How to Get Divorced by 30: My Misguided Attempt at a Starter Marriage

How to Get Divorced by My Misguided Attempt at a Starter Marriage New copy Fast shipping Will be shipped from US

  • Title: How to Get Divorced by 30: My Misguided Attempt at a Starter Marriage
  • Author: Sascha Rothchild
  • ISBN: 9780452295995
  • Page: 422
  • Format: Paperback
  • New copy Fast shipping Will be shipped from US.

    One thought on “How to Get Divorced by 30: My Misguided Attempt at a Starter Marriage”

    1. Two & a half stars, really.I picked up this book becasue I really like Rothchild's segments in Mortified, and also because I've been evaluating my relationships and those of my friends as most of us are around 30.I spent most of the book rolling my eyes at her loser ex-husband. "Really? And you still married him WHY?" He comes across as a worthless lump of slack, and although the book is obviously written from a 20/20 hindsight POV, I was left thinking the author was a dumbass for not seeing [...]

    2. I don't know why I picked up this book, and I think it was only the quality of the writing that kept me reading it to the end. I don't necessarily recommend it, as it was such a sad and shocking story of an American girl about 10 years younger than me but living a COMPLETELY different lifestyle from mine. Her mother, though loving in her own way, shocks me to the core with the way she raises her children! It is amazing that Sascha survived as well as she did. It's good (not great) memoir writing [...]

    3. This book is exactly what I needed on my cancelled wedding day. It's nice to know that many people make mistakes and that each one is like jumping onto a train that's pulling into a station. The mistakes make you who you are and you need them to learn. Thank you Sascha.

    4. Unremarkable chicklit. Competent prose barely masks her whining. It's not Rothchild's fault she's an ordinary 20-/30-something making entirely ordinary mistakes and I suspect there are a few 20-somethings among her readership who can use her book as advice. But it's no more interesting than your average English major's blog.

    5. Now, I need to tell you the reason I bought the book. So about two weeks before my whiner post I was at Barnes and Noble. I'm walking through with Matt and the kids and BAM! This book literally falls at my feet. So obviously because I'm fantastic citizen, I go to pick it up and see the cover.I'm pretty sure it sang to me. Not only is the cover the fucking hotness as far as looks (because I judge books by covers. Sue me.) but the title? Is my life. I obviously took a picture on my phone and sent [...]

    6. Something's fishy here. First off, the book itself. `How to Get Divorced by 30 began life as an article in the Los Angeles alternative paper, the L.A. Weekly. It has since been optioned by Universal Pictures to (possibly) become a feature film. Fair enough; the title alone is enough from which to build a fun, chick-flick/rom-com that could last a couple of weekends in the mall (assuming the studio covers their bet by putting actual comedy writers on the project who can exorcise this painfully dr [...]

    7. I bought this book after hearing Sascha Rothchild speak at the LA Times Festival of Book's Memoir: All The Single Ladies panel. She related the basic story of why she got married at 27 (the timetable that's in the book, and a sense of peer pressure). I read a lot of memoirs and what I liked about this is that, in keeping with the "how to" format, and Rothchild's storytelling sensibility, it is not dark, as a tale of a failed marriage, cocaine and parents who never said "I love you" (deliberately [...]

    8. I read this book on a four hour bus trip. It's that kind of bookgood enough for a bus trip or an airport or a wet, rainy afternoon but hardly competition for your attention at any other time. That comment, however, is not to sell the book short. It's funny in a slapstick, all-too-obvious kind of way. How to get divorced by 30? Don't even think about why you're getting marriedjust marry the first half-human person that comes along because, well, you always assumed you would get married one day an [...]

    9. Very funny. And she has a way of making funny a little sad too. Personally, I'm feeling a lot of what Rothchild wrote about (well, maybe except for the cocaine highs and lows). And she definitely has had more boyfriend breakups. But it's not the quantity of breakups that makes a woman more knowledgable in the game of love -- it's the weight of the love that's lost. I wish they taught us about starter marriages in school. I might have gone into mine ahead of the game, knowing what I was getting m [...]

    10. I won this book in the give-away. I am torn between loving this book & being aggravated with myself for reading it. Mostly, because I had no desire to have a starter marriage or get divorced by the time I was 30. I’ve been married for 8 years (since I was 23). Part of me wants to say, “If that’s how you felt while dating him, why in the world did you marry him?” The other part of me understands that hindsight is 20/20, and she is writing this novel knowing what she knows now, looking [...]

    11. LMAOI read this book in one sitting. Wonderful book. This is one of those books that you either will relate or won't and for me, I definitely related. It didn't feel like I was reading it felt like me, and the author, were sharing some drinks kicking back and sharing stories. What a gift to be able to write a story and the reader feels as if she is your only audience. WHOOTway to go. I only have one warning, and I do this whenever I read books that are at times explicit in either language or sex [...]

    12. The truthful confessions of a woman's failed marriage. She identifies a lot of mistakes that a lot of us often make when a relationship, sacrificing for our partners, placing expectations on others when they will never achieve what we wish them to achieve, etc. This book portrays a comical outlook of Sancha failed marriage life but also identifies the reason why our society is struggling with the increased divorce rate. The one chapter in which Sancha states all the different reasons why everyon [...]

