Alex and the Ironic Gentleman

Alex and the Ironic Gentleman An unforgettable new heroine for kids of all ages comes to life in this smart funny mixture of fantasy and high adventure

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  • Title: Alex and the Ironic Gentleman
  • Author: Adrienne Kress
  • ISBN: 9781602860469
  • Page: 355
  • Format: ebook
  • An unforgettable new heroine for kids of all ages comes to life in this smart, funny mixture of fantasy and high adventure.

    One thought on “Alex and the Ironic Gentleman”

    1. Είναι πολύ παιδικό και αυτό με αποθάρρυνε από το να το απολαύσω περισσότερο. Όχι ότι δεν διαβάζω παιδικά μυθιστορήματα (τα αγαπώ), αλλά δυσκολεύτηκα να συνηθίσω την αφήγηση, είναι πολύ γούτσου γούτσου με πολλές περιγραφές, που επαναλαμβάνονται και οι οποίες είναι κατάλληλε [...]

    2. Μα τι γλυκό βιβλίο είναι αυτό! Η συγγραφέας έχει γράψει μια περιπέτεια με πειρατές, κρυμμένους θυσαυρούς, τρελές γεροντοκόρες και τεράστια χταπόδια χωρίς να σε κουράζει καθόλου. Ένα εντεκάχρονο κορίτσι ξεκινάει να σώσει τον αγαπημένο της δάσκαλο που τον έχουν απαγάγει αδί [...]

    3. This book had me hooked from the title. And it is indeed ironic, droll and, at times, frightening. Ten year old Alex (who is a girl though she's often mistaken for a boy)finds a treasure map and must save her sixth grade teacher from pirates and help him find the buried treasure that is his birthright. What ensues is a surreal journey, much in the style of Lewis Carrol, complete with kindly inn keepers, a train to nowhere and a musical number with jazz hands. Yes, I did say a jazz hands. With he [...]

    4. You might be forgiven for thinking that Alex Morningside was a boy. For one thing, she wasn't. And for another thing, she didn't mind. This was because she had an Excellent Sense of Humour. And after all, it doesn't matter if you're a boy or a girl, because everyone is just People. Adrienne Kress delights with her first foray into fiction, providing a compelling and entertaining adventure story in which our heroine, Alex, must risk even trains, egotistical octopi, abandoned hotels, and extremely [...]

    5. This is a hard book to characterize for a couple of reasons. But, well, let me try. The story has all the characteristics of a straight-forward adventure, set in the times of piracy and swordplay, about a girl (Alex) who attends a less-than inspiring private school, the Wigpowder-Steele Academy. The WSA is also the likely site of clues which will lead to a long-buried treasure. All the right ingredients. Yet the author occasionally abandons her established context rather jarringly: the times of [...]

    6. My daughter read this with her dad, then asked me to read it to her so I would know what it was about. There was a lot to like about the book, particularly the voice of the intrusive narrator and the character of Alex. I felt, though, that Kress wasn't that familiar with genre conventions, for she mixed elements from lighthearted adventure, spooky/creepy fantasy (a la Neil Gaiman/CORALINE), horror, and realism together without regard for the way that these different genres set different expectat [...]

    7. A quirky adventure of the punny, tongue-in-cheek, intentionally (and intensively) whimsical sort. It took a while to get used to Kress's narrative style, which dictates and doubles back on itself in droll ways. This would likely make this a fun read-aloud book.

    8. pinjaman dari nenny :)sesungguhnya buku ini bisa mengasyikkan kalau saja saya tidak sangat terganggu dengan hal2 berikut:1. jamannya membingungkanbuku ini latar setting waktunya nggak jelas. dari awal sudah terasa, ada yang aneh dengan kombinasi teknologi pada cerita ini. detil yang paling bikin terperangah adalah pada saat diceritakan penulis di kapal bajak laut itu menggunakan laptop. ya. laptop. apa yang aneh dengan laptop? wellya yakin seyakin2nya, pada saat manusia membuat laptop, teknologi [...]

    9. Timothy is not every one's favorite son. In fact, he is downright obnoxious, especially since his standard response to any statement is "Whatever." But Timothy finds that life, after being expelled from every school in his area, may demand more of him than he, or his parents, could ever have expected. Especially when those demands involve believing in dragons, pirates, and that what you do and commit to, can actually make a difference.Kress has constructed an intricately involved plot with color [...]

