Hot for the Holidays

Hot for the Holidays Featuring four all new novellas of sensual surprises and seasonal spirits this collection includes a new tale of the Breeds from Lora Leigh and a return to the world of the Mageverse from Angela Knig

  • Title: Hot for the Holidays
  • Author: Lora Leigh Angela Knight Anya Bast Allyson James
  • ISBN: 9781101140390
  • Page: 255
  • Format: ebook
  • Featuring four all new novellas of sensual surprises and seasonal spirits, this collection includes a new tale of the Breeds from Lora Leigh and a return to the world of the Mageverse from Angela Knight.

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    1. Shapeshifters, vampires, and fae, oh my. And they're each and every one smoking hot! "Hot for the Holidays" is a four-story anthology of paranormal stories, each incorporating a nod to the upcoming holiday season. Since I'm a fan of all four authors, what's not to love?Angela Knight takes us on a short trip to her Mageverse with "Vampire's Ball" and the story of a vamp Knight and a potential Maja (witch). Is their overwhelming passion just a product of her change? When confronted with a demon fr [...]

    2. *** NOTE: This rating is for Lora Leigh's A CHRISTMAS KISS only! ***I usually have a hard time with short stories but LL's story was a 5-star read to me, so this should be enough to tell you how much I loved it. :)I don't have time to write a full review now, but I'll try to do it when I come back to read the other novellas in this anthology.

    3. Angela Knight's Mageverse can be confusing, but if you read this short story before any othersis one explains the Mageverse in the simplest, easiest way. In it, a young woman is introduced into the mageverse since she has the potential to become a magi. She is recruited and falls for her sponsor.Good story. Next was Allyson James' story "A little Night Music" is great! I've only read her as Jennifer Ashley, and she didn't disappoint here either. I loved the way the Changers and Skinwalker interr [...]

    4. 24/12 - The best story in the book was definitely Leigh's A Christmas Kiss, possibly because it made the most sense to me as I had already read a few books from the Breeds series. I better understood the world and even recognised a few of the couples from the books I'd previously read. The other story I really liked was Knight's Vampire's Ball. Kat and Ridge were fun together and I would read more from Knight's Mageverse series. Vampire's Ball was a good teaser for the full series.

    5. Angela Knight’s Vampire Ball was yet another installment in her Mageverse series, but it was a rather disappointing read. The series also started with a novella in an anthology, but Lance and Grace’s story at least had “body”, it was nicely written and well-paced.Kat and Ridge’s story only seemed to be trudging along without much substance. It was simply too short and the characters bland. Not even the timely appearance of Lance could save it from doom.A Little Night Magic by Allyson J [...]

    6. Four short--hot--Christmas themed stories. Many, if not all, of them were part of a series. Fortunately, I was familiar with two of the series, so knew what was going on in the background. The authors did attempt to run the "Crash Course Series Catchup," but, wow, a lot to absorb and figure out in a SHORT STORY. Something that bugged me in all the stories were the inexplicable breaks in the printing while the writing continued on as if no break occurred. Weird.1. Vampire's Ball by Angela Knight [...]

    7. ** Please not that this review/rating is for Lora Leigh's "A Christmas Kiss" only.A Christmas Kiss - Rated: 4 StarsNote: This novella was my first breeds experience and it got me interested enough to start the series.This one takes place at Haven.We have Jessica a human who betrayed the breeds, but not because she wanted too. Her father concocted a drug that forced her to do this and she didn’t know. She has lost so much. Hawke a Breed and Jessica’s mate. He’s known for almost 2 years that [...]

    8. The story by Angela Knight is part of her Mageverse series. I've never read any of them and probably won't. This story didn't do much for me, although I found the concept of the vampire's relationship to Merlin/King Arthur a new and imaginative twist. C+The story by Allyson James is called "A Little Night Magic". Started out ok with an interesting story, but towards the end it seemed to get sappy, and one of the characters was a little too raunchy for my tastes. D+"Sweet Enchantment" by Anya Bas [...]

    9. These were all new-to-me-authors, except Lora Leigh. Two of them I liked enough to want to try again.“Vampire’s Ball” by Angela Knight.“My father is one of the Knights of the Round Table. And he’s a vampire.”Really, what more needs to be said. 1 star.“A Little Night Magic” by Allyson James. A bit cruder than I enjoy and could have used more time on character development, but I liked the couple. Nummy hero. 2.5 stars.“Sweet Enchantment” by Anya Bast. Set in an Immortals-after- [...]

    10. Well, damn. First time I've ever wanted to trade places with a candy cane! Love this cover! Hot for the Holidays was chock full of new to me authors. I have read Lora Leigh before but not anything from the Breeds series that her short story came from. Overall this is a very nice anthology with each story happening during the Christmas season. While I enjoyed Knight's and James' contributions the most each of the authors' contributions were enjoyable and kept my interest. I'd pick up books by any [...]

    11. A Christmas KissI got this to only read A Christmas kiss. It was a lovely story and wished that it could have stretch just a little more, but overall it was a great read for me.

    12. Over all a pretty good anthologyDefinitely one of the better holiday ones! The Angela Knight story almost made me wish I was a fan of her mageverse series. It was a decent story, if a bit sparse. She has a good writing style, and this may be a decent intro in that series if you haven't tried it yet. The Allyson James one almost made me wish I was a fan of Native American romances and made me want to retry her books (I started one of hers ages ago, and hated it so much, I haven't been able to pic [...]

