Across the Great Barrier

Across the Great Barrier From New York Times bestselling author Patricia C Wrede the second in the series of magic on the western frontier Eff is riding west away from the safety of the frontier city she s always known Ef

  • Title: Across the Great Barrier
  • Author: Patricia C. Wrede
  • ISBN: 9780545033435
  • Page: 203
  • Format: Hardcover
  • From New York Times 1 bestselling author Patricia C Wrede, the second in the series of magic on the western frontier.Eff is riding west, away from the safety of the frontier city she s always known Eff could be a powerful magician if she wanted to Except she s not sure she wants that kind of responsibility Everyone keeps waiting for her to do something amazing orFrom New York Times 1 bestselling author Patricia C Wrede, the second in the series of magic on the western frontier.Eff is riding west, away from the safety of the frontier city she s always known Eff could be a powerful magician if she wanted to Except she s not sure she wants that kind of responsibility Everyone keeps waiting for her to do something amazing or to fail in a spectacular way Worse, her twin brother, Lan, a powerful double seventh son, is jealous of all the attention she s been getting Even as Eff protests that she s just an ordinary girl, she s asked to travel past the Barrier Spell with one of the new professors at her father s school The land west of the Barrier is full of dangers, both magical and wild Eff will need to use all her strength magical and otherwise to come safely back home With wit, magic, and a touch of good pioneer sense, Patricia C Wrede once again weaves a fantastic tale of the very wild west.

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    1. As a high school English teacher, I should be greatly concerned with plot and characterization and other literary elements within a story. But when I read books for pleasure, I'm not looking for any of those things. I'm simply looking to enjoy a good book. For me, this was definitely a book worth reading and rereading.I was introduced to Patricia Wrede several years ago through her Dealing with Dragons series. I loved those books because they ran the gamut of reading levels, and my students coul [...]

    2. I thought that the idea of this book (a magical version of the American frontier) was fascinating. However, time passed badly, with too much time spent on uninteresting internal conflict (should I go East with my brother? Why do my Avrupan spells not work? I'm getting over the fact that I'm not really unlucky, even though I am a thirteenth child, but sometimes it's hard, etc.). Mysteries are brought up and badly explained, or not explained at all. Her wooden pendant? What is that? Why does she k [...]

    3. This book was a disappointment for a variety of reasons I attempted to write up and then lost. In light of the news of this morning, I can't really bring myself to rewrite that review, except to say that problematic shit seems to keep happening in this world.

    4. Eff is growing older and practicing her blend of magics more, as well as working part-time at the university in her alternate-history American Frontier. When she is given the chance to accompany a scout who's a friend and an irascible female professor on a biological research mission across the magical barrier that keeps the terrifying magical creatures on one side of what might be our Mississippi and Missouri, she jumps at it. There she and her companions discover a mystery: animals frozen in s [...]

    5. Eff is determined to find her own way.Even if it means torking her faulty spells with Afrikan magic, ignoring her brother’s advice, and rejecting the “opportunity-of-a-lifetime-to-attend-an-Eastern-University.”Instead she signs up to trek across the Great Barrier on a research expedition.As an assistant.In charge of . . . nothing.Except hunting wild saber cats, sketching mysteriously malformed insects, and unearthing statues with . . . blood vessels?Across the Great Barrier isn’t a “gr [...]

    6. I liked this one even better than the first in the series, so I'm glad that I decided to continue with it. It again wasn't the quickest read, but I really like Eff, and I'd keep reading more about her escapades and learning of magic. I really like the interesting magical systems in this series, and I love alternate histories, so all of this works very well for me. Might even be closer to 4 1/2 stars, especially since I again missed it after I was done reading. It's interesting to me that even th [...]

    7. A solid YA novel, like the previous installment in the series. One of the things I find interesting about this series is that it's more about world-building and character than about action. This installment eventually includes a minor mystery and a little action, but they come toward the end. Mostly, it's about the day-to-day life of people in an Old West-era setting who are mostly limited to living in the East, because of the proliferation of incredibly dangerous magical creatures in the Americ [...]