    10. I was enjoying this story up until all the adults were shown to be really bad caricatures of actual people. They weren't realistic at all. A pack of evil grannies holding a 10 year old hostage during their relaxing stolen wine afternoon for hours in a closed museum? A modern police detective more interested in creating forms with ridiculous questions (Is your name Peter? If no fill in the word avocado and skip to question 3.) and asking other ridiculous questions than actually detecting. A polic [...]

    11. This book felt quite strongly like a reaction to "A Series of Unfortunate Events." It has the same surreal quality of cavalier attitudes about danger to children, anachronistic settings/people/situations, and a chattily verbose narrator who likes to pontificate about vocabulary. Both are a bit like Mr. Rogers retelling the movie "Se7en" to children.The book is mostly fun, with the protagonist Alex traipsing merrily from one adventure to the next, all in search of her 6th grade teacher who has be [...]

    12. (My daughter who is in the targeted age range for the book rates it four stars.)There's a lot to like about this book: engaging and intrepid main character, humour, lots of fun side characters and a pirate treasure plot at the heart. It was the middle section of this book that down-graded it to three stars for me. It took WAY TOO LONG for Alex to reach Port Cullis and return to the pirate plot. (Though, admittedly, this was exacerbated because I was reading it to my daughter, one chapter every s [...]

    13. This was a funny, light read. It's not much for worldbuilding or believable conflicts (talking robot refrigerators coexist with pirate ships and boarding schools, and Alex gets chased around by a bunch of mean old ladies for no other reason than that they're just mean), but Alex is a likeable protagonist, and it's an adventure that younger readers will probably enjoy. It's too juvenile to really entertain most adults (though it entertained me -- make of that what you will).

    14. This book has been one of my favorites over the past 5 years!It's creative story-telling technique and imaginative plot and characters keeps this book on my shelf that I may read it whenever I need some writing inspiration!I highly recommend this book for any advanced reader!

    15. Alex is a resourceful and redoubtable ten-and-a-half-year-old girl who’s frequently mistaken for a boy. It’s useful to be mistaken for the opposite sex sometimes, a foreshadowing that bears fruit later in the novel.On the hunt for a missing treasure, Alex runs into all sorts of odd and inexplicable people, folks inserted more for color than for real character development. They are meant to show how clever and capable Alex is at getting herself out of trouble; most of the people she meets dis [...]

    16. I found Alex and the Ironic Gentleman to be a little bit random. Some of the situations Alex found herself in on her way to rescue Mr. Underwood dragged on a little too long and didn't really seem to have a point other than to add pages to the book. I liked Alex's character and she actually began pursuing the Ironic Gentleman, the story picked up and was quite fun.

    17. Originally intriguing, but the plot, or lack thereof, Iinvolved a random string of events that did nothing to build tension or bring growth to the main character. I still don’t know what the theme of the book was.

    18. This book is one of my "the age (what's its called 9-12, OC old child, C child, Youth, uuhhh) under YA fiction(?") all time favourites. I can't exactly explain what I like about it, but I'll try, and I might succeed. I'll split it into three main reasons why I gave this book a five stars. 1. Narrator. (or just book in general) With. A. Personality. I am such a sucker for this. It happens a lot, and I'm such a sucker for it I can't differentiate the good ones from the bad. Their are different kin [...]

    19. Alex Morningstar is a ten-and-a-half-year-old girl who, this book's vaguely Lemony Snicketish narrator tells us, is often mistaken for a boy because of her decided character, her pudding-bowl haircut, and her tendency to go trousered, when she doesn't have to wear her skirted school uniform. She lives in a small town overshadowed by the mansion of a great philanthropist who made his fortune as a pirate, and who left half of his treasure buried somewhere it has never been found. Now a museum, the [...]

    20. this one was on a display at b&n and looked somewhat interesting, so i tried it out. i have such a mixed reaction to this book that i’m not sure where to start. at first, i liked the book. it was a pale imitation of lemony snicket’s writing style (”defining” odd words as it went along, that funky semi-conversational style between author and reader, even the cover illustration evokes snicketishness) but was entertaining with funny moments. then, i put the book down one night to go to [...]

    21. I think I'm a little bit in love with Adrienne Kress because of this remarkable fantasy novel.To call this a warm-hearted, exuberant romp for young readers would be, well, accurate. But it sounds like one of those book jacket blurbs, and that simply will not do. How about: a whimsical tale of precocious not-a-boy Alex on a whirlwind quest to save her new teacher from pirates, a sort of Lemony Snicket in Wonderland, but sweeter and more likely to feature a giant octopus.Alex and the Ironic Gentle [...]

