A Dignity of Dragons

A Dignity of Dragons To catch a glimpse of one unicorn is lucky to see a grace of unicorns is to witness a marvel In this book you will also find a riddle of sphinx a splash of mermaids a dignity of dragons and With in

  • Title: A Dignity of Dragons
  • Author: Jacqueline K. Ogburn Nicoletta Ceccoli
  • ISBN: 9780618862542
  • Page: 146
  • Format: Hardcover
  • To catch a glimpse of one unicorn is lucky to see a grace of unicorns is to witness a marvel.In this book, you will also find .a riddle of sphinx,a splash of mermaids,a dignity of dragons,and .With inventive groupings, luminous artwork, and a fact filled glossary, A Dignity of Dragons makes for a bestiary to treasure For within its pages, you ll learn about all thTo catch a glimpse of one unicorn is lucky to see a grace of unicorns is to witness a marvel.In this book, you will also find .a riddle of sphinx,a splash of mermaids,a dignity of dragons,and .With inventive groupings, luminous artwork, and a fact filled glossary, A Dignity of Dragons makes for a bestiary to treasure For within its pages, you ll learn about all the creatures you may be lucky enough to see, if you know where to look.

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    1. Disappointing. While Ogburn clearly love mythology and fairy tales, I once again was left with the feeling that she doesn't quite get them. The Lady and the Lion, which is more of an adaptation of existing tales, worked a lot better but still seemed a touch off somehow. Here, where she is making up group names for mythical beasts, it didn't seem like she had thought very hard about it at all. The name choice were too obvious, too shallow; they have nothing of the surprisingness or obscurity of t [...]

    2. What do you call a group of dragons? A dignity! What about a collection of mermaids? A splash!Children who love animals, especially fantastical ones, will enjoy learning these "group" names (and might just be inspired them to learn group names of non-fantastical animals, as well).I really appreciate what Ogburn did here, and I love some of the names she created. That said, I was rather disappointed to learn that Ogburn had made up the group names. Of course this isn't her "fault" by any means! A [...]

    3. Pure, dead brilliant! I'm the kind of language-loving geek who loves works of venery such as An Exaltation of Larks: The Ultimate Edition, so I was admiring the terms she chose for her collective nouns. But, also, I like that each spread groups similar mythological beings from different cultures. And then, at the back, she has the creatures listed alphabetically with their place of origin, and a bit more info. Back matter for the win. But wait, that's not all, did I mention that the art is gorge [...]

    4. A fun and visually stunning book that will appeal to those who enjoy language and mythical creatures. Here we find a riddle of sphinx,a splash of mermaids, a dignity of dragons, and many more creatures (the page on the were creatures was very interesting, not only were-wolves but were-bears and were-leopards!) Some of the creatures will be familiar to American audiences, others may be new (such as those from Asian lore). As some other readers have pointed out, some of Ogburn's word choices aren' [...]

    5. “Everyone has heard of groups of animals—a pride of lions, a charm of hummingbirds, a school of fish. If you came upon magical beasts gathered together, what would you call them?” (2) Jacqueline K. Ogburn is marvelous in her response to this question. A Dignity of Dragons is a fun and enchanting read.If the reader is curious who some of the creatures are, or to whom they belong, there is a glossary at the back. This is a beautiful book and a must see for lovers of magical creatures. And Ni [...]

    6. Did you know that there are collective nouns for magical beasts? I didn't either but now that I do, I find that so many of them are so appropriate!And the illustrations by Nicoletta Ceccoli are absolutely exquisite!My favorites were:a resurrection of phoenix, a dazzlement of Quetzalcoatls, a vengeance of harpies, and a thundering of rocs!I love it when I can learn new things from what are called, "children's books!"

    7. This book presents a wide variety of mythological beast and assigns pack terms. The illustrations are beautiful, mystic, surreal, and dreamy but some of the pack terms lacked imagination or did not roll off the tongue nicely. I liked the variety and that similar beasts from various cultures were grouped together.

    8. A very short and simple book, but cute. The collective nouns given for various mythical creatures are clever and entertaining.

    9. I love the illustrations! What a great collection of mythical creatures! There's even an index at the end explaining each creature.

    10. I loved this book and I want to buy it for myself. I love this artist, the pictures are whimsical and magical. I never knew that there were so many different kinds of magical creatures. What made this book all the more better is the glossary in the back of the book. It tells you what the creature is, where the creature is from and what the description of the creature is. This was a beautiful book!!!!

    11. My only complaint is I wish it had been longer! The illustrations are gorgeous though, and I like that there is a description of the mythological creatures in the back, since some I had never heard of.

