Inherited Danger

Inherited Danger Alternate Cover Edition for ASIN B ZUYQE Catrin leaves her homeland behind as she goes in search of knowledge and peace unaware that she will face the greatest evil her world has ever known

  • Title: Inherited Danger
  • Author: Brian Rathbone
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 242
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Alternate Cover Edition for ASIN B003ZUYQE8Catrin leaves her homeland behind as she goes in search of knowledge and peace, unaware that she will face the greatest evil her world has ever known.

    One thought on “Inherited Danger”

    1. 3 StarsInherited Danger by Brian Rathbone, book two in the Dawning of Power Series. . This is a traditional fantasy with a coming of age story at its center. Like book one, the writing and the world building made this book a real page turner and the short length did not hurt either. I enjoyed this book as it fits right into my personal taste.This second book is an overall fun read, but it could have been so much more. The unfortunate thing about this book is that nothing happens for more than a [...]

    2. This book draw me in so completely that I started the third one immediately upon the conclusion of this one. If you are a fan of the fantasy genre, you will enjoy this series. There is plenty of action without pure gore, magic without preachiness and an overall sense of the good of humanity contained within.

    3. The second book in the Dawning of Power series. It was an adventurous, interesting read. There were many more interesting characters in this one, which made it enjoyable. As far as fantasy books go, it’s fairly average and you won’t be disappointed with it. I read it quickly but not urgently, and as with the first book, there were many times I had to just ignore that voice in my head saying “what the?” and “as if,” and “you’ve got to be kidding me”. As with the first book, if y [...]

    4. I got this book and book one, free, so I read them. I really liked them.The characters are well written. I could see each in my minds eye. Everything was easy to follow and understand.

    5. A nice sequel to a nice book. A well-written story continues with the same characters and introduces some new characters with their own POV. This was confusing at times, but I'm sure it sets up for a great third, concluding book.

    6. Full of dangerThe book is fraught with one danger for Catrin and her guardians after another. One wants to read more to see what happens next.

    7. Nice continuation An intriguing sequel. Keeping things moving Catrin meets the challenges, meets new people. Well written and developed. Good young adult book.

    8. The story is an interesting expansion on the first book. A young woman's attempts to stay alive because she is being hunted for existing makes for a compelling story.

    9. Great HeroineLoved the building of relationships in this novel. This would be a great series for middle grade fantasy readers. Another world for readers to be drawn into.

    10. I keep on thinking that there must be different ways to write a review Of late I've been reading a slew of books, then taking a ½ day breather before moving onto the next one. Reading interests me much more than the chore of writing about what I've read and besides, I think a book's spell lasts better if you don't keep on about it too much. You want to bask and submit yourself without communicating it all. So I've been reading the first volume of trilogies, and then leaving them well alone. Aft [...]

    11. (Full disclosure: My copy of this audiobook was a gift of the author, and he and I communicate on Twitter.)It seems like every author struggles in the sequel. On the one hand, if the first story was good, it sets up expectations for the story that the author might not be able to fulfill. On the other hand, the sequel is also the place where more of the hard work of building the series must take place, which takes the wild stallion of the first book and brings it to the cart of the overarching st [...]

    12. C2009. Right – so I started off on the wrong foot as I soon discovered this was the second in the series which I usually do not even bother to start to read. I have tried to do this in the past but to no avail. However, the story started off really well and before I knew it, I was well into the story. But then I started to find it harder and harder to pick the book up and continue reading. I was muttering whilst reading it thinking that the main character should be called Saint Catrin and towa [...]

    13. This book picks up just after the end of the first book…because it had too. Needless to say I didn’t like the way the first book ended, but since it rolled over so evenly into the second one, I was more opened-mined to continue reading the story. (I bounced back and forth between listening and reading on my Kindle.)In this follow-up to the Call of the Herald, Catrin goes on a “Lord of the Rings” type journey in search of…I think, the understanding of her power. The style of this story [...]

    14. Book exchanged for a review~Per se rulesCatrin Volker has departed from the Godfist aboard The Slippery Eel towards the next part of her journey to Greatland. She's been separated from Strom, Osbourne, Chase, and Benjin she doesn't know if they are alive or dead back on Godfist. Catrin is not sure how much more loss she can endure. Nat Dersinger and Vertook are Catrin's only companions on The Slippery Eel. Nat wants to talk to Catrin but is unsure how to approach her. He eventually gathers his [...]

    15. The premise of this book is very good. Technically this book is way above most Indie published books. (correct spelling, good grammer, use of punctuation, etc.).However, the book is like an old car I once bought ("Needs work" was what I was told). Everything ran smoothly for a time, then the car started gasping - not enough oxygen to mix with the gas. There were places in the book where the sludge plugged the story up. Other places where things just stopped - the purification ritual just dragged [...]

    16. Brian Rathbone has done it again. This is a wonderfully enthralling sequel to Call of the Herald.Now that the party makes it to the Greatland from the Godsfist, the action heats up. Catlin follows through with her intended itenerary, though the actual travel path is not exactly what was intended. She discovers more about her past along the way, as well as about the pasts of her Guardians. Some of it's good, some of it's not so good. A wonderful blend of imperfection in the characters that makes [...]

    17. Well that was a surprise. This book did not go in the direction I thought it would.But anyways here goes.Free ebook: The price i would willingly pay for this: £0.99The Bad:1. The story took a little to long to get going, we journeyed for a long time before anything really happened.2. Without wanting to say to much, the reconciliation between Ctrin and her Grandmother happened a little to quickly for my tastes (which i know is odd considering point number one, but if we had journeyed less then t [...]