    13. A snarky humored memoir that I just couldn't get into. I picked this up because I have read and loved memoirs that are filled of hard funny truths. This one - just didn't work for me.I knew from the beginning that the man she married would not be there in the end. But from the beginning of the relationship, I saw the doomed ending - she should have never married him in the end. There were so many deal breakers that she just let go by, where I would have made an abrupt stop to the relationship. I [...]

    14. I was hoping this would be better than it was. It was an easy read and all. In a book like this it would be easy for the author to make her ex into the bad guy, but instead she did a good job of spreading the guilt around. Only she would know how honest she really was but it felt pretty honest to me, and I found the walk through her relationship analysis refreshing, morbidly entertaining, and even touching at times. I like my memoirs to be a little more of a literary and emotional experience and [...]

    15. I got this book shortly after seeing Rothchild speak at the Miami Book Fair. She read the chapter "Buy New Fangs And Do Cocaine Every Sunday" while her parents were sitting in the audience, so naturally, I liked her right off the bat. And that’s kind of her sense of humor – super honest, a little wrong, and full of moxie. For a divorce-reflection memoir, it wasn’t overly self-centered, delusional, or “woe is me”-like, which was refreshing. It has a realistic, anti-Eat Pray Love kind of [...]

    16. Just based on the title of this book it's not a surprise that I picked it up out of so many on a table. Wouldn't you? After looking at the synopsis I knew it would be a story I would enjoy. The book is broken in to chapters that each describe one way the author, Sascha, headed to divorce before she was 30. I found the book entertaining. I didn't really relate to the author (our lives in our 20s were very different), but she tells her story with such honesty that by the end of the book you feel l [...]

    17. When I won this book, I was expecting something light, humorous and somewhat meaningless like the movie about losing a guy in 10 days. I was pleasantly surprised when it turned out to be a very candid, detailed, well thought out, easy-to-read story of a down to earth person. I found her life story (up to the age of 30) interesting and engaging even if she isn't a superhero or a celebrity. I probably would not have purchased this book new, but I'm glad I got a chance to read it because I did enjo [...]

    18. I read this one because it was recommended by another author I like. Unfortunately, I did not enjoy this one. I had no sympathy for the author or her ex-husband. I wondered why they had gotten married in the first place. Seemed like they both knew that it wasn't going to work from the beginning. I wouldn't bother reading it. It already sucked several hours from my life I won't get back - so perhaps I can save you the same.

    19. It was a trashy novel, which was sort of what I was looking for after reading a lot of depressing and serious books lately. I hear there are talks of a movie which wouldn't surprise me given the material in the book. Alot of us can relate to this book and the main character - in other words, we all know people who are already divorced, whom when they were getting married we thought to ourselves "this might not be a good idea, but hey, who am I to judge?"

    20. I read some reviews and was expecting a bad written book. But instead I actually read a wonderful book filled with great memories and reminiscing of past boy friends (that was actually very entertaining). This book even brought my own thoughts back of horrible dates and boyfriends. I think the book was very well written, using just the right amount of descriptions. Sometimes a book like this can get too wordy but this was not the case. Really enjoyed it!

    21. As another person who got divorced by 30, I was powerless when I saw this at the library. It was by turns funny and painful to read. Some of the territory Rothchild assays here was quite familiar to me. It's not an unusual story, I suppose, though the fact that she lived in LA and was seriously OCD and obsessed with her weight added a little bit of otherness to the story. I whooshed through it in an evening and enjoyed it for the most part.

    22. Rothchild has away with words , she ,s funny with out trying.She describes all the things she did wrong on her way to getting married. From having a time table to ignoring warning signs in the relationship to making the same mistakes repeatedly. She shows a lot of insight. As to why she made the decisions she did and why they where wrong.

    23. I picked this book up because I've lived a similar scenario and thought it would be funny, especially given the two quotes on the cover saying was so hilarious I'd fall out of my chair or whatever. However, by p. 75 it's only made me laugh maybe three times while mostly being really depressing. Back it goes.

    24. This is a hilarious and poignant account of the trials and tribulations of a marriage that should never have been one in the first place. The author treads the emotional mine-scape of relationships, love, and love lost with courage, heart, and bare-bones humor. A great relationship do's and don't do's guide for anyone thinking of tying or untying the knot. Loved the book.

    25. Rothchild describes all the things she did wrong on her way to getting married, from having an arbitrary timetable ("I want to get married when I'm 27) to ignoring warning signs in a relationship to making the same mistakes repeatedly. She shows a lot of insight (after the fact) regarding why she made the decisions she did and why they were the wrong decisions.

    26. I dunno. She made the same relationship mistakes we all make but then she was unhappy like we all are. And then the end. I wasn't looking for the endless emotional journey of eat, pray, love, but some reflection of some kind would have been interesting. Does she think she'll make better choices next time? Does she still believe in love? Bah.

    27. I appreciate that the author often blamed herself for some of the difficult experiences in her relationships. I often thought that she seemed a bit oblivious. Mostly I came away with 'how-not-to-parent-your-child' advice.

    28. I thought the book was fine. I am not sure why the author wanted to detail her screwed up life (in my opinion) but I kept on reading it to the end. It was like watching a train wreck. I hope she gets her act together better in her 30's!

    29. Wonderfully written, engaging, and witty. I identified with the main character so much that I felt connected to her. I have read this book 3 times over, and each time loved it as much as the first time.

    30. As a woman divorced by 30, this book was to me moving, hilarious, and poignant. Id if not been married and divorced, I probably would have hated this book. Just another reason to thank God I'm divorced! ;)

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