Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports

Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports James Patterson s turbocharged Maximum Ride trilogy pushes into high gear in this exciting finale The desperate struggle between the Re evolution conspirators and Max and her flock has reached the poi

  • Title: Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports
  • Author: James Patterson
  • ISBN: 9781615513451
  • Page: 312
  • Format: Hardcover
  • James Patterson s turbocharged Maximum Ride trilogy pushes into high gear in this exciting finale The desperate struggle between the Re evolution conspirators and Max and her flock has reached the point of no return But Max, Iggy, Fang, Nudge, Gasman, and Angel must each carry on the fight without their comrades A major adult author comes through in the clutch.

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    1. I find one of the great benefits of teaching is being able to buy/read ya lit without having to justify to myself its literary merit (I'm buying it for my classroom library; I'm reading it for research). Much of the YA Lit that I read though, is, in fact, well written, intelligent, thought-provoking pieces of literature. The Maximum Ride series was certainly never that. While I enjoyed the first two Maximum Ride books (The Angel Experiment and School's Out Forever), they are certainly brain cand [...]

    2. There was a metaphorical hole in my heart. A spiritual void and yearning for oblivion. My hands didn't want to turn the pages of the many books I own. Too lazy. What's the point? I'll still be me. Nothing on tv. All of these channels and NOTHING on. It's probably broken. There's no way that the same show is on every channel. I was bored. There was nothing to do. Pretty much the mental equivalent of food in the fridge and there's nothing good (tasty) to eat. I've got nothing! I'm a wasteland. The [...]

    3. HATED IT. I never hate books. This was so poorly written, such a mess of mixed up voice, bad dialog and improbably situations. A total waste of paper.

    4. Okay, I would love to give this book ever-so-many more stars, but nothing ruins a book like half-a$$ed politics.I mean, really?!? James, or whoever really wrote this (who is brilliant and the object of my emulation in so many ways), do you really want all children to be socialist democrats?It's just hilarious to me how present players refuse to learn from history the alternative being that they are students of history, bent on repeating it over and over again, not caring how many people die as l [...]

    5. This is actually the third book in the series. I have not read the first two but When the Wind Blows (of which this series was based on,) is one of my favourite books by James Patterson.When I heard that Patterson had written a children's novel I was surprised. Knowing what his adult books are like, I couldn't imagine how he could write for children without being to scary. I find his writing style completely different in this book, it is hard for me to think of the books as having the same autho [...]

    6. "'Hi,' I said lamely. Unfortunately, finding out who my parents actually were had not improved my social graces by leaps and bounds. Oh, well."The quote above shows exactly why I like this book. Max is so sarcastic and I love the touch she gives to converstations. For example; the way she mocks Ter Borcht and the scientists is so funny. Loved to read those parts!When I was finished, I was so scared that this great series would be over, but thanks to Mr. Patterson, there is much more to read!I gi [...]

    7. (view spoiler)[ Max and Fang. Two peas in a pod. I've got your back, you got mine, kind of relationship. Right? That's all it is? Wrong. Fang and Max share a kiss. Awkward. While things remain weird and unsolved amongst them, they end up stuck with the whitecoats.n. Once they are able to escape, Max makes a spur of the moment decision. She decides to spare the life of a former enemy who once tried to kill her and invites him along. Fang utterly disagrees. He believes Ari, the former enemy, wheth [...]

    8. This book starts pretty much where the last one left off. Itex is all part of the evil military-industrial complex and has an evil plan. That plan is to kill about half the people on the planet, those not "good enough" and recreate the world. It's up to Max and the flock stop their sinister plan. Like the previous books, the pace is fast and fun. The author gives a couple of nods to Ian Flemming's James Bond, and that's pretty much the way of his villains. They go to great pains to capture the h [...]

    9. Just like the last two books, Max is on the run. Evil Erasers are after her, only now they're robotic. And there are more evil scientists, all ready to be the most clichè villains imaginable.I actually took notes on this book. It was so bad I didn't want to forget a single moment.The book opens with a two-page scene in which the main villain introduces herself by casually ordering everyone to die. Only it's not scary so much as flat, cheesy, and so cardboard evil I almost laughed. First two pag [...]

    10. There were so many plot twists in this book that I don't even know where to start. Max and the flock are back to save the world and travel it as well. Angel's mind altering ability comes in very handy this time around and Ari is back with a new attitude. The School has begun eliminating the "failed" experiments and Max and her flock are on the list. They just need to stop the Re-Evolution plan first. The action is non-stop and Max's sarcasm keeps a smile on your face. Old friends are revisited a [...]

    11. In my humble and honest opinion, I don't think this book sucked that hard. I mean, there has happened a lot of stuff. The whole "dividing the flock" part and lots of other parts, that right now don't pop into my mind, because I'm exhausted as hell. We all know, that James Patterson is a nice author and he knows how to strike his audience. This instalment had a nice pace, it was full of action, romance etc. One thing that actually bothered me was the fact, that Max was kinda proud of herself. Lik [...]

    12. One thing I hate is when a series is written by different authors who pretend to be the main author (to sell books and make loads of $$$) but they don't bother reading the previous books in that particular series. FOr instance, Ari suddenly can't read yet in the previous book, he signed his name as Wolverine with great relish. The list goes onbut enough whining.Max is still with group. Has chip removed by Dr. A. Martinez and later gets caught with posse and goes back into the "school". Meantime, [...]

