Looking for a Love Story

Looking for a Love Story In Louise Shaffer s delightfully charming new novel a hopeless romantic and author adrift searches for a happy ending and decides to write her own love story After the success of her first novel Lov

  • Title: Looking for a Love Story
  • Author: Louise Shaffer
  • ISBN: 9780345502100
  • Page: 160
  • Format: Paperback
  • In Louise Shaffer s delightfully charming new novel, a hopeless romantic and author adrift searches for a happy ending and decides to write her own love story After the success of her first novel, Love, Max an irresistibly funny look at divorce as seen through a dog s eyes Francesca s fictional saga becomes real when her sexy photographer husband bails on her The goodIn Louise Shaffer s delightfully charming new novel, a hopeless romantic and author adrift searches for a happy ending and decides to write her own love story After the success of her first novel, Love, Max an irresistibly funny look at divorce as seen through a dog s eyes Francesca s fictional saga becomes real when her sexy photographer husband bails on her The good news is that Francesca gets custody of their apartment and their dog an adoring scamp who has mastered the art of unconditional love Still, a girl and her dog have to eat, so a desperate search for income leads Francesca to Chicky, a spunky, red haired octogenarian who wants Francesca to write the memoirs of her parents, Joe and Ellie, who toured the vaudeville circuit in the early 1920s.Francesca is reluctant to take the job, but Chicky s tales soon lure her into a showbiz era as irresistible and unlikely as the love story that unfolds As she re creates Joe and Ellie s story, Francesca reflects, with hilarious honesty, on her own childhood and marriage and discovers how to put the pieces of her life back together in a way that redefines herself and the true meaning of family and love.

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    1. First of all, the dog has a very small role in this novel if you could even call it a role. The dog, Annie just needs to go for walks every now and then and lays by her mistress's side when her mistress is typing out her novel. Thus, the front cover is deceiving.Francesca is an author suffering from "Second Book Syndrome" meaning she wrote a smashing first book but now has a severe case of writer's block as she sits down to start her second. Her and her two timing husband have called it quits an [...]

    2. This is a charming story about finding the means to follow your dream and also about discovering your roots. The protagonist has written one hit book but, after celebrating its success with her new husband, she runs up against a serious case of writers block. When she is reduced to writing for others, she runs up against a tale that ignites her passion.

    3. Looking for a Love Story is formulaic "chick lit." Up until about 3/4 of the way through the book, I thought it was a step above most chick lit, with 2 storylines in 2 different eras. However, there's a ridiculous plot twist with a stereotypically feisty and outspoken elderly character turning into a lost-lost relative that was just plain stupid and unnecessary. Every plot twist was predictable, all the way up to the end in which the heroine is now self-aware and strong and all the plot threads [...]

    4. This is the first book I've read by Louise Shaffer. The beginning of this book was slow for me, but after the "story within a story" began, I was drawn in completely. The main story did get better with time and by the end of the book, while I was ready for it to be done, I was pretty enthralled. Francesca is a writer who had great success with her first book but is struggling to come up with that great next story. On top of her writer's block troubles, her marriage falls apart and she becomes br [...]

    5. I loved this book. Loved loved loved it!!!!!!! I randomly took this off the shelves at the library just hoping for something to read on these cold winter days. Well I got a fantastic story and as it turns out a local author! The author talks about the Hudson Valley, the Bardavon, Poughkeepsie, she even thanks the East Fishkill Library! So happy to read this book, especially after the last one I read! I hear this author wrote another good book- The Three Margarets. I want to check that out next!

    6. First of all, I must offer a disclaimer: I did not read the "Kindle Edition," but I am unable to change the edition regardless of my attempts. That being said, after a start where I did not care for the characters at all (self-centered, self-pitying), I liked where the plot took me. The central character is forced to write a memoir for an elderly woman who might have been my Aunt Kay under different circumstances. The research and relationships she forms are life-changing for her, and although t [...]

    7. What a great vacation reador for any other time as well. Charming, funny, thought-provoking and finally truly satisfying. Louise Shaffer is an often over-looked author with other great titles to her credit. This story just took me on a heart-journey right along with the charactert a dull moment page after page and that wonderful feeling of cheering for her all along the way in hopes that she finds the answer to her dreams and desires. Does she? Read this and journey with her to the endd don't fo [...]

    8. This was a very good story. I felt like the main character, Francesca, was likable. While she was struggling to write a second book, I was rooting for her to start to like herself and to enjoy her life. Lucky for me, so is Chicky, the octogenarian who hires her to write her parents' love story. I didn't love it as much as The Three Miss Margarets but I would definitely recommend it. If it wasn't a library book, I'd pass it along! A great summer read.

    9. Picked up off the new books shelf because I wasn't feeling up to any kind of serious reading, this was a tolerably enjoyable read about an author of a popular book who gets serious writer's block trying to follow up her modest hit. Taking a ghost writing job, she discovers a little about herself and her family. Very very slight, but it did keep me entertained, and the book within a book about vaudevillians in the 1920's was actually nicely handled.