    18. I really enjoy the story; however, I feel it is missing key elements to make it a great story. Brian Rathbone is beautifully descriptive with surroundings and certain events, but it is a slow read as I believe it lacks immediacy, climatic build, and additional character development. The characters seem to maintain peace even while the danger lurkse writing doesn't adjust, and there isn't enough relationship interaction/building/history/testing to bring it to that higher level. While an adventure [...]

    19. Catrin Volker is still a likeable character, and the pace is picked up a little from the first book. A few characters get killed, and the stakes are higher.It's ironic that the great nation Catrin is prophesied to destroy is endangering its own destruction more by trying to stop her, and you have to wonder about that a little, but it's enjoyable watching it play out.If you enjoyed the first book, you'll want to read this one to see what happens next, and after that, you'll probably want to read [...]

    20. Book 2 of a trilogy:Catrin now believes she is the Herald and her destiny is to save her people from the Zjhon. To do that though, she needs to first recover her strength. In the mean time, the Zjhon have a secret weapon which she needs to destroy before it destroys her people. Will she have the strength to fulfil her destiny?Some of the issues I commented on for book 1 (Call of the Herald) hold true for this book as well (story too slow, chapters protracted) but this one is better.A free ebook [...]

    21. No thanks.While I like the characters in the book, minus the main, I dislike the needless and sudden killing of them that many authors these days seem to think necessary to create a work of art. Its cliche and in this case, random and doesnt even make sense for the setting/environment for why or how it happened.The biggest reason I dislike this book/series is because the main character never really learns anything and is forever being rushed for point A to point B with some new reason or excuse [...]

    22. An excellent sequel. New details and suspense begin to unfold. New characters are added that are even more likeable. One of the things I like most about fantasy is that the authors always tend to was philosophical. Catrin explores her senses and how they relate to the world and other life around her. The concept of powers beyond the mortals and how they relate to supreme being/s really comes through.There is more adventure and danger at every step of the way. The world is on the brink of destruc [...]

    23. Monks, Mages and Moonstones.Monks, Mages and Moonstones.Catrin and the crew are on the move towards her destiny. First stop the monastery. It is time to learn how to control her power. Time for the crew to learn a few skills as well. After discovering that she needs to destroy a statue of power, and a sudden attack on the monastery, Catrin and Benjin need to be on their way, sooner than expected. Upon arrival at Catrin's family home she soon finds out that she will be forced into a marriage, whe [...]

    24. As with book #1 I found this to be a quick and enjoyable read. The plot kept my attention and I didn't really ever have the urge to skip boring paragraphs as tends to happen sometimes if the plot is too slow. But again, as with book #1 I kept having flashbacks to other popular book series. I'm not saying this is a bad thing, because I definitely enjoyed those books and this one, but it's just something to keep in mind. The plot is unique enough to keep my interest, sometimes even including some [...]

    25. This series is driving me crazy. I read the first book because it was free on Kindle and, while it didn’t blow me away, I enjoyed the twisted storyline and the promise of great revelations to come. When the second book in the series became free on Kindle I of course had to snatch it up. Again it has a quiet and meandering story line but it feels like Rathbone is getting the hang of the characters and really forging a personal connection with our heroin. The plot is coming together a bit more a [...]

    26. Reading this book with my 12 year old. It's a great epic story. So far very appropriate for a younger crowd. I personally like YA fantasy, and this would qualify for two reasons, it avoids overly mature themes, and it is also very readable. This is well written, we're enjoying it quite a bit. I would say it's not an epic on the scale of GRRM, or even The Wheel of Time or Harry Potter. But the world is fresh, the characters are decent, and each book makes me want to read the next.I think it's a p [...]

    27. Was pleasantly surprised that I had downloaded book 2 as normally I only get the free books for my kindle and normally only book 1 is free. I Liked this book much better than the first. Catrin continues to be waay too nice in the face of her ill treatment until near the end when she is essentially kidnapped by her grandmother's servants? And then just as quickly becomes waaay too nice again??? Anyway this book wraps up a lot of loose ends, I got introduced to my favorite character, only to have [...]

    28. I was briefly concerned at the beginning that the style of writing had changed, but it quickly settled down. The story moves at a good pace again. The Lord of the Rings influence is even more apparent in this book: a journey through a mine; Barabas - a giant of a man that has the qualities of Tom Bombadil; but it continues to be its own story.It is a good read and I was ready to head straight into book 3.I am rather glad that I have been reading these books on Kindle, as I think the paperback co [...]

    29. 3.5 stars. A half star improvement over the first book in the trilogy. The writing is unsophisticated and underwhelming (and a little confusing when describing Catrin's power) but there is a lot of action and my goodness if there aren't good cliffhangers at the ends of both book one and two. Also, Inherited Danger questions religious beliefs and dogma rather thoroughly in a way I hadn't seen in fiction, much less fantasy, in this age range. I found that interesting. But, overall, just above aver [...]

    30. I love the details of the different lands and cultures present in this book. I have enjoyed getting to know more about the characters that are not the main character, but part of the main story line. Surprising moments and feel good moments scattered through the whole story. So far, book 1 and now book 2 have ended at places that make me want to get the next book instantly to start reading and follow what happens.

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