    8. Railing against the constrictions of life in Mill City, Eff jumps at the opportunity to cross the Great Barrier and study the magical creatures to the West. As her magical abilities develop she begins to realise she isn't the unlucky 13th child she has always believed herself to be and that in other magical traditions the 13th child is not unlucky at all.

    9. Love the new magical creature that turns people to stone. Also really like the relationship between the twins. This feels a lot like I'm reading actual journals from a girl who lived on the frontier but with a huge paranormal twist.

    10. The most striking thing about this series isn't the characters, but rather the world they inhabit, which seems as wide and as varied as our own. The world that Wrede creates is huge and complex, and you find yourself sucked into it. At times it might seem a little dry, and at other times there's just a deluge of information that you need to know, which is its main detriment, but for the most part, it's hugely fascinating. The book is less about Eff's grand adventures, and more about her day to d [...]

    11. 2015 reread: Liked this less upon reread, I think. For some reason Lan and his weird privilege and entitlement (that wasn't entirely his fault) really rubbed me the wrong way this time.I still continue to enjoy Eff and her story though. Probably 4.5 stars, but I'm rounding up. Because I quite liked this. I read this on the train today. I continue to really enjoy this series. So glad the library had the third one as well and it's currently sitting in my room. You know what I am consistently impre [...]

    12. This is a rather strange book in many ways. One of the heroine's main interests is animals and two of her jobs involved cataloging plants and animals and taking care of captured animals, both magical and non-magical. All of the action, as it were, takes place in a rather strange alternate reality version of the wild American west. These elements don't seem destined for an interesting book, and yet, I found myself reading the whole thing and eager to keep reading - a marked contrast to most of th [...]

    13. Our Heroine goes adventuring beyond the Barrier and is instrumental in saving civilization-as-they-know-it from TWO horrible attacks by magical creatures. Does she get much recognition? Not so much; but she does get to keep on adventuring, which may be more satisfying. I'm on to the 3rd book.

    14. I prefer Wrede's Seven Towers for the aunt's teasing insults. Twitter recently had "bullet brain", found TV super-smart brainy Chinese cop (so comment is really praise) youtube/watch?v=v9sDb9 or youtube/watch?v=GJIxLK Stallone always good for a bang. "Moping around isn't going to make anyone feel better, not you and not anybody else I'd learned a thing or two in the past three years, and one of them was when I ought to figure things were all my fault and when not." p272 "Starting is good. You c [...]

    15. I had no clue this was second in a series. Anyways, Wrede is one of my favorite authors. She won me over with her Calling on Dragons series (or whatever name it goes by). I really thought this book would be stunning, and although it's better than most out there, I'm only giving it two stars because it's such low quality for Wrede.Reading it went something like this:Chapter 1. Exposition. midly interesting, I get the whole magician thing, magic natures, etc. Chapter 2. more exposition. OK, a bit [...]

    16. 05/2012 The sequel to Thirteenth Child. I liked this much better than the first book. It is clever, the characters are interesting (more so than the first book), the fascinating varieties and philosophies of magic is developed further, and we see more of the land beyond the Great Barrier. It is a sort of Wild West with magic, in which the land beyond the Great Barrier (a magic barrier designed to keep out threats) is slowly being colonized, and it is very dangerous. There are the magical creatur [...]

    17. I absolutely love this series. What I like about them especially is that they’re totally different from the standard young adult magic book. The winding narrative and voice of the heroine harkens strongly to a Mark Twain, fitting considering the time period the books are supposed to be set in. While the books are loosely connected to each other, each is really a separate story, and Eff is just a regular magician, not some child of promise upon whom the weight of the world stands. It’s refres [...]

    18. I really enjoyed The Thirteenth Child and have been anxiously awaiting the sequel. Set in the the 1800's, the story takes place in what seems to be a parallel world where The United States is not of America, but of Columbia. There were still issues of slavery and the wild west, but magic is evident in the land, the creatures and even the people in this world. It is interesting to see what kind of tidbits she pulls from actual history for this series.I admit that at first I felt the book started [...]

