat sports, Sam Sheridan goes around the world in search of answers to various questions about how top personalities think about fighting. The book is laid out in the form of short sections about each of the people that Sam talks to. People like Dan Gable, Freddie Roach, Greg Jackson, Renzo Gracie, and Randy Couture answer Sheridan’s excellent questions with thoughtful and insightful r [...]

    21. The Fighter's Mind: Inside the Mental Game by Sam Sheridan is a Nonfiction book about Sam traveling all over talking to many greats from MMA to wrestling, to marathon runners. This book is a really great read for anyone that is a fan of sports. This book is written very well and I like how Sam tells you about the people he met and the things he learned from all of the different top athletes he was able to talk to about their experiences. The reason I liked these parts and they made it worth read [...]

    22. This is an exceptionally well researched compilation of interviews, anecdotes, philosophy, and psychological studies, concerning the mental aspect of fighting (boxing, MMA, wrestling, martial arts). Each chapter features a different fighter complete with bio and interviews. Some fighters and trainers you may have heard of, some you may not, most are legends within the fighting world: Couture, Gracie, Shamrock and others. Sheridan is a Harvard grad as well as a trained MMA fighter, so he brings s [...]

    23. At the end of this book, I understood that this was a sequel. Maybe the first book had all the good material, because this one read like a collection of superficial vignettes. I wrestle myself, and I'd bought this book in the hope of learning how to become mentally stronger, but was disappointed.The author is too much in awe of his UFC heroes to probe any deeper than the platitudes which are being served verbatim, without reflection or analysis by the author, in his conversations with them. The [...]

    24. Sheridan was really figuring out the truth about how fighters think, instead of filling in the blanks of a narrative or waxing philosophical. Should a fighter be aggressive or relaxed? Can he do both? How fine is the line between being mentally tough and getting injured? Is your pain, your fatigue, all mental?As a wrestler, my favorite chapter was, of course, Dan Gable's: "These kids thought they were working hard, thought they trained tough, but there were depths unplumbed. Gable used himself a [...]

    25. I enjoyed this book as much as I did his first. While he doesn't really come up with a set of hard and fast principles, he makes a good exploration of what is different about the way a really top fighter thinks about his (no "her" in this book, sadly) art.Each chapter focusses on a different individual, most spectacular competitors or trainers, each with thoughtful ideas about their fight game. BJJ fans will be stoked to read about Marcelo Garcia and Renzo Gracie. I was blown away learning about [...]

    26. This book is more about psychology than it is about fighting. It is amazing how much of what you learn from the mental aspect of fighting that you can apply to everyday life. And I'm not talking about "mental toughness" or any of that hoodoo. You really have to read the book to understand what I mean. Sam talks to all types of fighters, from meat-head wrestlers who you may not believe have much insight to share (but they do) to chess prodigy Josh Waitzkin.I made a lot of fascinating realizations [...]

    27. " takes three people to make you into the best person you can be. Somebody better than you, someone equal to you, and someone less than you. I always stay a student." "There's always a point at which people will break. That's why you train mental toughness. Everyone will break--there's not a man alive that can't be broke."Just a few of my favorite quotes/ideas from a great book that delves into the minds of some of the toughest guys in MMA and an one excellent ultra-runner. A worthwhile read if [...]

    28. I really wanted to give this four (or more!) stars, but I found the structure of the book really unfocused, especially in the second half. The first half of the book consists of chapters focused on individual fighters, their disciplines (boxing, jiu jitsu, muay thai) and their competitive ideologies, while the second half attempts to deal with broader philosophical questions (why do people choose to fight? right brain versus left brain) and issues of psychology.I wholeheartedly recommend the boo [...]

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