    13. I just wanted to say that I am highly pleased with the satisfaction that this novel has given me. I used top work long hard hours in a DENTAC unit in the army leaving me with many lonely nights. This book awoke many sexual prownesses that I never knew I had inside of me. Co-workers do not understand me, and the way I i feel on the inside. I get a lisp just thinking about this novel. Last night I read my favorite chapter and I could feel my back perspire from the intense sexual passion i have yet [...]

    14. "A little night magic" was the true stand-out in this book. I really liked that one. The rest were just OK.

    15. This is like literary crack for your eyeballs.Crack for the eyeballs. Highly addictive, expensive, and a hard habit to break.4 short novelettes about people finding love and romance during the Christmas season.I bought this novelette for the cover. It's . intriguing and oh so alluring!THE ROMANCE SCALE of all 4 novelettes, isVampire's Ball is hot and graphic.A little Night Magic is so so older experienced lovers reunite.Sweet Enchantment is warm mushy and slurpy love.A Christmas Kiss is a reluct [...]

    16. Sexy Paranomal Collection of NovellasHOT FOR THE HOLIDAYS contains four novellas that are paranomal romances and which have a small relationship with Christmas seasonMPIRE BALL by Angela Knight -- This novella is part of the Mageverse series. Kat Danilo finds out at the age of 26 that her father is one of the Knights of the Round Table and a vampire and that Kat herself might become a witch. Kat decides to try and become an immortal in order find out who killed her sister and seek justice. In or [...]

    17. Vampire’s Ball by Angela Knight: 4 stars. This is number 9 in the Mageverse series. I have not read any of the series, but the author did a fantastic job of not confusing me. I figured this would a difficult story for me to get into. There are so few pages in the story, so many books into this series; I expected to be very confused. This was not the case. The author did not fill in the blanks through a ton of rehashing either, she explained the Mageverse world just enough for the story to flow [...]

    18. I felt the stories in this anthology were pretty well rounded for novellas (short stories??). They were all about 80-ish pages long. The Christmas themes in the stories are somewhat limited and almost seemed like an afterthought in some cases, but then I'm not really reading it for the Christmas theme anyway ;). There is almost always at least one story in an anthology I don't like that much. Not so hereI enjoyed them all.In the stories A Christmas Kiss (Lora Leigh, Breeds series) and Vampire's [...]

    19. Great read. Multi-author anthology. I loved three out of the four storiesMPIRE'S BALL by Angela Knight Good read; it is a Mageverse story and slots in after Master of Dragons and before Master of Fire. Very likable characters although 'caution' does not seem to appear in the heroine's dictionary. The complications with her Mom and biological father add depth to the story. A LITTLE NIGHT MAGIC by Allyson James Good read. This is listed as a 'prequel' to her Stormwalker due out in May 2010. The st [...]

    20. Vampire's Ball - Angela Knight - 4 Stars - I really enjoy Knight's spin on Avalon. It's one of my favorites. Kat and Ridge are really good characters, so are Lance and Grace. I look forward to learning more about the Mageverse.A Little Night Magic - Allyson James - 3 Stars - Good story but kind of drawn out a bit longer than it needed to be. Sweet Enchantment - Anya Bast - 1 1/2 Stars - OMG finally done! This story was equal parts too slow and too fast. Over detailed and terrible pace. A Christm [...]

    21. The 1st story is a Angela Knight Mageverse. Lancelot send's Ridge after his daughter Kat to find out if she is a Maja. She must return with Ridge to Mageverse to find out. She is not happy about leaving her mother because she has tried to kill herself before. And Christmas is the worst timed now he's back. And she is pissed that he thinks he can just walk back into her and her daughters lives again. He says he can explain. But all she wants to say is "I got over you" but really she didn't. Naomi [...]

    22. Just finished and it's a 4 star for me. I was only familiar with one of the series in this anthology, but it didn't stop the rest from being quite enjoyable. I was already planning to start the Breeds series, anyway, so this story has me a little bit more excited about it. Loved the prequel to the Stormwalker series by Allyson James. Makes me want to start reading the series over from the beginning before I finally read book 4. The other two stories were from series I was completely unfamiliar w [...]

    23. I have to say that my favorite part of this book was not the stories in the anthology, but the raunchy cover. ;)I thought the Christmas/Holiday theme was very weak in this book. If I had to pick a favorite, it was probably the story by Anya Bast. I tend to like Seelie/Unseelie stories. However, none of the stories really left me wanting more. Perhaps it's my fault that several of them are related to series that I am not involved in, but I was left very disappointed.Still, the cover made up for i [...]

    24. Dear Santa,I have a bone to pick with you. It appears that you have really dropped the ball with my Christmas gifts for the last 20+ years. Please remedy this situation ASAP with a Christmas hunk of my very own.

    25. I have read all of this series to date and only found a couple less than excellent. Very, hot sex!Merged review:I have read all of this series to date and only found a couple less than excellent. Very, hot sex!

    26. A Little Night Magic by Allyson James *3Vampire Ball by Angela Knight *3 Sweet Enchantment by Anya Bast*3A Christmas Kiss by Lora Leigh*3

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