    19. Eff is good and tired of all the attention she's getting from her part in saving the western settlements from the mirror bugs. Everyone thinks she's a fantastic magician who will do something great--even though she still struggles with her magic in school. Her brother, Lan, is jealous of the attention but wants her to go East for school with him. Eff's not sure what she wants, until she gets the chance to go West past the Great Barrier on a research trip. While she tries to figure out her magic, [...]

    20. This series has really had its own distinct voice and throws more into the mix than most fantasy books try and do. The joke I've been making is that if you like "Little House on the Prairie" and Fantasy then you should give this series a read. But I think that does a bit of a disservice to the world that the author has created.She has a very strong concept of the world, its history, and the underpinnings of how everything comes together which allows all of these elements to come out in the backg [...]

    21. This is the second book in a trilogy, the first being Thirteenth Child. In this book, Eff, the main character, graduates from upper school and has to decide what to do with herself. She ends up on a biology survey expedition with a professor from the college and Wash, her friend and mentor in Afrikan magic. The main plot of the story is good, about the survey group finding pieces of animal statues in a collapsed hillside. Or are they statues? The pace of the book moves along pretty well, and lik [...]

    22. Interesting ideas, not fully realized. I see what the author is trying to achieve and the ideas are great, but the timeline really hurts the story. Months and years pass in the blink of an eye with the only indication being 'it was now early spring and' when we were just in the height of summer. over 3 years pass in this book and so much is glossed over that there isn't much character growth. Effy and her brother still sound like teenagers. I get why time passed so quickly, back in those days tr [...]

    23. In the late 1850s, Eff takes a job as an assistant to the two professors at the college menagerie in Mill City. Her twin brother, Lan, wants her to go to college, but she doesn't think that is the right path for her. Instead, she accompanies Professor Torgeson and their guide Wash Morris on a survey of wildlife west of the Mammoth River, where they make some very interesting discoveries, including stone animal sculptures that are not sculptures at all.I very much enjoyed book two in this series, [...]

    24. 4 stars.I really like this series - it's not action packed but it feels realistic, as if I'm looking back and reading a real diary. Another pleasant aspect is the that the first person viewpoint never feels intrusive or distant both of which can sometimes occur in this style I find. Effie is growing up and while she's more comfortable with being a thirteenth child she still hasn't come to accept herself fully or decide her course in life. Lan is pretty certain, as is William and many of those ar [...]

    25. Eff is a great character. She is the kind of person you would trust with anything, even if you don't know her very well. She takes some time thinking, but in the end she gets the job done and I like that it takes her so long to figure things out. She isn't a perfect person. I love the alternate history Wrede has created. There are some historical facts that remain the same, but for the most part, magic changes everything. I love the idea of having magic in the old frontier. And the magical anima [...]

    26. Story: Adventure. Magic. Mundane daily details in a magical world. Alternate history. What's not to love? Absolutely fascinating! *happy sigh* 4.5 starsNarration: Absolutely perfect. Great voices, both male and female—nothing to complain about there—and accents! Professor Torgeson's (Nordic/Scandinavian) accent made me want to weep with joy, it was so good. Just the right pronunciation and tone! Pierre's (French) accent was also excellent, and all continental (American) accents sounded right [...]

    27. An excellent sequel. I was so happy to read more of Eff's adventures. She is still a wonderful heroine. The feel reminds me of Little House on the Prairies (day to day regular life during pioneer days) but with magic. I really like how the magic intensifies the mystery and threat of the unknow that early settlers must have felt that we, modern readers, have become desensitized to. I also look forward to reading more of Lan and his adventures.

    28. Can I first just say, "What happened to the cover?!?" The first one was this great silhouette design, and now it's this cheesy photographic main character stuff that I can't stand. It's the type of cover that makes me want to sneak it into a pile of books so the librarian won't notice and think I have no taste. But that aside, I really enjoyed the continuation of Eff's journey, and I thought it was better than the first book.

    29. I love the magical creatures that inhabit Patricia Wrede’s Old West – it is possible that the firefox cubs (which didn’t appear to actually be on fire, sadly) were my favorite. Also enjoyable: people thinking about how other peoples’ characters work and coming up with schemas through which to deal with them effectively.

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