Shadow Dance

Shadow Dance What Lurks in the Dark Shadows of the Heart Most men who see Amanda Charles dance worship her from afar But one admirer is getting too close to the glamorous showgirl perilously close The looks style

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  • Title: Shadow Dance
  • Author: Susan Andersen
  • ISBN: 9780061343339
  • Page: 355
  • Format: ebook
  • What Lurks in the Dark Shadows of the Heart Most men who see Amanda Charles dance worship her from afar But one admirer is getting too close to the glamorous showgirl perilously close The looks, style, and grace that make Amanda sparkle on stage have now made her something else the target of a serial killer.Detective Tristan MacLaughlin has drawn the case that isWhat Lurks in the Dark Shadows of the Heart Most men who see Amanda Charles dance worship her from afar But one admirer is getting too close to the glamorous showgirl perilously close The looks, style, and grace that make Amanda sparkle on stage have now made her something else the target of a serial killer.Detective Tristan MacLaughlin has drawn the case that is pulling him deep into a world of pageantry and dazzle and closer to the stunning, violet eyed beauty who keeps her secrets and emotions locked tightly inside Tristan never thought he d be bewitched by Amanda s charms, never though he d care And he never imagined that by wanting her, by trying to protect her, he d place her in the gravest danger of all.

    One thought on “Shadow Dance”

    1. This is just bloody awful and boring to boot (could not care who was the serial killer and I still did not give a shit when he was revealed, having being lobotomised by the tedious stupidity of it all) . Heroine not only TSTL but also a rude pig. Her appalling social skills and manners earn her the love and admiration of thousands (there must be many desperate dicks out there). Amanda Charles is a stale and terribly executed melange of the cliche bickering Gorgon and the below zero IQ leggy blon [...]

    2. This could have been a really good book but the back-story was so boring that I found myself wanting to skip over most of it. I didn't because I kept hoping it would say more about Tristan's back-story. But of course it only went on and on about Amanda's. Tristan's character was great. Amanda's was like "Oh my God, enough already!" What a brat. I had a hard time getting through this book. I could not stand Amanda and that just ruined the whole thing for me.

    3. Shadow Dance (Susan Andersen)Is a romance/thriller. Amanda Charles is a beautiful Reno Showgirl. When dancers are being murdered, detective Tristan MacLaughlin is called in from Seattle to solve the crime. Amanda soon becomes the target of the serial killer, and while Tristan tries to protect her, his presence in her life seems to put her in more danger. A good who-done-it with romance on the side.

    4. I love this book. Aside from pacing issues early on, this is a really great read. The characters are great. Believable, endearing. They all did some questionable things, but I feel that that made them more human for me. They weren't perfect, or too-good-to-be-true.The writing — hello? Susan Andersen? — is excellent. Even though Shadow Dance was originally published in 1989 it was brought enough up to date where it's not noticeable at all. And being Andersens first novel, I'm blown away at ho [...]

    5. Geeze, I get why I put this book down twice before starting it a 3rd time. It was tough to get through, however more then half way through it picked up a bit. I liked the characters ok, but I wasn't a fan of the best friend Rhonda, who constantly referred to Amanda as "Kiddo". Amanda was a year older then you Rhonda. I just don't see someone saying that non-stop to their younger friend. Anyways, it was a slow go for me. I'm usually a big fan of Susan Andersen books, this one just didn't do it fo [...]

    6. I have read almost every other book that Susan Andersen has written and loved almost all of them. Shadow Dance was her first book and I'm glad I didn't read it until now or I might have never read another. Excess verbiage is a major problem with book. Not that she says the same things over and over, but that there is just so much description and so little of it moves the plot along. I also spotted the villain right off and I really hate that.

    7. TBR Reading Challenge 2011Not a bad effort early effort by Andersen. Her writing is good, but she adds extraneous details that, while not badly written, don't forward the plot. I couldn't quite put my finger on why it doesn't work, because I've read descriptive books that I've enjoyed immensely. But the details here were mostly unnecessarily wordy back story.The main characters were great, and the mystery was decent. Overall a good book.

    8. Most men who see Amanda Charles worship her from afar.But one admirer is getting to close to the glamorous showgirl. There is a serial killer out there who is killing showgirls and he is getting perilously close to Amanda. Detective Tristan MacLaughlin has drawn the case. He is falling in love with Amanda, He never imagined that by wanting her and trying to protect her he,d place her in the gravest danger of all. Can he catch the killer before its to late.

    9. A serial killer is working his way through the dancers in Reno. One of them happens to be a fellow dancer, friend, and tenant of Amanda. Enter MacLaughlin, a very self-contained police detective from Seattle. She's sad and on edge, he's grumpy and single-minded in trying to protect. They seem to shatter each other's composure on a regular basis, but can they survive the search for the killer with their bodies and hearts intact?

    10. I thought this was wonderful, one of the first books I ever read by SA. The suspense was top notch, the characters were well developed and Tristanm. I can still conjur up his Scottish broque in my head. I loved their interactions, I loved the background on the characters, I loved the emotional honesty. Loved it.

    11. A good read about a Las Vegas dancer and a police detective hunting a serial killer who preys on showgirls. This is one Susan Andersen's earlier titles and it shows somewhat in a less polished writing style. But the mixture of earthy sexiness, real emotions, and a reasonable amount of suspense really works for me.

    12. Another book from Ms. Andersen's "accent" periodActually this one was pretty good. The suspense was better than the romance and someone raised in an American orphanage would NOT have had a thick Scottich accent and a vocabulary sprinkled with Scottish dialect! The ending was kind of sweet, though.

    13. Meh. Typical late 80's romantic suspense with some updates for the re-release. Poor little me rich girl meets macho cop. Insert typical dialogue here, here, and here. I hated the heroine, the plot was stop and go and there were some holes that weren't filled in. I would have liked to know more about Tristan's past since it seemed more interesting than Amanda's.

    14. Different type of stalker story, characters are interesting and the story flows. Amanda does not seem to realize (or ignores) the danger she is in. I enjoyed the book, it was a little different than most stalker stories, gentler. Leans more toward a cosy than a thriller.

    15. This was a good book – 4.5 stars. This is one of her earliest books and is a romantic suspense. I absolutely loved loved loved the hero and the build up between him and Amanda. There was a good suspense plot going on but for me the interaction between the protagonists was the highlight.

    16. Excllnt mrdr/stlkr cop procdral~dancr Amanda helps Lt Tristan find serlkllr, shs 2 prfct, hs 2 scots, prfssnl, robotc~ frwrks whn they let slip facade

    17. Did not like this book at all. I skipped huge chunks of it just to force myself to get through it. Way too many longing gazes that did nothing to contribute to the storyline.

    18. Couldn't finish it was to boring and the main leads weren't realistic enough. Amanda's best friend dies but she isn't even upset/sad about it

    19. Some of the back story was dreadfully dull and long winded however everything else was GREAT!!! My only disappointment was they never explained how Tristan manage to have Scottish accent.

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