Batman And Robin

Batman And Robin In a new action packed adventure featuring the Caped Crusader Batman and his young sidekick Robin join forces with Batgirl to take on a vicious new villain in a novelization of the blockbuster new

  • Title: Batman And Robin
  • Author: Alan Grant
  • ISBN: 9780316176927
  • Page: 470
  • Format: Paperback
  • In a new action packed adventure featuring the Caped Crusader, Batman and his young sidekick, Robin, join forces with Batgirl to take on a vicious new villain, in a novelization of the blockbuster new film Original Movie tie in.

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    1. Batman is back and this time with Robin as his partner. Alfred's niece comes to visit him and they both learn the reason behind her visit later on. Alfred is deathly ill and they need to find the cure. Not only that, but they have to stop three notorious villains from freezing the planet Mr. Freeze, Poison Ivy, and Bane. With the help of a new teammate will Batman and Robin be able to stop the freeze and cure their beloved Alfred? I loved this book it resembled the movie quite well and I was ver [...]

    2. The book Batman and Robin by Alan grant is a interesting story if you like good fiction story's.Also if you like the caped crusaders of Gotham.In the story Batman and Robin they they bump into two new villains Mr.Freeze and Posin Ivy and also bane.They also incounter a new member of the family and something happens to Alfred.I liked it because it had a little bit of action and a few twist and turns along the way.

    3. This book is the most serious book I've ever read, it is full of action and adventure. This book made me realize the importance of having a hero who'll protect and help you against the forces of evil. I also learned how to stay positive about what you do and love, in this book Batman is a true hero and Robin is a true legend, together they conquer and leave Gotham city in peace and harmony.

    4. This month Jacob picked one chapter book and mom picked one chapter book for the Pizza Hut Reading challenge. Jacob picked Batman and Robin, Mom picked Alone in London.b 2/6/17 Jacob is so excited because he found this book at a thrift store on our trip to Santa Barbara. He opted to read by the pool at the hotel instead of swim/hot tub with the rest of us!

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