    10. Bordering on 2.5 stars, but not enough to truly mark it down. As far as chick-lit goes, it's relatively standard with a likable main character and plot that you figure out in the first 50 pages. One upside: it's about the main character as an individual, not as half of a relationship. (That alone was enough to err on the side of three stars.) I just got annoyed by the constant use of flashbacks and the book-with-in-a-book construct.

    11. Looking For A Love Story was the first book of Louise Shaffer's that I have read & I thoroughly enjoyed her writing. The characters, especially Francesca, were fun and easy to like. Even the "story within a story" was enjoyable. I enjoyed it so much that I will look Louise Shaffer up at the library and see what else I can find!charlotteswebofbooks.

    12. a solid 3.5- this was my first book by this author and it started out slow for me-marriage on the rocks,yadda yadda but the second part- the story within the story , the story that she researches and writes grabbed me completely. I loved the characters. THey were fleshed out so completely . I really enjoyed everything about the book except the failing marriage to Jake. I will look for her other books and see what happens

    13. A bestselling author with no inspiration for a second book. Francesca needs to write to feel vital, but the story is not there. Until she meets "Chicky", who wants her to write about her parents who performed vaudeville in the 1920's.This is the real story in this book. Very cute story and well-written.

    14. I'll admit to having low expectations of this book, yet finding the cover and synopsis appealing enough to add to my bookshelf (thanks to the Texas Book Festival). I plan to review this for Lipstick Pages' "Chick Lit" book review, which ambivalently attempts to challenge preconceived publisher marketing and reader notions about the labeling of books written by women about women

    15. A great story that is a "book within a book". The funny, endearing protaganist is an author with writer's block. She ends up writing the true story of an elderly woman's parents. The story alternates between Francesca's life and that of the parents during the 1920's era of vaudeville. Great characters and an unexpected twist.

    16. Picked this because I thought it would be a good light airplane read, and of course I forgot to take it on the airplane. This book surprised me. The story within the story had me. The characters were well developed and fascinating. I appreciated the way it draws back to how our own personal stories show in the choices we make daily.

    17. great storyw divoced n an unemployed writer, francesca aka doll face meets her secret great aunt n writes th story of ellie n joeudevilleow businessn and awesome luv story!!the best part ws whenancesca luks at herself and says she luks like she recently died funnyyyy!

    18. I enjoyed this book. I could relate to the main character whose mind rambliings reminded me of my own. I enjoyed finding out what happened to her, and always wanted to know more. Within her story, though, there's another story, a love story of two people who have a hard life but somehow manage to make it work. Maybe not a deep, thinking book, but a good 'girl' book.

    19. I gave this book three stars because although it was a great read, it took me more than half the book to become really attached to it. The beginning of the story kind of jumps around while the author is giving a background of the character. At the end it all makes sense though! This book is definitely worth reading.

    20. A cute little book, great for the beach. The main character is extremely likable, as are the other characters. Loved the little details about Vaudeville theatre in the 20's. Has a few twists and turns that are unexpected and made the book even more endearing.

    21. Cute story-within-a-story novel. On one hand, it's about a woman struggling to deal with her life after she divorces her cheating husband & tries to work through a soul-crushing writers block on the other, it's about how two vaudville performers meet, marry, and eventually fall in love.

    22. One the heels failed marriage and dead career the main character stumbles across a story that changes her life. Once she begins writing the historic love story set in the heyday of Vaudeville, I couldn't set the book down.

    23. I really enjoy Louise Shaffer. Her writing is simple, yet the stories are detailed, and surprising. The characters are truly likeable, and when I finished I felt like I was loosing dear, quirky friends. I'll definitely read her other books.

    24. I enjoy Shaffer's books, not only because they're fun to read but because her characters are interesting. And the vaudeville theme that's run through several of her books appears here. I think that pretty soon that's going to get real old, but it's a novelty to me.

    25. Read this because my step-daughter was reading it and asked me if I would. Overall I was pleasantly surprised. I read over 200 pages in one afternoon, so that says something (just not sure if it says 'this book is awesome!' or 'I had a free afternoon and felt like getting lost in a book.)

    26. Loved it-Louise Shaffer is really a fun writer-nothing heavy duty but she's not just brain candy either. She writes very well-developed multi-dimensional characters and the story hooks you in and keeps you turning the pages.

    27. Another outstanding read by Shaffer. She seems to have a particular zeal for vaudeville and that love comes across in her books. She does a wonderful job of blending four very different women together to tell a love story that abides despite what some would consider to be insurmountable odds.

    28. I liked it, but the main character was pretty hard to like/relate to. It was kind of nice to read a book that wasn't a romance for once.

    29. 3 and a half. It wasn't what I expected but I ended up really enjoying it anyway. I especially liked the story within the story. All of the vaudeville sections were really interesting.

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