    22. IDENTITAS BUKUJudul Buku : Alex and The Ironic GentlemanPenulis : Adrienne KressTahun Terbit : 2008Penerbit : Weinstein Books, New York.Terjemahan bahasa IndonesiaPenerjemah : Anggraini NovitasariPenyunting/Editir : Arif Budi NugrohoPenerbit : Dastan Books 2010Cetakan 1 : Maret 2010Jumlah Halaman : 312 HalamanKategori : Fiksi, Fantasi/petualanganSinopsis : Alex bernama lengkap Alexandra Morningside adalah anak perempuan berusia sepuluh setengan tahun. Kedua orang tuanya telah meninggal [...]

    23. Resensi Novel Alex And The Ironic GentlemanJudul : Alex and the Ironic Gentleman: Petualangan mencariharta karun WigpowderPenulis : Adrienne Kress Penerbit : Weitein Books, New YorkHalaman :312 halamanTahun : 2008Terjemahan Bahasa Indonesia Dastan Books 2010Penerjemah: Anggraini Novita SariBuku ini mengisahkan seorang anak perempuan berumur sepuluh setengah tahun bernama Alexandra Morningside (Alex). Dia seorang yatim piatu karena kedua orangtuanya telah meninggal dan ia tinggal dengan pamannya. [...]

    24. Recently I finished Adrienne Kress’s Alex and the Ironic Gentleman. I don’t think this is a YA book, more like Middle Grade, or MG if you’re in the know about such things. Frankly, all these genres and sub-genres and sub-sub-genres confuse the hell out of me but I’m pretty sure Alex and the Ironic Gentleman is MG. For one thing, the protagonist is a ten and one half year old girl. I don’t think that quite qualifies as Young Adult. Maybe Old Child or Middle of the Road Child or Almost a [...]

    25. Ten-year-old orphan Alex lives with her uncle. A disillusioned sixth grade student at the classy Wigpowder-Steele Academy, she is bored with her classes, her teachers and her peers. When a new school year begins and Mr. Underwood is assigned to her homeroom, Alex begins to take note of exciting possibilities for learning. He makes lessons fun — and relevant to Alex’s interest in fencing and swashbuckling activities. After all, Mr. Underwood is a descendant of a famous pirate! What could be m [...]

    26. Alex Morningside lives with her uncle and helps him run his doorknob shop, when she's not in school, of course. She attends the prestigious Wigpowder-Steele Academy for free, thanks to her uncle's connections, although she doesn't like it there most of the time. Then a new teacher comes along, a Mr. Underwood, who is young and different than all her other teachers. He detests P.E so instead teaches them how to fence. He insists on correct grammar. He makes learning fun. He becomes very good frie [...]

    27. I was delighted by this book's cocktail of whimsy, humor, creepiness, and a witty narrative reminiscent of Lemony Snicket's style. I love stories that have that kind of "down the rabbit hole" randomness and this story has plenty of it. The book isn't just about pirates (although that is the main plot and ties the story together), but also features other different characters, settings, and mini plots. It also gave me a bit of nostalgia. When I was introduced to Alex's teacher, Mr. Underwood, and [...]

    28. Alex is a sixth-grader whose life has taken a turn for the interesting with the arrival of her new sixth-grade teacher, Mr. Underwood. He rides a bicycle to school, teaches the students fencing, and hides a massive secret. When Alex gets involved in his hunt for his family's lost fortune, she also finds out she's not the only one who wants to recover the lost Wigpowder treasure. The infamous Captain Steele of the Ironic Gentleman, the most feared pirate ship on the seas, is also after the treasu [...]

    29. ALEX AND THE IRONIC GENTLEMAN Novel ini menceritakan petualangan seorang gadis berusia 10 setengah tahun bernama Alexandra Morningside (Alex). Alex, gadis yang benar tampak seperti anak laki laki ini tinggal bersama pamannya, satu satu nya keluarga yang ia punya. Semua nya berubah saat ia bertemu Mr. Underwood, guru kelas enam yang sangat dikagumi Alex disekolah. Mr.Underwood sebenarnya keturunan bajak laut terkenal, Infamous Wigpowder. Bajak laut Ironic Gentleman pun mengincar Mr. Underwood gun [...]

    30. The story of Alex Morningside, an inquisitive ten-and-a-half-year-old girl who lives with her uncle above a doorknob shop. A student at the prestigious Wigpowder-Steele Academy, Alex is often mistaken for a boy because of her bowl haircut, but that's okay -- she has an excellent sense of humor. Alex hates Wigpowder-Steele because as much as she enjoys learning, she doesn't enjoy wearing a uniform with a skirt. She also doesn't enjoy her teachers, who are all very old and smell funny and don't se [...]

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