    13. Like the first two books in the series, this is pure escapist reading from James Patterson. Our heroine (the epynonomus, Max Ride) is back with her flock, to find their families, escape the Erasers, find out what the mad scientists are up to, and oh yes. save the world.Again like the first two books, Max is a feisty, witty and likable guide through their adventures, and yes there is some conclusion at the end, although, Patterson, rather sensibly given the success of the series has left some of [...]

    14. Basic InfoFormat: AudioPages/Length: n/aGenre: Young Adult; Fantasy At A GlanceLove Triangle/Insta Love/Obsession?: Dumb love. Cliff Hanger: EhTriggers: n/aRating: 2.5 starsScore SheetAll out of tenCover:7Plot: 5Characters: 5World Building: 5Flow:6Series Congruity: 6Writing: 6Ending: 6Total: 5In DeptBest Part: It was short. Worst Part: Yuck tension. Thoughts Had: JUST KISS ALREADY ConclusionContinuing the Series: YesRecommending: ehShort Review: I'm slowing starting to not like this series. I ex [...]

    15. This one came with quite a few shocks, particularly (view spoiler)[Ari turning good and helping them escape, the belief that the last 5 months had been fake, and the fact that Angel was bad! (hide spoiler)] And all of that turned out to be (view spoiler)[a joke, with Max and Angel already having organised that. I'm not sure how I feel about that one. (hide spoiler)] And then (view spoiler)[the kiss! That was a decent kiss! (hide spoiler)] Also her (view spoiler)[declaring her love while on the V [...]

    16. Once again, this book has everything Max. Because I originally thought this was the last book in the series, I think I became specially attached to it. Many of my favorite quotes come from this one.There's more pop-culture and "normal" references in Book 3, but they just it make it all the funnier. Can we say Paris, Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders, beach bunnies, LA gangs, and Hollywood sign? :DThis is also the first book to rotate perspective more than the previous two, and for good reason (but I wo [...]

    17. Um. When did totally unrealistic and unbelievable and STUPID plot twists become acceptable? This book was a best seller. HOW CAN SUCH IDIOTIC THINGS MAKE THE BEST SELLER LIST?I know, I know. I read it too. But in my defense, the first two books were at least bearable in terms of plot. If I'm really honest, they weren't that wonderful, but I was caught by Max and Fang's little romance. And Max's attitude is so fun to read. But this book took it too far. Don't be surprised though when I tell you t [...]

    18. Another super fun installment of this wonderful series by James Patterson. Max and her "flock" of genetically engineered teenagers take a group of wannabe Nazi's looking to create a new master race. A guilty pleasure to be sure, but a pleasure nonetheless.

    19. This series just keeps getting better and better. I just can't stop reading this series and love the authors writing.

    20. I find it funny that after nearly a decade passed since I last devoured this series, I come on and everyone's trashing it. Would it make me less credible if I gave this 4 stars? Should I be caring? I wanted to give this 5 stars but after reading through a few irate reviews I decided to take it down a notch. But I loved it so much when I was a kid, I had fantasies of being Max and everything. Sad that it has lost its magic now that I'm all Grown Up.

    21. In verità vi dico che Max è la nuova Miss Italia. È pure biondaQuesto è, fino a ora, il più brutto libro della serie che ho letto. Davvero di una bruttezza rara. All'inizio non sembrava così male, fino a metà regge bene il ritmo e si legge volentieri. Poi, però, tutto diventa ridicolo perché Patterson inserisce, all'interno della trama, finto perbenismo e lotta all'ecologia. Ma perché? Con chi ha stretto un patto il signor James? Gli è stato promesso un compenso dal partito americano [...]

    22. I'm not sure if James Patterson had a time crunch for writing this book, but it was trash. There were so many improbabilities, pointless scenes, inconsistencies, and it was boring. While reading "Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports", I had some major "Yeah, right" moments. Max loses the use of one of her arms, then suddenly gets it back? Angel is now powerful enough to hypnotize a crowd? I don't think so! About that fight with Omega BoyMax is super strong. She would be able to hold her own [...]

    23. In this third installment in the Maximum Ride series everything comes into focus. Max and the flock have abandoned the idea of finding their parents and changed their minds. This time they want to save the world. The mutant wolf men called Erasers have been exterminated and have been replaced with robots. The scientists at the School also want Max and her friends destroyed- for good. Max also has problems of her own like a annoying voice in her head and a micro chip in her arm. The flock splits [...]

    24. I've watched episodes of The Superfriends that were better plotted than this. There are three orphan reunited with long lost parents scenes in this book: and they're all for the same orphan. The mad scientists, having tired of the flying wolf children, have now built robot flying wolf children. There's a "it was all a dream" scene in the middle of the book for no reason whatsoever. Bleah.I read this on an airplane with no other options except the in-flight magazines. Which I read all of, twice, [...]

    25. Man, I finished this book in like just over 24 hours, and IM ON A ROLL! I loved this book so much! It made me cry, it made me laugh, and then it made me want to slam my head into the wall, because sometimes things don't turn out the way you want them to turn out, with memorable twists and turns and it just leaves you going UGHHH. but, I'm starting the next books right away. That is after I get some sleep.

    26. Have you ever stayed up late reading a series? This book will make you do that.Being the third in the series it is very action packed. But when a two of the members are fighting on there way to "save the world", the band splits.If you liked the hunger games then this series is for you!

    27. I thought this book was absolutely amazing, Max is as always probably one of my favorite characters out there. She's funny, sarcastic, and is completely badass. And of course I love the rest of the flock too, Gasman, Iggy, Fang, Nudge, and Angel(Though, I don't know how I feel about her). I can't wait to finish off the rest of the series now :)

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