    12. Amazed that my second children's book on dragons was a five star. Gorgeous illustrations, clever imagination, and fun to read. Would read again in a heartbeat.

    13. This book was interesting and to be honest, I was not really into it. However, for someone who really appreciates mythical creatures and magic beasts, this book would be perfect for them. It is full of interesting words and fun new creatures, and the illustrations that accompany the text. For children who can'tread yet, they would have fun just flipping through the pages and looking at the illustrations. Like I said earlier, I wasn't really interested in this book becuase I'm not really into myt [...]

    14. There is absolutely no story in this book and, much like in A Gaggle of Geese and a Clutter of Cats, it somehow works. The illustrations are at once beautiful and slightly off-putting at the same time, but, in this case, it works because these are fantastic and/or fearsome fairytale beasts that are being portrayed. As for the collective nouns given to them, they were either spot-on or were too simple. A dignity of dragons was one of my favorites. As were a few others I need to reference the book [...]

    15. A Dignity of Dragons is a fantastically creative book on an already fantastical subject--mythical creatures and what to call them! With absolutely gorgeous, emotive artwork, this book will encourage you to use your imagination in the best of ways in the naming of groups of dragons, mermaids, and so much more. Kids will be drawn back to this book again and again. For more on A Dignity of Dragons, visit Mondays with Mandy or Mira!

    16. Yes, it's a children's book. It's well illustrated and just fabulous in terms of introducing kids to a wide variety of monsters and fantastic creatures I'd never encountered much before I discovered D&D. As a handy reference for writers, it's simply a heavily illustrated book for terms of venery. Its subtitle is "Collective Nouns for Magical Beasts" and the only lists I've found better than this book come from Ed Greenwood and his 30+ years-worth of Forgotten Realms works.

    17. I watched with quiet joy as a tiny girl turned the pages of this beautiful book on the floor by the book drop at the Library. She wanted to look at it one more time before saying, "good-bye" and placing it in the return slot. Once returned, I retrieved it and decided to check it out myself. The illustrations are truly amazing! There isn't much text until you reach the glossary at the back which includes detailed descriptions of all the magical creatures.

    18. The book is pretty. I hate to be a prude but the women are all bare-chested, nipples and all. That caught me a little off guard since it was a book my first grader brought home from the school library. Also, the text placement can be a little hard to tie to the animals if you aren't already familiar with the mythological creature. So when my daughter asked which animal was which I occasionally had to answer, "I don't know".

    19. I'm torn about this one. I loved the creativity of all the group names, and the glossary in the back explaining each mythical animal and what culture it originates from. But the illustrations were not my favorite, especially since some of the mermaids and harpies were, well, anatomically correct and bare chested. Just seemed out of place to me in a children's book.

    20. This book, to me, is everything I could want in a picture book! Well, almost everything ha ha! It is full of mythical creatures that are brought to life by the amazingly talented Nicoletta Ceccoli! The collective nouns that are chosen for each group of beasts correlate with the mythology that birthed them. A favorite for me for sure!

    21. Gorgeous introduction to magical beasts. There's no story here--it's a book of made-up "terms of venery" or collective nouns, like a "riddle of sphinx, a vengeance of harpies," etc. Includes a short, helpful glossary, but the star here is clearly the stunning artwork. Great for PS-3rd grade, but also for older kids, artists and adults

    22. 3.5 starsCollective nouns for mythological creatures. My favorites were a grapple of griffins, riddle of sphinx, flurry of yetis, tangle of gorgons, chord of sirens and vengeance of harpies.Fun and imaginative, though the illustrations were not my favorite.

    23. The artwork is delicious! Beautiful details and backgrounds. I learned some new words and about legends from around the world, and what a hippogriff is. Downsides: There's no story. Also, now I'll probably be tempted to tell some especially smelly client, "You smell like a harpie!"

    24. It was a cute idea for a children's bestiary - about three beasts per page, each with its own appropriate descriptive collective noun. You can find a glossary in the back of the book with short explanations of all of the dozens of mythical creatures illustrated here.

    25. Mythical creatures from all over the world gather in groups: a riddle of sphinx, a resurrection of phoenix, a grace of unicorns and so on. Children will love learning about the connections between mythologies and a glossary in the back provides more information about the origins of each creature.

    26. This book is not plot oriented but remains entertaining. The whole book is a beautifully illustrated collection of mythical beasts from different cultures with great descriptive words leading to discussions on almost each creature.

    27. These illustrations are amazing!!!! I loved the cute little names that the author came up with and I think this book is good for younger children, with simple but descriptive words and stunning illustrations.

    28. But, shouldn't "a thicket of Bigfoots" be "a thicket of Bigfeet?" An age-old question, I suppose!Beautiful illustrations!

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